The future is bright - time to put on your shades!

Introducing our Sexy Shades Contest!

Upload a pic in your sexy shades to the contest page now! Then, this Wednesday the 11th of July, invite your fans to vote for you between 3 PM EST and 11 PM EST for a chance to win:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best pic = $50

Stay shady!

*Pic provided by MV Girl gleizzmaciel 

Good luck to all  :)

Good luck everyone! <3


My first entry! Can't wait to see how it goes. Good luck everybody!

Just uploaded!! Vote our !! 😘😊... good luck to everyone 🍀

Best of luck everyone :x

I entered my pic.  Play on words. ;)

Last one was so much fun, lets try this again!

AvaBlaze Jul 10

Totally entering this one! Only my second contest! Stoked to see how far i can get!💋

Entering for the first time, Im very excited

Can’t wait to upload our pic.. get ready 😋

Will try to enter.:D

I'm ready to get creative : )

Great theme! Can´t wait! ;) ;)

Ill be top Listed:$(.)(.)(V))

Can't wait ♥

Cool! 😎

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