MV Xposed: Geordie Jackson

A gorgeous power top!

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How did you start in the adult industry?

It was a strange one. So my friend was in my hometown at a meet and I met her afterward. At the time, I was living on my dad’s sofa and she’s splashing out on cocktails for us all night. She told me about her friend who’s a straight, gay, porn star. She started showing me his twitter and his life and telling me what he does etc. so I thought I'd look into it. I took a look online and applied to a few sites and within a day, my phone & emails were blowing up. Within a few weeks, I was working for a low budget company in the UK. he turned out to be extremely unprofessional, so I decided not to work with him again. After that, I worked with a few more company's until I applied for Lucas entertainment. I had a Skype call with Michael Lucas and 2 weeks later, I had flight confirmations to Mexico and 4 scenes scheduled in. I've been happy with Lucas ever since.

What are your passions outside of adult entertainment?

I’m a personal trainer and a boxing coach. I box regularly on big shows around the UK. Another big passion of mine is music. I used to DJ a lot before the lifestyle took its toll on my body and so I gave it up. I still produce music regularly. I make house music at the min. If anyone would like to be linked up, just send me a message.

What vids are you most proud of? / What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

I'm still pretty new to the video side of things, so I don't have a fave just yet, but I'm really enjoying myself making them; I did a scene with Mia Maffia that grabbed a lot of attention on our socials. That hasn't been uploaded yet.

What future career plans do you have?

I've been chatting with other porn models about hooking up and doing some home vids. I've been in touch with a mate of mine, who is one of the sickest videographers about getting some professional editing done. And then Lucas entertainment is still there.

Say something for your fans!


The place I really want to travel to is: USA

The sex act I’m best at is: topping! POWER TOP

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Gingers haha. Don’t ask why just have a crazy thing for gingers

Next on my bucket list is: Jamaica

My biggest celebrity crush is: Kat Von D

I love what I do because: I'm a greedy horny fuck. I'm getting paid to fuck. NO BRAINER

My favorite sex toy is: I actually don't own any, but I am going to venture into it. Maybe people could tell me what they would like to see.

Most people don’t know this about me but I: Working in the gay porn world, a lot of pf ppl don't know I'm actually straight.

The thing that I cherish most in life is: My 2 kids

My favorite fetish is: Don't have one. This is making me sound quite boring haha. I'm still new to all this, so I must venture out and see what I like and don't like

Geordie Jackson


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