Interview with Princess Kaelin

"I make a lot of people eat their own cum..."

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Today on MV EXPOSED I am interviewing an MV girl named Princess Kaelin and she isn't joking, a princess is just what she is! Specializing in financial domination, she covers everything you little piggies need to see so be prepared. She is a beautiful domme with an amazing body and her gorgeous face is a true blessing. If you dare challenge her, she promises to always win. She will have you on all fours, at her feet begging to serve her perfection and if you ever get to, consider yourself LUCKY and be grateful. Lets begin!

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MV : So tell us princess, how did you discover your need to dominate & rinse submissive men the way you do? Was it something that has come naturally? Where did it all begin?

Princess Kaelin : I have always been dominant in my social life. I always wanted to be a self reliant powerful woman. When a friend of mine suggested I try Female Domination and financial domination. I couldn't wait to get started. I've only been doing it 3 ½ months but I already love and am thriving in the industry.

MV : What is a day in the life of Princess Kaelin like?

Princess Kaelin : If it's a 'work' day, I say work losely because I enjoy it so much, I get up around 10 edit a clip and post it, read emails, nap, and then get ready to film or cam. On my off days, I vacation a lot, all on loser money. Everyday is different for me so the short answer is, I get up when I want and do whatever I want! haha

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MV : Obviously being a findom, you receive luxurious and lovely gifts and tributes on the regular. Has there ever been a gift or tribute that meant the most? Maybe it was large, significant or memorable?

Princess Kaelin : Any of my loser paid vacations! I just spent the weekend in San Francisco just so I could escape the heat and gorge on seafood. I also enjoy receiving large amounts of cash in envelopes, something more exciting about that than a digital tribute. I have a bit of a money fetish. ;)

MV : You most likely charge a cum tax. Which in case our readers don't know is a tax that you make submissives pay when they need to cum. How much do you normally charge & why did you start charging?

Princess Kaelin : $25 and the idea of people jerking off to me grosses me out, that's emotionally taxing on me and someone has to pay.

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MV : Upon browsing the vids on your profile I seen alot of foot fetish, ignore, chastity, ass worship, blackmail, forced bi & humiliation vids! When it comes to humiliating your pets, what is the most humiliating thing you've done to one?

Princess Kaelin : Oh gosh, humiliation is my most popular fetish. I make a lot of people eat their own cum, do anal training, dress like girls, repeat hilarious things, strip for me, etc. Truly endlessly entertaining.

MV : Being on MV for a year now, what do you like most about ManyVids?

Princess Kaelin : It's a different crowd than the other clip sites and they have awesome customer service!

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MV : Describe your ideal, PERFECT, sub.

Princess Kaelin : Quiet, obedient, and ridiculously rich.

MV : Do you have any upcoming vids that your followers can be waiting with anticipation for?

Princess Kaelin : I have a bunch of double domme clips coming up with surprise guests!

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MV : Can you share a fun fact or secret about yourself that your fans and our readers would be surprised to find out?

Princess Kaelin : I own a one eyed beagle.

Please finish the following sentences so our readers can get to know you better!

When I wake up, the first thing I do is : Check twitter, then coffee!

My favorite food is : chicken and dumplings, I'm a southern girl at heart!

My dream vacation would be : Tahiti! I hope to get there next spring.

My favorite place to shop is : ahh! That's too hard, I love shopping, I couldn't pick just one.

If you want my attention you must : PAY ME. The fetish is financial domination, pay up or shhhh!

If I could change one thing about the world it would be : more respect for sex workers and less hypocrisy on sex in general.

My pet peeve is : time wasters!

I love my fans because : they make themselves useful to me.

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A big thank you to this stunning lady for taking the time from her life of domination to answer my questions and give all of us a little glimpse into the world of a true princess! If you think you have what it takes to make her happy, approach her. But do so with good intentions, and caution and don't say I didn't warn you. Nobody likes to step on the toes of a royal beauty! Show her some love!

I will be doing another interview soon with one of our MV girls, who would you like to hear more about? Let me know!

AdalynnX Mar 30 2016

Princess Kaelin is gorgeous! Great read! She totally dominated this interview! I think I could learn a lot from this beautiful woman! ;):x

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2016

I agree she is a total package! I enjoyed interviewing her & think she is awesome!

AdalynnX Mar 30 2016


Siofra Sep 3 2015

I loved reading this interview! I'm very much into Domme females ( I guess it comes from my inner Domme side). Hehe its fun making males eat their own cum. More so when they don't enjoy it. Less fun when they do a little too much. CumTax yes!