How did you start in the adult industry?  

Well, a few years back someone came into my place of employment and told me about making extra money with Snapchat. She said she mostly just took pictures of her ass no face pictures and people would pay to be on her Snapchat. So I was talking to the person who is now my cameraman about it and I said I would do something like that if I could cover my face/wear a mask. He told me about clips (since I don’t have Snapchat and still to this day I don’t have it) we started filming a couple days later and I wore a mask. I really love role-playing and getting into the character and the mask was really messing with me... it didn’t fit the scene or character and that would really bother me so I finally just said screw it and stopped wearing a mask.  

Can you tell us a bit about what made you choose the name "Emmas Secret Life?"  

Ha! Sorry, nothing interesting about this... I like the name Emma and this life (adult work) is a secret. 

What are your passions outside of adult entertainment?  

I love spending time with my family and pets. I love reading and learning new things. And though I don’t get to do it much I love traveling!  

What vids are you most proud of? / What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far? 

Hmm, that’s a hard question cause I have so many videos now. I can tell you that in the video “stretching my pussy to the max part 2” I was finally able to take bad dragons large Rex’s knot. I guess that’s a weird thing to be proud of but when that knot (which I struggled with for months and many videos before with no luck of it going in) finally slid in I was first shocked than excited then turned on and then I was filled with pride at what my pussy accomplished lol.  

The most memorable would probably be winning MV Submissive of the Year! I was really in complete shock that I won that award. I feel very proud and am extremely grateful to my fans for making it possible! 

What future career plans do you have?  

I’m not much of a planner. But I do know that life is short and I never want to do a job I hate. As of now, I love my job I love the creativity, the sex, my fans. I love bringing fantasies to life! Right now I’m doing what makes me happy!  

What do you find the biggest struggle as an adult entertainer?

The way people view it. The fact I feel I have to keep this part of myself a secret.  

Say something for your fans!  

Oh gosh, words can not even express what my fans mean to me! As I have mentioned I love this job and my fans are the reason. I do so many customs and the fun ideas you all come up with and the fact that you trust and pick me up to bring these fantasy to life is amazing! Thank you all so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  

The place I really want to travel to is:  everywhere! I can’t pick one place!  

The sex act I’m best at is:  I have been told I give great blowjobs!  

My biggest guilty pleasure is: umm chocolate I could easily sit down and eat a whole pan of brownies and still want more!  

Next on my bucket list is: traveling! Hopefully one day I will be able to go to all the places I want to see!  

 My biggest celebrity crushJennifer Lawrence! Oh, the things I would do to her. I am drooling a little bit thinking about it! 

I love what I do because: I am bringing fantasy to life! I really do love knowing that guys are jerking off to my videos. To know that they picked me to watch to take that edge off to cum really hard is a huge turn on for me! 

My favorite sex toy is:  I love all sex toys! It depends on my mood and how I want to cum!  

Most people don’t know this about me but Ionce got stuck on my bedpost lol. It was supposed to be a customer! To fuck my bedpost. Well, the bedpost I have has a really big ball at the top. I thought oh no problem I have took knots this big before. I got my self already by doing some stretching with a big toy and squirted a bunch of cum lube inside of me. I even put a lubed up condom around the wooden ball of the bedpost and climbed on. Well it went in but as I started to raise up it got stuck. It went in easy but wood has no give (something I didn’t even think about) I freaked out and told the cameraman to turn off the camera. He asked what was wrong and I told him I was stuck. I was shaking just thinking about having to call an ambulance or something lol. The camera man was freaking out asking what he could do. I seriously almost started crying then I just told myself you gotta rip the band aid  off and thats what I did I just pulled really hard and fast and it popped out! My pussy was seriously sore for a couple days after and I’m just glad I didn’t do serious damage to myself! But looking back on it I laugh thinking about how scared I was and how freaked out the cameraman looked! Only in this line of work could something like this happen lol! 

The thing that I cherish most in life is: my family and pets!  

My favorite fetish is: I am a size queen! So I love big toys. I just love to see how much I can stuff into my pussy lol! My pussy really amazes me! 

Emmas Secret Life

OMG the bedpost! That would have scared the shit outta me as well haha, glad you're okay after that!

Ha me too! Won’t be attempting that again lol!

Pete Zaria
Pete Zaria deleted Sep 15

One of my favorites.  Emma, if you ever get to central Wisconsin and need a place to stay, I have spare rooms. No funny business, you'd just have to put up with my dog.

Lol! Why thank you!

jdluke Sep 14

Great interview Emma

Thanks sweetie 😘

jdluke Sep 14

have you ever attempted the bed post again?

Ha! No I have not! That scared me away from it for good I think!

Such a wonderful interview, it is exactly how I always envisaged Emma to be, a wonderful genuine fun person as well as the best adult performer around. I love the humour and the creativity, and the humanity and the way she maintains her dignity in what must be a very difficult world full of hypocrisy. But that is being too serious, Emma is beautiful and Emma is fun, and that comes across in the interview. I love the bedpost story, maybe it needs to be re-enacted in a video one day! And if you are ever in my neck of the woods when travelling I'd love to be your tour guide, and I really mean that haha!

Thank you so much!! Ha I would love you to be my tour guide 😍 I’m sure we would have a blast!

Just give me plenty of warning :) xxx

Great innterview emma xx

Thank you sweetie ❤️

olddogjm Sep 13

An outstanding interview that only touches the surface of how great Emma is and fun to work with!  It is amazing to see how she brings fantasies to life in her customs.  There is no one else like her on MV.  Her  role playing just dazzles!  The diversity of her content is stunning.  If you haven't tried any of Emma's content, do it NOW!  You won't be disappointed.

Her mission statement says it all "My kink is getting you off! I love knowing that you are jerking off to my videos! "  She delivers

An overdue expose, but well deserved.

Thank you so much!  You guys are just amazing and creative with your script!  Without you and my other fans this job would not be as much fun as it is! 😘😘😘

Awesome interview (^_^) speaking as a fan and customer of Emma’s, I can say without a doubt that I and so many other of her fans are so lucky to have her in the industry! She is cute as a button and smoldering hot! She has great legs, an amazing perky ass, and gravity defying breasts but her best feature is her understanding of her customers specific kinks.

Her collection of bringing fantasies to life is vast and each clip is bringing someone’s deepest fantasies to life. Emma truly is in the top three (in my opinion) clip artists on the net because she always goes the extra mile and she put real effort in her clip. I am figuratively over the moon that MV aid finaling giving her some proper star light! Emma as always you are a goddess! Love the bed post storie by the way ❤️🦁 can’t wait when they do a MV mag on you!!!

Awe thank you so much Lyon! You always make me smile 😘

Badass interview!  And omg the bedpost story is epic wish I had been a fly on the wall!!

Awe thank you!

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