MV Xposed: Dorian del Isla

Me and my delicious wife!

Jul 11 534

How did you start in the adult industry?

I started in the industry with my wife. A French producer asked us to do a movie because our "look" was exactly what they wanted. They chose us because we did some live sex shows in a nightclub in Ibiza and Barcelona.

The first movie we did was great. and it was a success for the company. So, they asked us to do more movies - about us as a couple - and it took off from there. We did movies with just Cassie and me, as well as with other boys, with other girls, etc... And the success of this 4 first movies gave us a lot of other offers, by a lot of companies in Europe...

What are your passions outside of adult entertainment?

I have a lot of passions. I try to have some quiet time on my island, Ibiza. I like track, Thai boxing, shooting guns (i am ex-soldier!), and music.

What vids are you most proud of? / What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

I really love A video for DDF network I did with my wife Cassie del Isla, it's called '' Fetish Shades of Spanks''. I enjoyed doing it because they asked us to be ourselves as if we were in private (we practice a lot BDSM stuff!)

Another memorable moment for me was our vid, the "Games of Thrones Parody, Queen of Thrones". I did the shoot and got to fight zombies with swords (a lot of comedy), it was INCREDIBLE!

What future plans do you have?

I hope to come back one more time to the USA to shoot and start to see the future with my new company DEL ISLA Prod. To be continued!

Say something for your fans!

I hope I do my best to be the performer you prefer. But, I want to show you the difference between what my porn universe is from my actual life universe - both are really fun, and you will love it!

The place I really want to travel to is: Definitely Thailand...

The sex act I’m best at is: Doing anal, my cock is build to do it and I know how to do with everybody, they all enjoy it...

My biggest guilty pleasure isI like to do sex humiliation... I am not like that in the rest of my life, but in sex... I can go really far!

Next on my bucket list is: I can't say it...but my ex-agent yes...

My biggest celebrity crush is: pfff, Jessica Alba, I can dream of it!

I love what I do becauseBecause I love sex and I do the same job than my life partners Cassie del Isla

My favorite sex toy is: I love to play with Lush, if a girl has that in a public place and I can control it with my phone
Most people don’t know this about me but I: How I said before, I was a soldier, a paratrooper commando, I had two different lives

The thing that I cherish most in life isMy wife, without hesitation

My favorite fetish is: muscles, I love woman muscles, fitness body can make me crazy, I can really love to lick it

Dorian del Isla