MV Xposed: Roxy Cox

An Irish, pizza-loving queen!

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How did you start in the adult industry?

When I lived in Ireland, I had finished college and got my degree, but as there was a recession at the time, I was unable to get any work. As you can imagine, I was very disappointed. I worked in a bar part-time in my hometown for a couple of years and it became very boring and repetitive. I knew I needed a change, a fresh start. I began modeling, just doing some photo shoots every now and again, more of a hobby really, but there was not really enough of work in Ireland to do it full time.

I then got in contact with a model from the UK. She suggested I move and try modeling there, as there was a wider choice of photographers and more work available. I had never left Ireland before, but I decided to take a risk and try something different! I met more contacts and again, I got another bar job while I got settled in London. I hated doing bar work and working late hours for little pay, it just wasn't working for me. It was then that someone told me about camming, something I never knew anything about, but I was intrigued and began looking into it. The more I read, the more eager I was to start. I began camming after that and never looked back since. Now I have started making my own content since joining ManyVids and I love every minute of it!

Coming from Ireland, nobody would have ever have expected me to become involved in the adult industry. The views are very different there and I have had some negative responses. That was tough to get past at the beginning, but I have learned to do what makes me happy is what matters.

What are your passions outside of adult entertainment?

When I'm not on cam or making new videos, I enjoy working out. I think it's important for mind and body to get some exercise every now and again and I have to keep in good shape for you guys! I also enjoy cooking and love my food, going out with friends, reading and watching a good tv series or movie whenever I get the chance. I'm actually a bit of a geek and love playing videos games, with Fortnite being the most recent I've played.

What vids are you most proud of? / What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

Making my first g/g video was so much fun and I put a lot of work into setting that up and making it happen. The editing afterward took forever, but it was worth it.

My first appearance on Babestation TV last year was a fun and exciting experience for me!

What future career plans do you have?

I'd love to shoot more cosplay content. I have only touched on it recently, but it's a lot of fun and would love to do more characters. I've begun working on another character already, so I hope to reveal that when it's finished. Also to collaborate with more performers in the industry, since shooting my first g/g video with Virtual Geisha who has been an amazing friend to me, I would love to film more g/g content. Maybe some public videos too, as this is a kink of mine I'd like to explore. People have often asked me if would I consider mainstream porn. It's something I've thought about and I have been approached by companies in the past. But I think I prefer to do my own thing and love producing my own content. But never say never ;)

Say something to your fans?

Since joining here, I've had such a positive response and I'd like to say a big thank you to all who have supported me! All the love and positive feedback I have received has been amazing! It's a pleasure to make videos to share with all of you and I hope to produce even more new and exciting content to keep you all entertained.

The place I really want to travel to is: Take me to Vegas!

The sex act I'm best as is: Probably squirting as I can do it multiple times in a row.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Pizza! I'm thinking about it right now...

Next on my bucket list is: Travelling, I need to go and explore the world.

My biggest celebrity crush is: Enrique Iglesias

I love what I do because: I'm my own boss and it's so rewarding to produce my own content and to be able to make a living from it. It's heartwarming to receive such positive feedback and to know that people enjoy my work and love seeing me express myself sexually.

My favorite sex toy is: Hitachi Magic Wand

Most people don't know this about me but: I used to be a long distance runner and played a lot of football in my younger days. I was captain of both soccer and Gaelic football teams and still have some trophies and medals covered in dust lying around. I was such a tomboy and never wore makeup until I was 18!

The thing that I cherish the most in life is: My cat, Felix

My favorite fetish is: Hard to just pick one because I enjoy so many, but some of my favs would be roleplaying, spanking, domination, and dirty talking.

Roxy Cox

So hot

Roxy you are so hot!

Great interview!!

Love this!  🎀🎀🎀

I've always admired your work, hustle and of course stunning beauty. Thank you for sharing! 💕

Cant imagine you playing fortnite, but glad to know that my coworkers know how to spend free time right) Myself reader and player.

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