Bubble Bath Contest

Splish Splash!

Oct 8 35 comments 2,067

Wash away your troubles in a bathtub full of bubbles!

Calling all bath bomb fanatics, bubble bath babes, and hot shower enthusiasts: it's time to share your wet and wild pics with the world!

Introducing the: Bubble Bath Contest!

Upload your sudsy pics to the contest page now! Then, this Wednesday the 10th of October, invite your fans to vote for you between 3 PM EST and 11 PM EST for a chance to win:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best pic = $50

Splish Splash!

Pics provided by KaylaKissXO, rushlightDante & KYLiEMARiA

congrats !

Congrats everyone!!

Vote for me

JayRyder Oct 10

Im new here...First contest

GrungeBunny deleted Oct 10

My 1st ever contest entry! :<D:] Check of my vote deals!❤️

xxSmiley Oct 10

Check out my entry for sweet deals <3

Just beautiful!

Can´t wait... whoooop whooooop :)

Yes!!!  I love my bubble baths 😊

And when will cosplay contests. For example, a comicon?)))

super excited <3 what a cute idea

Can't wait to participate💕💕💕💕💕🙌🏾🙌🏾

Perfect excuse to go to Lush and buy some bath treats! 
Took the picture this afternoon. 
It was so much fun ^.^

I agree!

how can i get votes for members?

Ooh, I think I want to play!

Thanks for the ❤ and follows everyone!
First LIVE show cumming this week!

Sweet fun!

ho ho:)

bubble bubble toil and trouble

naughtynikki777 deleted Oct 9

Gonna have some great deals


Nevangeline Star
Nevangeline Star deleted Oct 9

Love it!

Love this so much!! 😍🔥

Omg yas!!

just submitted my picture! It was so fun to take pictures for it, check out my entry and my photoshoot from it

I love any excuse to take a bubble bath!! 🛀

Gives me an excuse to do some new bath content xoox

Ooohh fun! Joining now 🛀☺️


Mylene Oct 8

I'm in! :)

Just entered! ;)

You can count me in!

Yayy! 😘

yay bubble baths 😍

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