80% Payout!

On Vid Sales & Tips for November!

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November is going to be epic!

ManyVids made it rain all of October with our 80% payout on our Make It Rain feature (tips/tributes). Now we're going to cause a flood because the 80% Make It Rain promotion is continuing for all of November AND we're extending the 80% payout to include vids too. We're bringing the thunder for the entire month of November with an 80% payout on all vids and tips/tributes.

The earnings potential in this timeframe is massive and don't forget we offer direct deposit for FREE to 38+ countries! That's no fees, no hassle, no fuss, your profits into your bank account, currently available in 38+ countries (click here to see all the countries listed in entry 22 of our FAQ).

ManyVids is the premier clip site and fastest growing adult community on Earth thanks to the hard work and talent of you, the MV Stars. Together we're proving to the world that we can all be successful while promoting sex positivity and the fair treatment of adult performers. Your entrepreneurial drive and passion pushes the MV Team to strive for new heights of excellence. We feel it's essential you know that MV will never ever stop improving our platform and adding features to assist our MV Stars in reaching their goals. 

The dams are breaking, and the waves are unleashed for every single day of November 2018, with our 80% payout on all vids and tips/tributes. It's our thanks to you so please revel in this refreshing and lucrative rain and know the MV Team is always here to support you with the best possible service and cutting-edge tools.


- MV Team

If you're feeling the love go on Twitter and RT our tweet ;-)

Pics courtesy of ericafettManuelSkyexxx, and The Devil's Trap

Thank you very much! Been a great help and boost!
Please keep the promotion for December!

Thanx Manyvids!! I hope we get to see 80% more often:A


morne53 Nov 22

so nice site,love many vids

Thanks MV:A

This is amazing!

i like :)

Algomas Nov 10

It is not something new, we already learn that MV is full of great ideas to boost and reward our work!
Thank you very much for the good work and success to all the MV team and to all MV community...all the way up!!

Please do this more often! Thanks!

hmm I dont understand it.

what are the VIP sales?

If I go to payment there is no 80% less money?

This is for the performers receiving payments

Thanks MV I definitely appreciate this!

Blessed as usual to be on the best platform ever :money_bags:

This has been such a blessing right before Christmas:sticker2-28:  <3

I'm loving this !!!! Honestly I feel that Custom Vids more than anything should be at this percentage...or at least higher...we have to take a whole day sometimes to film one vid ...just to make 65% ...I don't want to make my rates too high...but I have to feel compensated for my work..I honestly have people pay for them in other ways...and I know this hurts my score...but 65% hurts my pockets more lol. I hope this changes soon...bc my score has increased sooo much since I can have them pay through the "make it Rain" for customs right now. Every day you guys are making this the greatest platform to ever work on ..and I feel so blessed to be a part of it ...Thank You <3

It’s been so good, this 20% boost has helped me hit payout for the month already. I wish MV could make this permanant, or at least meet us in the middle at 70% payout 🤞


Please continue to do more things like this in the future.:x

YAY its my BDAY month, so I hope this goes well for me, good luck ladies!

Happy Birthday!! 80% is a great gift :)

Wow you are a very very sexy and attractive woman happy birthday

thank youu



Personally I think the 80% Tip Payout should stay permanently as a hand full of top sites already give out 80% to models for tips. But VIDEO SALES!! I'm drooling... If this becomes a permanent thing that would be the best, competition with every other site would drop like flies cuz models could reduce video prices too and customers want the best offers of course. <3 <3 <3

im curious as to what cam sites pay 80% lol ive only ever seen 50% :) payout is 75%

LOVE this! Please continue to do more things like this in the future.

Woo hooo :) Thank you !


Thank you so much for caring about all of the content creators on your site. I really feel like the MV team supports every single one of us!!! ❤️ Sending so much love.

Amazing, thank you so much manyvids. Xxx

Thank you MV!!! <3

Thank you, Many Vids, this is amazing!!

thank u manyvids

This is awesome. Hope everyone has a great November 🤑🤓

Hello off topic but did i miss a post about the retweet feature being removed when we update a video??bad update!!

I imagine since Twitter is putting caps on auto-tweets they removed it with the idea being new vids and sales should take higher priority. Obvs can't speak for them but I figure that's why.

Great job Guys !  Please have more promos like this for us cam girls.

I love this! Just before Christmas too. You guys are great. Thank you!

LuisXX Oct 27

Gracias MV


semperfimylovelies deleted Oct 26

Wooooooot xx :x

Thank you MV ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much! I love this!!

Great I better get making some new clips then and add my sales items (Y))

This is awesome💕

Mira_xo Oct 26

This is incredible & so generous. Thank you ManyVids :)

This is amazing! Just in time for the holidays too!

As it should be ^.^

Mylene Oct 25


Amazing =D


This is so amazing! :A

Thank you so much!

Awesome, thank you so much, such a great incentive to make even more amazing clips!

This is amazing.... thank you MV!

thank you MV!!

this is awesome!!!!!!-p-


wooow great! thanks

does it include custom videos too?

nice <3

This is so amazing! Thank you for the amazing opportunity ManyVids!

Oh, cool! Let's leave such % forever!)):x

Awesome!! <3


This is fantastic, thank you so much MV! <3

Awesome!! Thanks :x

thank you so much!

Meika_ox Oct 25

this is incredible. I <heart> this so frikkin much.

:A thk thk thk :A

Thanks so much!

Wow,  80% !!! Great :x , thank you :x !

Buxxxom Oct 25

This is so great, thank you!!

Wow! Its all VERY exciting!

So happy 80% is on Vids too, I didn’t get a single tip through Make It Rain during October. 
I posted all over my profile & social media asking customers to buy their vids, store items ect via the tipping feature and nobody listened 😭

Amazing !! This will help with Christmas !!! And a new Bad Dragon toy .

bellawild deleted Oct 25

Is this just for videos on our profile or custom videos also?

Perfect news

Does this extend to custom vid sales as well? :A



thank you so much!!!! <3 this will really help a lot of people.

Ooooh! Awesome!!! Thank you

AriAngel Oct 25

Looks like I'm going H.A.M in November! :]

This is fantastic :-)

Oh my gods I love you guys. Please keep being wonderful !!!!

This is why MV is my favourite place to cam and sell anything ❤

Cherry_Pie deleted Oct 25

it's so unanticipated that I don't even know what to do) :P perfect new!)

This comes at such a PERFECT time for me because I need to make as much as I can to save up to move in a few months! Ahhhh! Thank you MV!

OMAIGAAA! This is so AMAZING! Thanks for this MV! Kick those sales beautiful talents! Good Luck!!! ❤️❤️❤️💦💋💋

Yes!!! Love it!


i like how this seems to be motivating models to make more vids lol:)

where can we ask about monday when Bella was live?  I was live from about 9:30 until after midnight, and I got a whole 20 tokens out of it all hehe;)  i know my reply has nothing to do with this article, but still.....incentives are always nice...and this latest news is of course very much appreciated.

Hey beautiful, happy we got to cam at the same time. I will be back on cam next week on the 31st of October. Maybe this time, you will get more. ;):A:worship_these_heels::magic_wand:

Are you going to be giving back all of the tokens that you make on October 31st to the models who are streaming currently during the hours that you are on again Bella French? Just curious. I haven't ever streamed on ManyVids on cam yet, but I love incentives to help us models out! You don't have to spoil us back like you are doing, but I for one sure do appreciate it!

thank you so much for taking the time to personally write me back Bella.   Im on cam now and looking for you.  I hope I didnt miss it..... :)

i havent had internet for the past few days due to a storm....did you ever go live on hallowen?

truth blond
truth blond deleted Oct 24

The wetter the better no such thing as too much moisture here! 💦💕😎

So appreciated! Thank you!

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! :) <3

Omg thank you MV!!

Time for me to pull my finger out and get some more vids up! :A

with the holidays And Tax season approaching this will do A LOT for many of us. Thanks MV!!

FuckClub Oct 24


This is amazing!! a site that actually cares about models, this is awesome <3

IviRoses Oct 24


Thank you so much Many Vids! You are a great platform for us models. Love you! :x:x:x

Yaay! Great!! This is really great! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

They are simply amazing!! :A:A

That is awesome! Thanks!

OMG this is the best news you have ever given! Bring it on HOLIDAYS AND $$$

Rumi_Bloom deleted Oct 24

Great surprise for my birthday month!! Now if I only I had more just a handful of faithful fans... ^^; Oh well, Gotta keep trudging on! Thank you for all the support you give the stars!!! <3

same here lol

Thank you!!:light_my_fire:

Holy shit!!!! THANK YOU so much!! this is gonna be a HUGE difference!!!

Yvonna Angel
Yvonna Angel deleted Oct 24



Thank you so much!!!

We have been waiting so long and you've delivered!!! This is totally amazing!!!

This is awesome! My birthday is November 1st!:A

Ahhh my birthday month, thank you xxx

OMG, thank you

babyjune Oct 24

yes yes yes yes yes yes YES


Ryumoau Oct 24


Hell, fucking, YES!

WOW! Awesome!

Very good news!


This is why MV is my preferred site, love you!

Sweet! <3


omg so nice

Amazing, thank you 💜

Maybe I'll be continuing my vid deal until the end of November

The right way is always up, not down!


Yessss! Thank youuuuu

This is super awesome! Does it apply to store items too?

Good point!

No it does not - just vids and tips <3 Hope this helps!

Wow, this is the best news i have heard in a while... <3:A

This is so exciting!

Thank you MV! Looking forward to this 😌🙌🏼

AVBabes Oct 24


Yesssss!! Just in time for the Holidays :]

Agh! Thank you!!

Whoa!! So amazing!! Thank you!!!

OOOMMMGGG! <3 This is SO awesome! Thank you so much MV Team!

Cattie Oct 24

Beautiful :) thank y’all

Truly epic, thank you!!

SooooOOooOOoo Nice ! Time to produce more, promote more and sell more! Just imagine if you'd keep this rate all year long how everybody would win ;-)

LeiaSky Oct 24

Yaaaaaaaaassss time to make a tit-load of vids :@:naughty_nylons::boobs::H<3

I have so much motivation for new videos now! Thanks Manyvids.

BLESSSSSSSS ! As a Canadian model, with the currency exchange. I am sooooo hype r n!

Awesome! Many vids rocks, can't wait ;)

Yaaas... Time to make more vids! 😁

Wow!  That's amazing! <3

*screams in slut*


YESSS!! OMG Thank you guys so much!!! <3

Hell yeah!!! You guys are amazing, we REALLY appreciated what you're doing for us!

Ryanxoxo Oct 24

So awesome!!!!

I love this! Thank youuu!!!

Oh Wow, Its super aweosme!!!! Thank youuuu MV!!!

So great !

wow this is awesome! thank you MV for all that you do <3

Thank you so so much😘💖

Oh hell yes!!! <3

This is so amazing, thank you MV <3

This is amazing news i bet so many MV Stars are smiling right now

Oh, hells yes.


kezia420 Oct 24

That's so amazing it's for videos too! Thanks!

This is so great! :money_bags::):)<3

Only vids and tips ? STORE not included ?)

Just vids and tributes/tips :)

And what about custom vids?


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