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Fight for your right to be FREE!

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Baggle Aug 11

Love ManyVids ❤️, where the models (and their self-agency, empowerment, free will...) always come first! 😍

I do

Good thing I've been planning on camming solely on Manyvids! ^.^

definitely agree.

love ~ thank you MV support more models

Amazing!  Thank you MV! :)

This is awesome, thank you! I can tell MV really understands and wants to support us models.


yasssss this is so positive!!!!

truth blond
truth blond deleted Aug 10


This happened to me on xhamster, someone DM’d me on twitter that a channel was recording and broadcasting my shows, so I asked them to take them down, and had the idea to make a channel to promote myself with my own content, I linked back to MV and they Emailed me explaining that I had broken their rules and prevented me from linking anywhere.   

Kudos to MV!:)

Kudos to MV and the content creators 🙌🙌


Amen to that!

We agree!!!!

We agree!

I agree

Agreed completely! There are other sites I wish I could crosslink but they are just getting greedy

I 100% Agree! And am thankful MV cares about it's MV stars!

I agree sex workers should be able to post anything they need or want to promote themselves

Zenoff64 Aug 10

Its silly for them to block it when most people will just copy the models name into a search bar and find it anyway.

I love this!  I'm a big fan and supporter of Sex Workers and believe they should have to freedom to do what they want to put their name out there!

throwing shade in the most professional way possible, i support it

Well said ManyVids!

YES! I 100% AGREE!

Hallelujah amen hot damn 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Bravo ManyVids!

Thank you Many Vids for your support, I whole-heartedly agree with your stance on the new CB policy. I believe healthy competition is a good thing. It encourages us to up our game, try harder and work to always evolve ourselves to be better. The bottom line is both sites should be working to support their performers because when they do well it is better for everyone. It’s really disappointing CB doesn’t see this as an opportunity to make its site better for those who create clips and instead made a choice to stop us from making any mention of MV; a decision that severely limits our ability to grow our followers and takes away our choice in the matter.

ManyVids has a fantastic business outlook, and I couldn't agree more!

Yes very much agree it’s our bodies an we can do what we please with I feel they take away our rights to our own freedom but preventing us to do certain things

YES! this this this. couldn't agree more!!! we all do better when we can promote all of our stuff wherever possible! leave it up to the consumer to make the decision of where they want to consume; they all have their different reasons for wanting to consume on different platforms. it's up to us to just create and push it out there as much as we can!

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Aug 9

Beyond self-promotion, it's the sensible thing to do: compete on the quality of a site and its features rather than trying to ban mention of others. After all, Chaturbate traffic depends on links and mentions elsewhere (although given how most of the mentions I see these days are about inconsistent rule enforcement and messing people around, am even less likely to check them out again). MV's stance on this and not sweating the exhibitionists who mainly use the site to offer free vids, or people who run contests elsewhere, etc, is a very positive point.

This is WONDERFUL. Too many sites totally censor what we can actually share and I'm happy that MV hasn't turned to doing that.

I know other models have asked for the same thing but I think it would be amazingly useful if those links we place on Manyvids were more visible on our profile, not just in our about page. Then again, I don’t know how often fans read the about page.

Mmmm! And this is is why I love Manyvids and why you guys are my main clip site! <3 <3 <3

This is the best article I have ever read! You can really tell manyvids cares about US

Nhaerys Aug 9

Wasn't expecting manyvids to comment on the subject but I'm very happy to read this!! Wise decision since success on our other platforms will affect our success or manyvids too!!

Thank you for being an open minded, free market business partner Manyvids!!

This is why I love you MV. You really do care more about the stars rather then the money you make. And THAT is how MV became my #1 platform. Stay amazing!

CB is only good for one thing....Live streaming! the video platform they have is absolute garbage.

What a load of crap, telling models they can't promote,. Further evidence CB is only about their own profit, and they will probably lose a lot of models due to this, CB really fucked up.

Thank you! I absolutely love this article! <3

It's a great idea.:)

I think its bullshit that on both Mfc and CB that we cant promote our MV page.

You can't do it on Streamate either, you also can't promote social media, or any other site, including our direct links where we make 75% off our sales rather than 35%. Every show performed on SM is theirs/their affiliates to record, brand with their own link (to prevent viewers from searching for models or finding their direct link) and repost on tube sites. Every photo or video a model uploads SM and their affiliates have the right to take and use as they please as long as they call it "promotion". Which can be anything like tweeting a photo of an online model with a link to her show on the affiliate site, to setting up fake accounts on tube sites, video sites and escorting pages without the model's knowledge, input or paying them for the use of the images and videos.

I'm so thankful you guys have this mindset. I really struggled to grow my brand, income and following when I was exclusively with a website that wouldn't let me even say Google or Amazon. The freedom of being able to promote myself and my work on other platforms with ManyVids is a big part of why I made MV my home. I think giving models this kind of freedom is a big part of why MV is so successful!

Thank you MV!! The freedom to promote ourselves as entertainers is essential for us.

Thank you! Its strong message!

fuck yea :)

Also, I would really like it if the links to our social media, and/or personal websites were more prominently placed on our profiles, instead of on the about page, which few people actually look at. Maybe near where we're from and when we joined the site, there could be a spot for a personal website link, like on Twitter.

Yes! I love this idea!

Excellent idea:A

ManyVids is awesome for this! Any company that really appreciates is performers would give them every opportunity to expand their fanbase, and ManyVids is doing a great job of this :)

I appreciate that ManyVids allows us to post links to other sites. Many other platforms have strict rules about links to outside sites, or sharing contact info. I don't think that's beneficial to the site, because anything that negatively affects the performers will negatively affect the site. Also, performers will find a way to share the information, whether or not a site allows it. They have to spend time trying to stop links out that could be better spent improving the site. 

Being allowed to share links is a big part of the reason I prefer to sell clips at ManyVids. It would be great if links out were clickable, and showed up as links, so our customers don't have to copy and paste.

Very true taking time to stop links is stupid where they really could spend time on different things or updating there website and cb needs to a lot of improvement

Wonderfully put! ... Some other sites won’t even allow a brand name (even one not adult based) to be included in their videos, and will turn down videos that show a brand name, a good example was in a foot fetish/crush of an old printer, as the brand name (small lettering) could be seen they wouldn't accept the video.

It was the same with another video that showed a generic white label on a tin of rice pudding from a UK supermarket home brand that was part of a splosh video (the company isn't even UK based who runs the site in question) :D 

Nowhere else that I list my videos has a fraction of the 2000+ videos that I have here on MV.
Adding to that some other sites turn down fetish videos because they don't understand the attraction (a good example is that I have a large following of fans who enjoy the invisible fetish where only certain body parts and/or gloved hands can be seen) or my Giantess/Vore videos

It is almost like if it Isn’’t straight forward humping, licking or sucking porn it gets turned down, I love that little by little MV is embracing fetish videos, their fans and its fetish models

PS: @Admin, PRETTY please can we have ‘‘invisible fetish’’ as an option when choosing tags for our videos and pictures :)

Ah I love you guys. You’re great! ❤️

Thank u guys

This is so awesome

Very true! Manyvids is one of the only platforms that allows us to freely promote whatever it is that we want without the threat of terminating our accounts. THANK YOU for allowing us the freedom to be competitive and ourselves! xoxo

Awesome! It’s really great to finally see a company such as Many Vids I’m stoked to get my content uploaded and further explore the Many Vids platform:)

Thank you so much for always having our best interest at heart!! 😘💋 I absolutely love this company cannot even express how little kid on Christmas excited you guys make me all the time!  😍❤️


beautifully said <3

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