Fetish Friday: Smoking


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What exactly is a smoking fetish? 

Smoking can be a type of art form. It can be something so sensual that before you know it, its got a hold of you. You would be shocked at how many times I have changed someone's outlook on smoking who did not even like it to begin with. It's kinda my thing ;) 

How did you discover this fetish?

As far as discovering the smoking fetish... I have been a smoker since I was young and became a ProDom when I was 17. My subs during the real-time sessions always told me I should do smoking fetish clips. So one day I just jumped in both feet. 

How did you begin practicing it? 

I never really practiced LOL I just one day hit record and did what I would do in a real-time session for the cam. And the feedback has been amazing. I have so many fans everywhere and they make me enjoy it even more. 

What are some precautions for this fetish?

To be cautious of how much you're actually inhaling when performing. If your body is not used to that much nicotine it can make you light-headed. Its all about understanding your craft. 

Why do you think people are into this fetish? 

I think people are into this fetish because it's frowned upon by the normal person so they are into the dark side of it. But then there is the more sexual and sensual side that is so appealing and men are very visual creatures. So I think it depends on the person.  

What goes into a great smoking fetish vid? 

The thing that makes a great smoking fetish vid is attitude, attitude & attitude you either got it or you don'tThat's just something you can't fake. 

Say something to your fans! 

Well, I love my fans!! You are more than welcome to order custom vids. And I have a ton of new clips I will be releasing soon. They are even more sexually deviant. I just completely revamped my entire costume collection to some stuff that's going to leave you begging for more ;) 

Queen Secret

Smoking videos are some of my fave to make :) they're super simple and always enjoyable

Totally my favourite 😎

Lovou05 Sep 17


I love custom smoking vids:A

"just hit record and do what you do" is how I approach a lot ;) I just love smoking, I think I need to make some more vids now!!

Lovou05 Sep 17

Hi sexy love that

I use to find it sexy when I saw a woman smoking but never realized it’s a fetish. I have a customer who’s really into it who pays me even to fake smoke! It’s crazy

Lovou05 Sep 17

But is not good 4 your health

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