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The future is here! Together, we will lead the adult industry in the right direction with    

ManyVids is revolutionizing the adult industry with MV Tube, the world's first FREE and ethical tube site! You can now watch the web's hottest vids in high quality, without intrusive ads, or the stain of piracy. We're not announcing a new porn site–we're inviting you to be part of a movement: #JoinTheRebellion for ethical porn and feel good about watching what feels good.      

We get it...who doesn't love free porn? However, other tube sites potentially profit from stolen content, and this piracy is destructive to the income and livelihood of your favorite performers and content creators. We’re starting a new era of conscious consumerism with vids, produced ethically, for you to enjoy ethically. All vids uploaded to MV Tube are exclusively done by MV Stars.    

MV Stars, here's your chance to upload your favorite vids and generate a substantial amount of additional traffic and sales. MV Tube is a new tool to help you and your brand get more exposure. Finally, the power is in your hands! You have full control to upload or not upload the FREE vids of your choice to MV Tube. All different types of vids are welcome: previews of vids or full videos, one of your YouTube vids, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and sexy snaps. We will be working on improving MV Tube, as we do with all of our site features, and in the near future offer even more ways for our MV Stars to take advantage of this powerful promotional tool.   

So how do you upload FREE content? It’s super easy; it’s the same way you upload a regular vid: when you edit your price, merely choose the FREE option, and your vid will automatically appear on MV Tube. Rest assured, all your current FREE content is automatically added to MV Tube as well.  

Besides being an amazing opportunity for content creators to gain new fans, promote their content, and build their brand, viewers will be able to show MV Stars some love and send them tips thanks to our Make It Rain/Tribue feature displayed directly on each vid.

But wait! Every month there’s more:    

The Top 3 MV Stars with the highest amount of combined views on their FREE vids on MV Tube will receive CASH prizes and incredible exposure on our new MV Tube section.    

MV Members and porn lovers unite: now is the time to make a difference and fight abuse and piracy. Clicking is voting. If we all stop watching stolen content, the demand will diminish, and together we’ll rebuild our precious adult industry. Using MV Tube is a conscious decision to support adult performers and encourage the industry to keep producing amazing content.   

Head to to #JoinTheRebellion and let's give this industry a happy ending we can all be proud of.   

eros67 Sep 15

MV means Many Vids but also...Many Varieties! Choose yours and enjoy! 👍👌✊️😜

Many Vids is the most cost effective membership around. I find myself finding greater variety and quality than most other places. If I may make a modest suggestion: perhaps a request form for custom videos?

Totally Agree !!!! going to POST this to my Twitter now... you can all find me on Twitter @Shootin5tar4u

MV Rocks!

Let's go #JoinTheRebellion,we can do it

Yeah I like it

hooray yes

Fuck yeah "

Put me in coach.. I don't smoke.

Do we get paid per certain amount of views?

;)...and the wetness gets damn slippery to Dick Land

livecleo May 30

thats awesome

This is the shit

Pretty cool

this is great

this is really cool.  I have some Mv Tube videos up, trying it out to see where this goes!  feel free to click on my page & watch the free ones!

DU7CHW1F3 deleted Apr 26

Keep up with the good work fellows. Have fun and be as naughty as you can be. Take care and be responsible. ;D

Como subo mi video??

I don’t want it 😳

Free vids on my page. 
request a CUstoM clip ;-)

sweetyx Apr 10

Welcome to Sweetyx, guys!:x

Hi! Come see my big ass in stockings and pantyhose on the street and nature! I'll make a video of your script!;););)

whtboi69 Mar 30


I'm bummed that there has been a drop in my sales since MV Tube began, and an even bigger drop in my sales since the twitter connection has basically disappeared.


Hey everyone

Hello ;)

Jhood1986 deleted Apr 28

Hey baby

BenoG90 Mar 7

Hello all

deebo83 Mar 5

hi ladies

omg this is awesome! a great way to show off my gift!

Yeah! Thx MV!

Yes finally thank you mv

Save the industry

Thank you MV<3<3

At last !!

Joeyangelo1 deleted Feb 4

Thank you mv

Kaiju Kitten
Kaiju Kitten deleted Feb 2

Thank you MV! <3

diamond67 deleted Jan 30

yess save the industry!!!!!

Thanking deleted Jan 29

Thank you. Let us make history

Thanks MV. We appreciate you.

Yoooo add me on snapchat: Calicuzz96

Jhood1986 deleted Apr 28


love it

Awesome 👏🏼 💗

Jhood1986 deleted Apr 28

You got any videos of you

I'm with it 💋

Hii ❤️

Drebae Jan 7

How you join

This is great thanks manyvids!

making one vid per week for the tube <3 who is coming  to Vegas for AVN??

Certainly will help with promotion as I'm new on here

Cum play with me. Everyone’s got a kink ;)

Astral_TV deleted Dec 12

Let's play a game! If my current videos on mvtube gets so many views as says in each video description i will be offering certain porn videos on mvtube for 2 days only!

Astral_TV deleted Dec 12

it doesn't make sense to me as only the top 3 with combined views get cash prizes, as mv sales on videos have been dropping rapidly with girls who have actually been using the tube side of things... so my trolling has turned into a game.. let's see, how this turns out.

Davidmw Dec 5



OMG Perfect!

yesss thank you manyvids

awesome idea - very innovative and fresh.  just uploaded one of my latest scenes to MV tube - keep up the good work !

Wow I didn't know this existed! Sounds great! Looking forward to using it!

I think this is a great idea! Great to get extra income or traffic for my basic vids. I see a lot of people are upset but just dont make your content free or on mvtube then. At the end of the day there will ALWAYS be freeloaders or people trying to get vids for free or posting your content for free. If people like you and want to support you.. they will BUY UR CONTENT AND SUPPORT YOU REGARDLESS. My regulars still purchase even with my new vids on mvtube! :x Thanks mv!

is there any way to improve the search for MVTube?

The idea is that pornhub etc profit for every click they receive on any vid. Mostly pirated. So, to be able to create your own free vids and host it on an anti-piracy website is the best way to stop criminals who hide behind porn brands from profiting from our vids that people watch for free but.. The company such as pornhub make money per click by their Ad partners. This is a great way to stop piracy and put all the other company's bust. It's a huge milestone and maybe it's too much of a task to achieve until many years. But we're many! Let's stamp out piracy together. After all this site was created by a sex worker who I'm sure knows all about what it's like to be on the sour end of it so at least this site cares. Also they lose money for vids that are pirated from this site and put on to other sites. It's a step forward.

What a shame... I wish I could agree with your happy ending theme.... but far from it.
First you introduce the MVlive... the idea was good give the models a chance to interact with the fans and make some money along the way... but unfortunately only the idea was good... the majority of models give it all for free, open legs pussy spread... nothing left to the imagination and for free... maybe some rules would have been a good idea on what can be shown for free... after all this is a pay site... 
Now MVTube... wonderful... more free stuff.... MV was a wonderful fresh breath of air in a corrosive adult industry.... but... in my opinion is taking a wrong turn in the wrong direction, at least in what the interests of the models concern... I sincerely hope that I will be proven wrong as time goes on.

The top three only? Then it is going to just be another case of favoritism towards the top models who will get promoted more and more thus remaining so. Not that they don't bust their asses because they certainly do but pay per views should be spread across every model who chooses to use this.

ask3474 Nov 13


umm. What makes it "ethical" lol.

This is killing the business here. This will not help anybody to make more sales. This is not PornHub and not to be a porn hub. Those two, MV and PH are different business models. You cannot mix them easily like this without losing your core attidude to the industry: your clients, producers and workers here, starting from you, UNLESS you get advertising, even you will not benefit from it. This is not a revolution at all. This is killing the business for all.

I totally agree. This is killing the system

megamilf deleted Nov 13

Third that opinion.

Siperg1 Nov 9


Sorry guys, I think you have a good customer support, in fact the best of all the cam sites and clip sites...however, I have noticed that to make money on this site, I have to slash prices twice as much as any of the other clip sites. I already don't like how low you let us price our clips, to undercut each other, and I am not a fan of this idea at all. I hate saying this, because I do genuinely think you have the best customer support, and nicest workers. I used to upload free videos and it got me nowhere, the same people enjoyed them, and never bought anything. Just being honest...

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

For anyone hitting this article now, update just posted:

Thank you. Still, NO.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

FWIW, I don't see sticking a streaming portal link on the main page/header or not requiring people to register before getting content as a positive thing either.

I’ve got to say, I’m not the biggest fan of this….at all, I feel like I have so much to say on this so I at least want to start with some positives. I like the idea that MV is trying to create an alternative to the current tube sites we have. Their lack of verification enables so much theft and exploitation and this is an alternative for anyone who wants to visit a tube site without the questionable ethics. Also, one of my favorite things about manyvids is the social aspect to it, if models use this is a NSFW or even SFW youtube, I think that will help the community and social aspect grow even more.

Now… I get MV is a business, it’s their job to be profitable and to paint anything they put out in a positive light but let’s be real here. The intention isn’t to have a sexworker youtube. It’s to incentivize girls with cash prizes to upload free pornographic content, to continually undercut each other and outdo each other and eventually lead to a plethora of free videos that are the same quality and explicitness that most of us are charging for. Who exactly is benefiting from this? Members? I sure don’t think so. I mean, they now have a streamlined section with free content for (possibly?) easier navigation despite there being an already existing function to search for just free videos. It seems to me all this did was take away from members by removing non-premiums ability to download videos and everyone knows streaming for everyone isn’t realistic.

So let’s see here, instead of adding benefits for premium members you take away what should be basic functions of the sites from regular members and market them as perks. From a customers perspective, I wouldn't be happy about this at all, it would seem like this is just a big ploy to get people to become premium members aka spend directly with manyvids without giving any support to the models who’s free videos MV is now gatekeeping for non-premiums. But hey, if you’re just some random person who hasn’t even taken the time to sign up for MV you can now enjoy their tube site! lmao

Is this supposed to benefit models in some way? We get “free promo” that already existed since there was already a search function for free videos and will the highlighted “freebie day” still be a thing? I don’t see why It would if they have an entire page dedicated to free videos now, so that really takes away from the specialness of giving away a free video when it used to be celebrated and is now just dumped with all the others. Actually, we get less promo because the number of members who were able to watch our free videos before has been cut because MV wants members to pay MV to download YOUR free videos. Look at the bigger picture. What other business model encourages girls to work for free while limiting your exposure, gatekeeps those services from the public, charges DIRECTLY for those services and only monetarily rewards their top girls? I can’t be the only one thinking this.

I hope all the guys will love jerking off to the vids I will be uploading of me wearing sweats while playing with my cat. And I don't mean my pussy. Happy free fappy! :H

I was thinking of doing the same thing :H while wearing those tacky seasonal sweaters

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Was being a bit slow not realising this before... it doesn't seem like a great idea that MV Tube streams are available to unregistered users -- that's throwing away one of the main behaviour-influencing techniques available.

I did not realize it was for unregistered viewers as well smh.

an "ethical" tube site that... pays 3 models a month?

May I put out a suggestion? I definitely agree that obtrusive, pornhub or youtube type adds (popups, video interruptions etc) are shite but is it feasible to introduce unobtrusive advertising from companies approved by mv? Like say, sexual wellness/sex toy shops would do well not only with porn viewers but the models and producers that use the site to upload their content!We get ad revenue on our vids, we have more incentive to upload to mvtube, customers get unobtrusive ads and more content, everyone is happy(V))

!!! big fan of this idea

Um, so you want people to upload to your free tube site because it's ethical? At least PH throws us a couple bucks.

I love this idea! I can't wait to add content for it!

This is a great concept I will be happy to contribute.

Perfect 👌

It is very cool. Thank you ManyVids for the improvements in the industry that you do not stop to please us!)))

I’m assuming this will be for people with spanking brand new ‘puters because I can’t stream shit on this site. I try to avoid buying stream only content for that reason... But more importantly aren’t y’all afraid that this will do what YouTube Red did for smaller and lesser known creators? Red was devastating for the proverbial “little guys” and very fortuitous for the Pew Dew Pie’s.

QuinnLane deleted Nov 8

As long as it keeps making their top models more $ and in turn, them $, they don't care about us little guys.

Buxxxom Nov 8

I have a 3 year old laptop and have streamed several videos tonight without issue. I think they are looking at subscription options for Phase 2 though.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

It doesn't work on fast connections either -- what they do is wrap video chunks in a playlist. So it doesn't work as content protection because stream rippers reassemble the chunks, and it doesn't work for paying customers whose browsers are trying to cache the stream because it's fundamentally a crap way of doing it.

oh hell yes another marketing tool im here for it

Ryumoau Nov 8

I don't know if this is a glitch or something but since this has been introduced, i haven't been able to download videos from memberships i already have from MV stars. Instead it tells me to pay for an additional Premium membership. Won't even allow me an option to outright buy the video.

It wouldn't be so bad if the streaming on this site wasn't so terrible. :(

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Can confirm they've broken membership downloads with the latest ill-thought-out and untested site changes. Memberships have never been particularly well handled on the site, but this simply isn't good enough as a way of treating paying customers. And yeah, the implementation of streaming is poor from a technical point of view (nothing to do with connection speed or specific browsers, it doesn't allow efficient caching).

Ryumoau Nov 8

Thanks. Glad to see i wasn't the only one. Hopefully MV fixes this.

They recently introduced an option for models to turn off membership downloads. It would be nice if they let you know if downloads will be allowed or not before you buy the membership though!

They recently introduced an option for models to turn off membership downloads fyi. It would be nice if they let you still download them since you purchased the membership before that change!

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Yeah, it's a particular problem if it becomes a bait-and-switch, defrauding customers who've already paid on one basis (and this is where people will quite rightly start getting into chargebacks).

It doesn't appear to be what's happening in this case though -- the download links are still there, and the example I'm thinking of involves someone extremely reasonable who switched vids from stream-only to normal downloads when she realised that MV had changed a default setting (back when the stream-only option was introduced). I don't think there's been any deliberate action by sellers, it's just the usual site bugs and lack of project management.

We're on the side of all for it. We have 116 videos and there are quite a few that haven't sold or even gotten much traffic. They're not bad, but not as involved as others that have sold. We've been wondering what to do with them and also what to do with our podcast (that we wanted to be more adult themed). This is the perfect opportunity to give something extra/special to fans while also having an outlet for our less popular content. Way to go MV and Bella ❤️

I'm not sure where I fall yet... the idea of "nsfw youtube" actually feels really empowering, given youtube is such a huge content and ALSO social networking site, but this one would be on sex workers' side presumably. I get that's a big presumption though. While twitter and instagram have been shit, maybe a pro-sw tube site is something we should have?

Totally agree - I think a by-SW-pro-SW tube site is a niche that hasn't really been filled yet. I'm really excited to see how this pans out!

Something PeeCee2 wrote earlier got me thinking, wouldn’t it be good if our videos could be edited to have two price tags attached?., one for stream only and one that allows the buyer to download the video.

In the case of our free videos for example, We could have them free to stream and a low added price for those who wish to download  (or have the choice to be set as free for both if you like) I think it would give us models more freedom then over our content and what we wish to do with it.

Buyers then would be getting a transparent purchase where they know the options available to them for watching their purchases

This too would help those who only wish their work to be stream only, to not find themselves with unhappy customers who expected that they would be allowed to download their purchases

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Thanks for chipping in with the suggestion -- hopefully they'll be more inclined to listen to sellers. It's also validating that a lot of the comments are calling out how poor the streaming is due to the way it's been implemented.

Fully support a low price to be able to download a "free" video. The ability to stream is an added bonus (in general), but given how poorly it works (not to mention never knowing when a given favorite will just disappear because the model or MV decides not to offer it, anymore), I'd rather own the video & use my own software to play it rather than rely on MV's streaming... 

There are some benefits to the streaming service, but killing off the ability to own certain videos is surely not one of them. I'd rather pay, thanks...

I think this is dicey for a number of reasons, but the biggest thing to me is that other tube sites have already handily demonstrated how few people will actually buy vids if there's an abundance of free streaming content all available on one page on that same site. How many videos have people really sold on XVideos and PornHub compared to a dedicated clip store like ManyVids was? The whole point of setting up shop here instead of on those sites is because it's /not/ a tube site.

Plus, the way things were I could upload free vids, and it'd serve as a reason to visit my page and a reward for those who stopped by and looked around. I'm pretty sure that's how most of us were using free vids. As it stands, it's now very easy to find and watch someone's free vids without ever going to their storefront, and no performer is being given a say in it.

And I'm trying not to rant, but I also want to bring up that I think it can potentially be alienating to our patrons. A lot of the people who come to a clip site instead of going to a tube site are specifically looking for downloads rather than streaming vids. I didn't even have to scroll down far to see one patron in the replies upset about the changes this brought.

Yea I like to download. It’s just easier to enjoy if it’s downloaded. Nothing worse than holding your jimmy jam waiting for a video to buffer.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Agree on all points. Also, I think more customers will be put off from giving card details to a tube site. I mean, how many people would trust XVideos?

For what its worth, I've been having great success on Modelhub even though many of my videos are on Pornhub. I still regularly sell downloadable copies of my free-to-stream videos.

I sell 20-30 times more videos on XTube than on ManyVids.

diamond67 deleted Jan 30

I'm new so I'm just wondering is XTube as easy to navigate and upload videos as ManyVids? I feel like ManyVids has so much competition its hard to be seen.

I honestly like this idea because content isn't stolen and mv stars don't necessarily have to be creating clips that were intended to sell. Like if I wanted to I could use it as promo or use it to talk about more explicit content that youtube wouldn't allow or put specific bans on.

Not keen with this idea. Free videos from performers posted on their pages are one thing. Free viewings to a paid site that performers expect to make profit from is kinda taking it back a little. The sharks have already given us deals/rev shares and that does bring business to a paid platform from a free platform that performers are getting a rev share from.. essentially new fans seeking to find content. .
Giving videos from a paid platform downgrading to free is not good in my experience. I had 4 videos with Xvideos, never sold one. The idea is they will look at our free and want to buy paid. When  I moved those videos to a selling platform the clips sold instant. 
Sounds good but Personally been down that road. .IMO its better to let the customer search it out if they want free, not allow them to have a entire page on a paid clip site to come. it only takes a min to nut and fall asleep. just saying

Couldn't agree with this more.

Yep agree! They are also adding to the whole “why pay for porn when you can get it for free” I mean I thought MV was for the whole “pay for your porn” movement! Guess not obviously

I like the idea, and really hate the business model of other tube sites (PornHub). I am thinking of this as an Adult YouTube. It sounds pretty neat!

Locsmif Nov 8

Not a fan of this. I prefer downloads and try not to support girls who only allow streaming videos. 
Plus, I’ve now been bate & switched by MV. All the memberships i paid for no longer can download from those memberships unless I purchase a MV premium account. That’s complete BS!  I would have NOT purchased those memberships had I known u would remove my download feature. I am so fn mad at MV atm & I hope that MV losses a ton of business for this unethical business practice. Shame on u MV!!!

Thanks for drawing attention to this, For those who have purchased my memberships I am going to also be sending them an MV Link to open up all my content in their libraries so they can download and therefore ‘keep’ the videos they have bought (as I know many people HATE stream only for videos they have paid for), I have just tried this out with one of my fans and I am happy to report it works and he was able to have my videos to enjoy and download from his library :)

Locsmif Nov 8

I applaud you doing that for your paying customers. You didn’t have to do that but it’s refreshing to see such great customer service.  👏

Thankyou :x

Whoa! Good thing I read this before re-upping my membership.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Yeah, just checked this and they've fucked up, again, because they've made changes without testing them, again. Can't download vids on existing paid memberships.

I'm gonna test it out to see if it brings more traffic my way!

It makes sense if it goes as planned! Thanks for even more bonuses and hopefully it will benefit the girls who like to post the free videos and new members who need a little help promoting their page!

Sorry, but who benefits from this feature?

I don't think it really benefits users, since it's essentially a downgrade - streaming on this platform is borderline unusable. I'm not sure it benefits producers either, it's hardly fair to unilaterally decide to put -everyone's- free vids on this new platform. You're not even paying them, like tube sites often do now either.

Like, I've worked freelance and I know damn well that ~exposure~ is worthless if you can't afford to actually PAY your workers; and if it IS worth something, you clearly CAN afford to pay them.

Also minor thing, it seems to have broken download functionality on the pages for BOUGHT vids, it just displays "add to cart" again now. Hopefully no-one ends up buying the same vid more than once.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Doesn't let you double-buy the vid, but also they've broken the individual video pages because the "Review" tab/link is nowhere to be found. Vids can currently only be reviewed using the links in purchase history. MV needs a proper testing process (and agree on the streaming, and the way changes have been applied to vids that sellers had already uploaded).

Kayut69 Nov 8

Thanks for doing this

If you give it free they will not pay it for.

Ahnubis Nov 8

There’s a nice idea hidden in there, but reckon the marketing and execution of it went very much awry, MV. Might’ve been better if you’d said something like “Hey, we’ve made a brand new shop window for you to upload free trailers and promos, and we’re throwing in some prizes for content creators who use it the most!”, and allowed the content creators to add to the area under their own steam; as opposed to migrating a bunch of their existing free stuff to that pot without their say so.

I agree, my first instinct was that it was going to be a separate site (the wording was at best badly put) it was only when I had a proper look that I realised what MV live truely was, I think some of the knee jerk reactions may have come from the original wording and if course the fact that at that point premium members were able to download as well as stream the videos

Thank you for always trying new and innovative things MV! <3

guys lol. MV stars have always had the option to upload free videos as promo... this is the same thing, but re-branded. The only difference I see now is prizes for top 3. Since there is no ad revenue, and thus no pay per view, there is no incentive to upload the juicy stuff... and thus less incentive for more traffic. Hardly anyone was uploading full content (usually just teasers) for free via MV before, who is going to upload it now? Therefore... it's unlikely that this will take away from actual sales >_>

I disagree. The top 3 gives incentive to upload. Ppl love competition whether they admit it or not. Plenty of studios will want that 1, 2, or 3 position.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

If it turns into mostly pro/studio content, at a guess customers will ignore it (edit: or the 'customers' watching the tube type content won't translate into sales). They can get that stuff in a multitude of other places. The selling point of clip sites is that they offer something different.

lol *technically* yes, incentive exists... but it's really, really limited, so i'd hardly call it incentive when you have thousands of other models/studios to consider.

still disagree - just look at the contests on mv. Plenty of studios give away all their content for $100. If there’s a chance the reward is higher than what studios make selling clips - they will absolutely go for it!

Don't get me wrong - I don't think this will make a positive impact, I just think people are overreacting, as the majority of the site isn't going to upload good content for free. The impact it will have on sales as it stands will be marginal... I mean, it's not like MV customers aren't aware that other tube sites exist, so why do they spend money here in the first place? Since (for now) the incentive is minimal, I don't see anyone unloading the vault just to potentially land an extra prize. Maybe a few videos here and there, but not everything. With such limited free content, I doubt it's going to make much of a difference in paying vs. nonpaying traffic.

Def agree, hope you don’t take my response as an attack - def not! But - mv will attract a customer base that was never going to pay to begin with - I think in the end that’s what I’m most annoyed with.

Absolutely not I enjoy a good debate :3 <3 In the end, I think this promo is a little pointless. It only really benefits a select few if they decide to upload at all, and I just don't think it's going to make a substantial impact in regards to MV or it's models. I can't speculate on the notion of ending the idea of "free porn," as that's another can of worms... MV's message is a nice one, but this is kind of a stalemate of a situation, and not really a practical solution. If the models were compensated accordingly it *might* bring in *some* good traffic and I'm sure it would be received a lil better... I've gained paying customers via PH, but not many. The other tube sites aren't going away any time soon though, imo it appears that MV is trying to make the best out of a shitty situation, ya know ? (considering this is only the launch, they certainly could do better)

❤️ ❤️ 💜

This is awesome!! :)

Jhood1986 deleted Apr 28

You are

I love it! It sounds like a great way to get closer to our followers!

For those worried that free videos now have a heightened page, before it was easy to get the full free list of MV vids up (as it still is) just by going on Vids>Advanced Search>Free, its been this way for years, all we get now is a nice new name for it and a link at the top of the page to help with exposure

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

As a constructive suggestion -- since customers can no longer download any videos that were marked as free, it would be a good idea for creators to upload the vids separately with a price attached. Nothing more irritating than the vid of most interest on someone's page being marked as streaming only (because MV's streaming function is pretty crap compared to other sites).

Good idea peecee2 (Y))

THIS. I'm willing to buy, if it means I won't have to stream. (The MV membership thing just doesn't seem worth it to me, even if it does offer unlimited downloads of "free" videos. I'd rather pay the model, thanks. (It's not like MV doesn't take a piece of that, anyway.) 

I'm not against free videos so much as I'm against not being able to own and keep the ones I really enjoy...even if it means paying for 'em.

I'm slightly conflicted about this feature... But I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this pans out. ;) <3

Leighanxa deleted Nov 7

Have you ever tried asking what we want instead of slamming out new features no one asked for every 48 hours?!

well it's really not that often ;) would be nice though if there was an area where we could post and ask questions or get advice from other models etc...instead of only writing to customer support...

Yeah, they need a forum very badly.


TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

It wouldn't be so bad if they had an effective testing process, but site features regularly get broken for lack of basic project management and development competencies. Doesn't do anything good for customer confidence, and a lot of sellers are clearly just as frustrated when things like uploads break.

This is so great.

The onus is on the model/producer, etc. to use this effectively,... which isn't that hard to do. You can make individual, or mega-trailers like I do that show either the variety OR individuality of your page. Or, just throw up some clips that show personality or explanations of what you and your page is all about. It's a good idea to share more of 'you' without having to share actual content. cheers, -Swiney

Great thing. BUT it is a real shame that all the Freebie Tuesday and Fetish Friday vids I got are GONE without a warning. :(

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Yeah, they haven't exactly thought through how this undoes previous promotions -- I imagine a lot of customers are going to be a bit pissed that whereas before they had a section listing their paid vids and a section listing ones collected through eg Freebie Tuesday promotions, all of the latter are now gone.

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

nice to meet other mv fans !

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

nice to meet the other mv fans

well at least you got to enjoy all those vids...for FREE.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

Eh, given that the collector mentality inherent to hobbies like baseball cards, stamps, porn, etc will be directly responsible for a lot of repeat sales, it probably isn't a good idea to mess customers around like that -- MV has now removed a lot of vids that customers actually can't buy, because they're exclusively part of this MV Tube nonsense.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

As a more positive comment than a few of those I've made further down -- this seems like a good feature to do fan engagement vlogs or similar that would get screened by youtube.

Like the "hey, let's automatically have customers follow model accounts if they ever purchased or liked a vid from them, that won't annoy the crap out of anyone" decision, not sure that *automatically* adding all existing free vids to a tube portal was the best or least controversial approach, though.

Is mv backed by pornhub/mindgeek money? Is this why they added a tube site? Just curious.

i doubt it....i think what they are trying to do is written out pretty well in the article...

Maybe just a twitter rumor, but I was told differently.

I am experienced porn producer both with my wife and shooting content of others. Started in 1998 long before Tubes.  I am telling you this is BAD idea. There is so much free jackoff material now available for MV Customers will be disincentivize them to buy individual videos.  They will pop their load and be on their way before even looking around. 

MV ... I appreciate what you started here and you have done well. You started out with the ethos to work for the models and producers.  This is counter productive for sure. But now you have jumped the shark with this one. It's going to bite you in the ass.

I have a PornHub premium account where I get paid per view for my videos (the iTunes streaming model) from people that have paid for a membership and I already make WAY MORE on there than on manyvids. You should consider that model.

Good luck. I predict this will be a step backwards for the girls of MV.



nygayboy deleted Nov 7

hey MV live is freezing after i tip the models

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

"Please keep in mind that participating in MV Tube or uploading FREE vids is and always will be optional."

So are creators going to have the option of uploading free vids in future that aren't part of MV Tube?

It’s just the name of the page now where the free videos are. Which people before had the ability to view by typing in “Free videos”.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

There aren't any free vids at the moment, only streams, and there's an "or" in that sentence (participating in MV tube *or* uploading free vids) that suggests MV also regard those two things as separate.

Hi all! We have just started with manyvids, and I do not know if we have a lot of voice in these novelties, but I think that if it fits as it should, it will make it a lot easier to be known with this new MVTube system. It can be a system similar to the current websites dedicated to this system, but finally with 100% legal use. And of course with the option to link to our own channel to have new fans and future customers but ... If we can do our bit, I think it would be interesting that it was a payment option. That is, for 24 hours a user of manyvids can access those free videos but limited to 10 videos per day (For example), if you want more videos, you must make a small payment ($ 10 per month) and that money would be distributed among the authors of the free videos in proportion to the visits obtained. That is our proposal .... What do you think? Excuse our English ... we are from Germany

This sounds potentially like a good idea.

It is WAY not cool to do this and use content from our profiles without at least warning us ahead of time and giving us an opportunity to opt out before launch.

This is NOT ethical and should be immediately shut down until an opt-out option exists. Simply telling us to go make the free videos on our profiles no longer free after the fact does not right this wrong. I did not consent to this.

It’s still on this site. Just easier to fund free a now.🤦🏽‍♀️

QuinnLane deleted Nov 7

Oh, and there's no way to opt out of this, so I guess I'm taking my free vids down.

I’m shocked at how many models are complaining! Giving away free vids is nothing new! But now they’ve added a feature and want to be nice and give out prize money for the top 3 that isn’t enough!? They don’t have to give us anything period for free vids! You should appreciate the fact that they allow you to do that period! As a way to bring in traffic. Some of you really have some nerve I tell ya!🤦🏽‍♀️

QuinnLane deleted Nov 7

Damn right it's not enough, they're so focused on the "top 3" "top 10" etc of things and it's fucking impossible for us lower-ranked models to ever dream of reaching that. It's bringing traffic sure, but not PAYING traffic.

I'll choose where and when to give away free videos, thank you. I do not appreciate my content being used like this without prior consent.

It’s just an inventive to encourage models to bring in traffic for their free videos. If I were them I wouldn’t pay anything. People are just too ungrateful. They already give away 27k a month. Nothing is ever good enough. People are rude.

Does consent mean nothing to you? They took our content and posted it to a tube site without even warning us it was going to happen.

They aren’t. If you have free vids on Mv people can already type in free vids and yours would show up. The free vids are still only available on the mv page. There’s just now a place people can click on the main page to view these free vids.

No they didn’t lol. It’s just the name they named the page on mv. They didn’t take your videos anywhere that’s illegal

Cattie Nov 7

Everyone is expressing their concerns. Just because you wanna kiss MV’s ass and go with the flow, does not mean everyone else needs to follow suit. And with competing sites at least giving pay per view incentive, no, it’s absolutely not enough. Encouraging models to upload more free content in HOPES that they rank amongst the top 3 is rubbish.

Cattie Nov 7

They’re only goving away $$$ to top models though. What do you not get??

That’s good as they should. I don’t kiss no ones ass dear. You should already know that. Anyways uploading free videos has always been a choice and still is. If you want to upload free content to help bring in traffic then do so. If not then don’t. The cash prizes for the top 3 is them trying to be nice. They don’t even have to do that bc free vids aren’t making you or them money. What don’t you get it? It’s a promotional tool. What don’t you get??

Amazing idea!

QuinnLane deleted Nov 7

We should at least make a little something for free vids, and don't tell me "Oh but it drives traffic to your store" because no, if someone's looking for free vids they're not going to make a purchase. Ad revenue or view revenue or SOMETHING would be neat in exchange for free content. You can afford to pay thousands in cash prizes for weekly contests, Im sure a few dollars for like 1k views wouldn't hurt.

Yes she's right!!

QuinnLane deleted Nov 7

I'm not a girl but thank you!

Cherry_Pie deleted Nov 7

OMG gold words !!! This is very true!

That's a wonderful idea!


Cattie Nov 7


QuinnLane deleted Nov 7


I totally agree! Spread the love to all the models!

So it turns out you're also adding unlimited MV tube downloads as a perk to premium membership? In other words you're using OUR videos as a selling point to make more money and giving us NOTHING. This just keeps getting worse and worse

ohhh slimy... :(

Cattie Nov 7

Yeah, ew... I know a lot of that goes back to top earners and contest winners, but that still leaves tons of hard working models screwed over

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Agreed -- at the very least if a creator's stream is the one that convinces someone to subscribe to premium they ought to get some cut of that for a period. Many sites have similar incentive schemes.

Cattie Nov 7

As it should be. ‘Convincing’ new comers to sign up & pay for porn sites isn’t as breezy for each individual as some think. Some sort of incentive would be grand. The top 3 is by no means a fair trade off

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Mmm. It really surprises me that a site partly directed by someone who's performed in the industry is as obsessed with "top 5", "top 10" etc lists and "prizes" as MV is -- those aren't spots that most performers can ever hope to get to, and it gets demoralising fast to be directing traffic to contests, promos etc only to get lost on page 4 or whatever of hundreds of other creators.

Y’know, given the way they fixed the tube views issue on 11/8 or so, maybe MV will rethink the contest structure, compensating everyone who enters based on number of votes they earn. The “top 3/5/etc” will still get the highest prizes, but everyone (or at least everyone who meets a certain minimum threshold) will benefit at least a little for entering.

Cattie Nov 7

So we only get compensated if we’re a top 3? I mean, don’t get me wrong, other tube sites are terrible. But we at least get paid for views still. I’m not against this. Just kinda hard to get behind given the competition. Granted, yes I know, we are not obligated to give anything away for free that we don’t want to. Just kinda feel it’ll take away from the site’s traffic and purpose. I’m mixed emotions. But excited to see how it works out.

Already commented but I have more to say lol . This really adds to the idea of "porn should be free". Its harmful to our industry and validates entitlement

Yeah I have similar concerns. I might use it for trailers, but it doesn't seem like the huge amazing step it's being announced as here if the only way to earn from this is to hope someone tips.

Cattie Nov 7

Is my concern.

Just posted 3 free vids on MV tuber :x

Jhood1986 deleted Apr 28

Where I see them at

Interesting, I guess if people are going to watch for free it better here where they have more access to links to the real persons tips/other vids.

I just hope MV doesnt get to big for its britches, theres already alot of streaming bugs with stream only vids and manyvids live, this might be further strain :/

Hazel West
Hazel West deleted Nov 7

How can this be considered ethical if you're only paying your top performers? All of the main tubesites pay *everyone* even if it's very little.

In addition to that the *type* of traffic a website has is important. This is just going to cause conversion rates to drop, and a BUNCH more of piracy to happen. 

Creating a tubesite to tackle the issue of tubesites is an okayish idea. When your solution is to stop paying people, you've massively missed the mark.

QuinnLane deleted Nov 7

I absolutely agree. I've made more $ in ad revenue on other tube sites than I have in content sales here on MV.

This is great exposure !

So ... I just want to ask a question... if someone wanted to upload free videos do you think they would care where it was shown? No, you don't see us out here spending money on making videos and posting them on xtube or pornhub ... no we come to manyvids, clips4sale and kinkbomb as well as other sites to SELL the videos to earn that cash back. I do understand that you want to make it free to the viewer because you want to combat people downloading and uploading on free sites. The problem is you are now going from earning $5 for a video to 20 cents. I don't even post free videos on here they are all on tube sites where people who don't want to earn $ post their amateur videos.

This is so stupid. If you want to start a porn rebellion abolish the "free porn mentality" OR do something that will ACTUALLY directly benefit models.

All I'm reading is "give your time, effort, and content away for free! We won't even pay you per view!".... 

This isn't going to help business. It'll help top models earn more but affect the rest of us negatively. Maybe even make Manyvids worse for models with members feeling more entitled and not wanting to buy since they have a grove where there's free porn that the creators can't benefit from.

This is the dumbest thing ever. Work on the quality of uploading vids since your site keeps screwing up the custom I'm trying to upload.

Agree with strawberry 100%

Mrsandmr18 deleted Nov 7

Me too.

is there a way to have my free videos NOT on a tube site??
i have a few free videos on manyvids to PROMOTE sales of other content, not to be "automatically added" to this new tube site that for some reason is so much more ethical than every other one.
without my consent, my free content on this site is now on another site
how does that make mv any better?
kinda upset about the fact i have no say in this, now the free videos I share on manyvids for promotion and my fans are going to cost money to prevent being on a tube site YET AGAIN, and this one is run by the people I made it for ??

I hear you on this! I personally only have one free video but I wasn’t asked if they could put it on their MV tube! I don’t like this idea and definitely don’t want to add to it in any way at all! It’s not right to just take our free content and add it to MV tube without our consent!

Ummm yeah don’t think this is a good idea at all!! Why would you do this? We want customers to come to this site to buy our content! Now we are gonna be bombarded by freeloaders!! This is not helping anything MV it’s actually just adding to the whole “why pay for porn when you can get it for free”  smh

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

It's actually a sneaky way to retrospectively prevent members from downloading any videos that were previously marked as free unless they subscribe as premium, isn't it? 

That would seem more reasonable if the creators whose content was being freeloaded were getting a cut of those premium subscriptions.

(And more than ever you need to put vids redeemed via MVLINK on a separate page to free ones in customer purchase history, and stop conflating the two things).

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Ah, the drop down entry *is* now just MVLINK -- nice one. Can find things now.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

But please paginate it like the rest of the history rather than the "view more" endless scroll nonsense.

Hey Peecee, the vids are available to all MV Members to stream (not just Premium)!

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Also, the developers have subtly fucked this up -- the MVLINK list includes vids that have been granted via MVLINK but were since marked as free vids. So they're on the MVLINK page (as they should be) but can't be downloaded.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

"Hey Peecee, the vids are available to all MV Members to stream (not just Premium)!"

What you've done is *remove* any free vids that members have previously added (because there aren't any free vids any more, only streams). Which I don't have a problem with, to be honest -- it was unlikely I was going to catch up with everything I'd bookmarked to review later.

However, the way you've broken a small number of items on the MVLINK page -- vids that were specifically granted by creators as paid contest rewards, for example -- is actually a bug, and will send a report later.

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

thank you for asking making the comments appear automatically when i write on a models/producers  or fans wall! thanks MV team!

thank you lil b for never paying for shit and now having a way to get more free stuff

You’re kidding right? He’s Mv member #20! He spends a ton!

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Or has done, certainly. Haven't quite figured out the algorithm but it takes a long time to drop from eg #50 to #60. It's partly based on site activity like reviews but predominantly on spend.

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

thank you! exactly !!!! thanks for the respect

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

wait what ? algorithm please don't disrespect the countless hours of supporting models i do on here!!!!!

nygayboy deleted Nov 7


nygayboy deleted Nov 7

thank you !! exactly thanks for the respect!!!

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Not having a go at you -- I've also written hundreds (thousands?) of reviews and certainly hundreds on paid content alone. That doesn't seem to be the main basis of how the site calculates rank, it's far more based on spend. There's also obviously a long tail in the stats or I wouldn't have been in the higher position I was for so long. Whilst I don't take gamification seriously, the math is interesting.

As I say, no disrespect intended. It's laudable when people take the time to give constructive feedback and mention what they liked / think worked in content.

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

also do you want me to buy a video on your page? thats all you got to say is hey check my videos out!!! and i will support you!

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

thank you so much for your words i hear you and understand !!

Okay I'm sorry MV but this is the DUMBEST fucking thing I have ever heard. You're devaluing EVERYTHING that we have worked so hard for. Why the fuck would anyone pay for our videos when they can watch THOUSANDS of free videos on the SAME SITE? Not to mention that ALL the other tube sites pay ad revenue to verified performers - so, what, we're just supposed to take a huge hit on our earnings now because you've decided you don't want ads? This is not a good, ethical OR fair way to treat your performers. I am so fucking disappointed in MV right now. NONE OF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. IN ANY WAY. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if this was the downfall of manyvids, and paid content in general. Way to fuck us all over.

Buxxxom Nov 7

The downfall of paid content?? You think our paying members don't know about the existence of tube sites?

Thank you for saying this

Cattie Nov 7

It’s the merging of the 2 on one platform though. I can understand where she’s coming from

Yes, our customers know tube sites exist. Those sites used to be separate and viewed as "lesser than" because they didn't contribute to us getting paid. Now, MV has combined the two, perpetuating the idea that free porn without paying the models AT ALL is an okay and desirable thing. They're not offering ANY compensation whatsoever for our work which is the exact reason we all hated tube sites to begin with! At least now Pornhub and Xvideos are paying models for their content in a fair and discernable way. This is a HUGE step back for Manyvids in every single way. It'd be fine if they put the MV Tube behind a paywall and divided earnings accordingly among models based on views. Or if they hosted ads and divided earnings that way, how other tube sites do. But they're not! They're asking us to submit to their tube sites in the HOPES that someone will tip us, which is a seriously shit way to run a business like this.

Buxxxom Nov 7

You can see it that way, but these are videos that we already weren't getting paid for. Videos that we voluntarily uploaded for free in order to entice new buyers. Now those videos will be seen by more people. This is an opportunity for us to get more traffic, new buyers, more exposure. No one is saying you have to post explicit videos on MV Tube. You can post something that shows your personality, a tease, a Q&A, the possibilities are endless. Post things to introduce yourself and your brand to more people and convert those to sales! Do you know how often I see guys on tubesites ask "who is she? anyone know her name?" it's because they enjoyed that model and want more from her. It's not uncommon. Tubesite viewers CAN become paying customers.

I know this is a new feature, but please consider a way to pay performers for the views they receive on their videos. Even pornhub offers this for verified models. I have a few recommendations -
1.) offer ads and pay per 100-1000 views (as youtube and pornhub do). 
2.) get rid of the top 3 most streamed girls earning money, and instead spread the wealth and offer a payment per 100-1000 views (exampe: $0.05 per 1000 views or something). 
3.) offer premium subscriptions to the free videos so members can stream them without ads, unlock access to premium only free videos, etc so that this can help pay models.

yes! this ^

yeah i agree. the way it is set up right now isn't very encouraging to upload free content. The page is already saturated and for me to try and get more traffic to my profile, I would have to upload a ton of free stuff. And then at that point there is already enough free content so there would be little incentive to pay.


Why would people buy our content when you can watch free content on the same website? It seems like this would really decrease sales in my opinion.

This is what I am worried about.

Yep 100%. This is the stupidest idea MV has ever come up with. I'm FURIOUS right now.

Buxxxom Nov 7

Literally all of the videos available were already available for free on this website....

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

It is a fairly big step to create a portal specifically for unpaid content, though. Whereas previously members would see free videos in context on a creator's page or have to search for it, having a big "MV Tube" link at the top of the page does have a bit of a walled garden effect.

nygayboy deleted Nov 7

this is a huge step ! congrats

I thought Manyvids was trying to make their platform more appealing to Dommes? Because this is NOT the way to accomplish that. Dommes don't want to be associated with the word "Free" or any site that promotes "Free."

You had to know this was going to push away a lot of your talent, right?

Honestly, I would be much more behind this idea if you DID have ads on it and offered up ad revenue the way every other tubesite does.


To be honest, I have 48 FREE videos, most of which have been set to free since years, back when we were allowed to make our videos free, (with some added along the way here and there) 
I have seen it as a nice welcome and promotion for users to see who I am and the videos I make, so I am pleased that my free work will be getting further advertisement through MV Tube.
To anyone who just isn’t feeling it, you can easily remove your free work, set it to paid or don’t make any of your videos free in the first place

Ryumoau Nov 7

This is a great concept. But i really hope the streaming technology used in this MVTube site is better than whats available on the main ManyVids. Its just too slow compared to other adult streaming site. :(

this is not a rebellion, this is following what everyone else does.

It is? I dont see 1 pirated video in the tube section. These were all uploaded voluntarily.

Actually they weren't because we didn't have a choice in opting out of putting our existing free videos onto this, look through the comments and you can see girls have already had issue with this

I really appreciate the thought and effort that went into this but I'm worried that we'll all see our profile traffic drop dramatically... And offering cash prizes isnt motivating to anyone who isnt already top 100 because the top 100 are pretty much the only ones with a chance of getting top views. Love you ManyVids, but this ain't it.

This is awesome!

Rina Lo Nov 7

This is perfect!! As someone who wants to create just down to earth every day content, this would be a great way to connect with an audience. Way to go ManyVids :D #favoritesiteasaperformer

I LOVE IT AND THANK YOU! I hate video theft and I hope that it ENDS SOON!


Wow! This is totally amazing! I’m excited to see how this idea evolves. I love this platform so much. <3

I have some free videos on my profile.

Excellent idea, I used to have a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, until it got deleted.  All I had on the channel was ASMR audios on hypnotic backgrounds and yet it was reported and got suspended.  So this is great news and I'll be creating MV Tube vids from now on too!  Yay! xxx

I had a similar problem with YouTube, the worst of it is not being able to have an account there anymore even after no arning was given to why I had overstepped their content boundries

Thank you all so much for your comments! Please keep in mind that this is the 1st phase of MV Tube and we will be looking at all of the things you mention and other helpful tools to integrate as we adjust. As always, your feedback is crucial and important and we are open to all of your wonderful suggestions. MV Tube was built to be a groundbreaking and ethical alternative to other tube sites. There will never be any stolen content here, and we promise to continue developing new ways to help our MV Stars and our industry. <3

Great to know Pamela, I look forward to seeing where MV Tube goes as it becomes established, hopefully it will eventually include ALL categories that have tagged FREE content

If this was developed to be ethical you did a REALLY bad job considering you're doing LESS for us than other tube sites

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

It's still likely to have problems with buffering as long as you go the playlist/chunk wrapper route -- PornHub has the technical advantage that they're just obfuscating serving whole MP4 files, leaving cache management to the browser. A mixed approach where paid content that's flagged "stream only" is all that gets the playlist/chunk treatment (although it still doesn't work as content protection) would offer a more consistent customer experience. Just 2 cents from a developer POV.

I mean I could understand that...Hell I already have Pornhub and Lord knows I dont get paid for that... It would be nice to generate more fans and revenue.

Posting free vids to your page is nothing new. And has always been your option to do so or not to do so. Porn Hub pays per view due to all the ads. Do you want to start seeing adds on Mv? Or want that space saved up as potential places to promote the models?

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

Interestingly, there effectively aren't free videos any more -- whilst there's still a "Download" button, downloads are only available to premium members. I suspect this will make MVTube streams much less of an effective promo option since the MV streaming has to date been atrocious and basically doesn't work even on paid content.

Wait, guys have to be a member now to download videos?

Wait, guys have to be a member now to do
wnload videos?

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 7

To use the "download" button on what are now MVTube streams rather than free videos, yep. MV haven't repeated the ill-judged experiment of treating all content as stream only that they pulled earlier in the year.

I still doubt it'll attract premium subscriptions, and it doesn't look like MV Stars will get any percentage of the paid subscriptions that are encouraged by MVTube streams.

Models_ Nov 7

Hi, I do have a suggestion. I noticed that the default setting on MV Tube is "masturbation". It would be better for performers and people searching for new or interesting content to have a recently added section. Your limiting the audience, and it does hurt the performers. It is a good idea to have categorized content or searchable categories. but please make it easier for us to get actual views, because not everyone wants to add masturbation videos to a tube site. 

It makes it a little less worth it to add my content to the site for free, when I know I wont even get the extra attention for it. Please fix this, if it is fixed, I would add all my tube content to the new MV Tube. But as of right now, I feel like it would be a lot of effort for very little return.

I agree in regards to the default setting. Same when you click “Vids”. The same ones show up,  BBW,Preganant,Asian and the other few that are always there too.

I'm guessing this is a bug since masturbation is spelled wrong. ;P

I think the order is based on the amount of free videos with that as a tag, though some tags I have used on my free videos such as ‘crush’ are yet to appear on the list at all :(

BAHAHAHHAHAAA!!! All I read was, "Upload videos to our service so you won't get paid a dime but our viewers that pay us will see your hard work for FREE! No ad revenue! AND if you're already a top earner and doing great.... HAVE MORE MONEY! That's right, we at manyvids not only grant our top earners a spot light as a top earner, but we also PAY our top earners for making more than our "less than" earners!!!"

Yeah... I'm not uploading anything for free. At least Pornhub has the decensy to pay us per view. Ya'll are flat out telling us to upload our videos for free and "Good Luck" on winning the top 3 positions that will earn you extra income....

C'mon... As much money as this site makes, I know ya'll can afford to pay us per view. and if you can't, well then I'll continue uploading and promoting Pornhub which PAYS ME for my efforts.


Actually uploading vids for free is nothing new to the site. They just made it easier for guys to find them. And also offered us a way to win cash prizes from it. It’s always your option to post free vids or not. :)

Buxxxom Nov 7

I don't think you're seeing the bigger picture. Why did you put a free video on your MV page? I assume it was to hook viewers and entice them to buy your paid content. You already have a free video that isn't earning money, but it helps drive sales. Now imagine that video working for you in front of even more viewers and potential buyers. Being ad-free is something that is going to attract tube site viewers. You don't have to upload any paid content for free. You can upload a video of yourself clog dancing. It's up to you. Our free videos, the ones we already decided were not going to bring us revenue, are being given more traffic, which could yield more sales...

Samantha38g deleted Nov 7

Now guys can bypass going to content creators pages completely & just go to the tube site for free vids. So all of the content creators will lose out on traffic & sales. Conversion rates will dramatically drop.   Yet, manvids will be able to sell that traffic to anyone they want & cut you out of the profit all together.  

 Does anyone know what the current conversion rate for a tubesite is??? 700,000/1  Currently I am getting about 400/1 on here.


But men had to be on OUR page to see our free vids, which they can bow bypass all together TAKING trafficking. AWAY from our pages

Buxxxom Nov 7

No they didn't. They could go to the Vids page and search free.

Isn't the point to have the free content harder to find and not over the top enough to just get hundreds of people off for free? Most free videos I've seen are teasers of other videos or very PG-13.
Which means the members are more enticed to buy videos to satisfy their craving instead of being able to just sit there and watch free video after free video until they get off and just leave the site. Even if it is just softcore videos.
Now the members don't even have to know the creators name or look at their store, they can just click on all the free clips they want until they're satisfied and leave.
Before the digging for free content wasn't worth it if you had the extra cash. And at least Pornhub has the decency to show ads for extra revenue. 
It sounds like MV is trying to capitalize on their traffic without having to pay their creators.

This is awesome - But to be fair to performers / ethical Content providers should def earn something, Im sure people have no problem with a few ads to see Complimentary Porn and that encourages more individuals to upload more content.

^ this. Pay us ALL. Not just the top spots.

Do you plan to provide payment for views? Do you plan to provide resources and help in getting the videos that will without a doubt be stolen from this site and uploaded to other tube sites taken down? If the answer is no I don't think I can consider this the most ethical tub site considering pornhub does both of these things for their models

^ this. Pay us ALL. Not just the top spots.

Models_ Nov 7

This is really coool! Question, will vids that are made free going to be put at the top of the MV Tube list? Or will they have to be reuploaded to be at the top of the list?

You should do ad revenue like porn hub does !! Pay per view...

^ this. Pay us ALL. Not just the top spots.

i agree !!!

This is amazing!!! 😝😝😝

WOW. I like it:)

Ooo I love it! Would be cool if we could choose whether we wanted to have ads or not to generate the ad revenue ❤️ Thanks for heading in the right direction MV 😉

Is there going to be a way to post JUST to the MV Tube or will they always show up on both our profiles and MV Tube?

Wade_Cane deleted Nov 7

I think it would be awesome if the videos were only viewable to people who have created an MV member account.

Wade_Cane deleted Nov 7

It would make it easier for people to use the tip or make it rain function, since an anonymous user probably won't take the time to make a profile to use those functions.


^^^^THIS! If you aren't going to pay us per view, at least do this!

For those asking if you will earn per view you better read the article again. It clearly states they are not going to have ads therfore there will be no income generated. In other words there will be nothing to give for views. The idea of it is to generate interest in your content and hopefully bring people to your paid vids and services.

Well then I don't really see how this could be considered the most ethical tub site considering pornhub pays their performers per view as well as generates traffic

Buxxxom Nov 7

And we already have these videos available for free and are not generating income from them alone. Now those free vids can bring in more traffic and hopefully more sales.

^ this. Pay us ALL. Not just the top spots.

Petite, the amount of piracy is insanely huge on tube sites. At least here we know 100% of the content you view is from the performer herself. Thats a huge + and I am all for it.

Not everyone has free videos, though.

Buxxxom Nov 7

Lacie, you can make some free videos or you can opt out. It doesn't have to be a video of you masturbating, you can do an introduction to yourself and the type of videos you create, you can do a non-nude tease, you can show yourself doing a hobby, pretty much whatever.

Of course you're all for it, because you're a member that is going to be getting more free content now. But performers are getting screwed over, people are going to steal our videos from this new tube site and post them onto other tube sites making it MORE likely that our content ends up pirated elsewhere. Other tube sites actually help models with that, manyvids WONT be. On top of that other tube sites PAY us and manyvids WONT be. If you care about truly being ethical listen to the models saying this is going to hurt us. If you refuse to do that you're interests are clearly self serving

Samantha38g deleted Nov 8

Especially since the majority of the content does NOT have any name or URL's watermarked on it. It is a treasure trove of content for thieves.   Actually, a dream find for thieves to post all over other tubes & torrents site.

Exciting :)

Buxxxom Nov 7

This is a great idea, and will hopefully bring a lot of traffic our way. 

One thing though, Masturbation is spelled wrong on the main page :P

Are we going to be making anything per view or is it just the top performers that will receive cash compensation?

^ this. Pay us ALL. Not just the top spots.

How much do we make from the views, though?

This idea is pretty bomb honestly

Amazing! Thank you so much for this! I can't wait to see what kind of traffic all my free vids will bring to my new page.

I have been dreaaaaming about MV releasing something like this! NOW I HAVE A HOME FOR MY VLOGS!

What an interesting idea! Cant wait to use mvtube!

Cool! Love it! Especially love that our work that is already free to view here is automatically transferred over, a relief since I have loads if FREE to view videos available (Y))(Y))(Y))(Y))(Y))

Ohhhhh I like thissssss. Thank you, this is really cool!!

what a wonderful idea :)

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