The Golden Rule

Love, Respect & Understanding.

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In light of recent events within our beautiful adult industry, this is a friendly reminder that sticking together and respecting one another is of the utmost importance! 

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Pics provided by AsianDreamX, LovesKelly, Colby and Mickey, kacytgirl & Kristen Kraves xxx

Miss Bug
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It's simple...Always treat others how you want to be treated.

Yes, we need more love and support, not only in camming but in our everyday lives too. <3 Just remember you are special, and don’t ever give a f**k about what anyone thinks. O:)

Well said, well said indeed & most honored to have pic of Kristen Kraves & I associated with post. Fyi that on Tuesdays in my lil slice of twittersphere we try to do some good via #PositivityTuesday hashtag, usually emphasizing sexworker & transgender issues (for background on such please see Warmest hugs to Bella & all the good peeps at MV!

Great reminder that sex workers need to stick together in an industry where so many people want to profit from our hard work. I've been the victim of an online anonymous coward for a year now. This person/people have never talked to me directly, but they've made fake profiles pretending to be me, attempted to log into my accounts, & posted nude photos of me where friends and family can see them. I also suspect them of constantly flagging my tweets. I have no idea who's doing it, or why. It's so frustrating and it makes me suspect everyone. I hate to admit how much it's affected me. So I understand what it's like to be bullied. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and some people may not like me or what I have to say, but that kind of harassment is not an appropriate response. Fuck the haters, and I hope everyone can remember to be mature when they dislike someone or disagree with them.

Whubbles Aug 23

All of the support and love!

Spot on MV. (Y))

hardfun Aug 23

Basically very true and well put and ofc if you really have known unconditional love no one can hurt or harm you. Just wanted to add that there are many aspects of this. Cause it's certainly not all sex workers who treat their (potential) customers with respect - not to speak of love. And those who don't are probably for the most part the ones who actually hate the job and hate themselves for having to do it. And I am afraid there are quite a few of them.  So another quote to learn from is: treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

Brilliant … I was actually just asking an opinion of a cam model about a one of my male staff giving clearly unwanted to a female staff member.  Just can't understand why some guys believe this is ok.  I'd like to think to vast majority of men here respect and appreciate the work of the adult industry and life would be duller without all your efforts !!

Lovely article, and photo.  You have my full support here too.  Thank you MV.

I know we can do this. It’s important never to bully someone in doing something that you think should be done. You can’t stop abuse by becoming an abuser. We need to stop this vicious circle. <3

Atomb83 Aug 23

Well said


thats so nice....MV you're the best!

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