Bubble Bath Winners


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The Bubble Bath Contest was a wet and wild ride - here are the results!

Our Best Pic winner (pictured above) is MV Star MischievousKitty! Her sudsy pic wins the $50 bonus prize!

In first place and taking home the $500 prize with her bubble butt is SexySenna! Congrats!

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Our second place winner is MV Girl ShyCountryCutie. She wins $200. Woohoo!

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And our third place Bubble Bath Contest winner is AthenaBlaze. Your pic is bubblicious! Enjoy your $100!

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Thank you all so much for participating and stay tuned for more fun contests!

- MV Team

Joanna K Oct 13

The winner pic is amazingly teasing! ;)

Congrats to all, but to two of my top favorites I must say a SPECIAL CONGRATS!!!  Congrats to Athena for taking third and congrats to Kitty for winning BEST PIC!

well done everyone xx

congrats everyone!! all these pics are beautiful

katskat Oct 12

iiiip thank you <3

CONGRATS LADIES! All the winners pics are AMAZE-BALLS!

This was a great contest, so many good entries.
Congrats Ladies! Beautiful as always.

Congrats girls

so proud of athena  won 3rd and we made a bubble bath video!!!

Awwww hehehehe thank you :D yaaaaay

yaaaazzzzzzzzz congrats love


Yay congrats girls!

Wel done winners :x:x:x:x

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