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We’ve heard your feedback

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Since launching MV Tube yesterday, we’ve seen how many of you are energized and excited to #JoinTheRebellion for free ethical porn. There were also some concerns, and many of you were unhappy, so we want you to know we’re listening–having any of our business partners disappointed is unbearable to us as our mission is to assist you in your success. We brainstormed last night and worked hard all day today. We are thrilled to announce that we made many changes to MV Tube.  

MV Tube was created to offer a solution against piracy in the adult industry and to help bring FREE traffic and exposure to our MV Star's profile and brand. MV Tube is designed to promote our content creators and empower them by giving them the option to offer free content to their fans if they wish. Instead of seeing a bunch of intrusive ads, pop-ups, and links to stolen videos, viewers enjoying a vid on MV Tube will see the vids you have for sale on the right side of the screen and link to your MV Profile. This is the world’s first and only Tube site not full of stolen content. 

Based on suggestions from you, the MV Community, the following upgrades are active RIGHT NOW on MV Tube:  

  • Even if we do not currently host paid advertisements on MV, we still wish to reward our business partners, so we will be offering $0.60 cents for every 1000 views on MV Tube. The view count will be calculated based on the combination of the views on all your free vids on MV Tube. No catches, no fine print, just a straight payment to our content creators paid out on the first of every month. We believe that MV Tube is a powerful tool for promoting the ManyVids vision and showing the world that free, ethical porn is possible.  

  • We’ve removed the cash prizes for the Top MV Tube Stars and instead we’re offering the above alternative so that all MV Stars benefit. But we will keep the dedicated page displaying the MV Stars who have most views on MV Tube for extra exposure 

  • The choice is yours! You can now choose whether you want to promote your free vids on MV Tube or not. When you upload or edit an existing vid on MV, you can now select:

1. If you want your free vids available on MV only (not on MV Tube). 

2. If you want your free vids available everywhere (MV and MV Tube). 

3. If you want your free vids to be “stream only” with NO option to download. 

4. If you want to offer a downloadable version on MV Tube, you can set your own price or offer it free by entering $0. 

Can I easily make those changes to existing vids? Absolutely, this is how: 

For existing free vids: you will simply have to Edit Vid to make the changes and save them. 

For new uploads: you will be able to select the above-mentioned options when editing your vid in the same place you normally do. 

Within the next few days we will be implementing:

  • The option to offer free downloads or set your desired price. All sales generated by the MV Tube downloads, like all other vid sales on MV, will be added to your payout (every 2 weeks). If you choose the stream only option, there will be no download option available. And yes, for November, you will make 80% payout on MV Tube vid sales as well. Please note that any sales generated from MV Tube will not affect your MV Score / MV Rank.

The possibilities are endless, and we know the limitless imagination and drive of you, the MV Stars, will use this revolutionary platform to its full potential. Along with free ethical porn, you can enjoy the freedom to create, host, and promote creative brand-building vids without worry that YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook will flag or delete. Think preview vids, sex education, naked yoga, erotic story reading, sex toy unboxing, the sky’s the limit!  

We want to end the era of piracy and start a new age of conscious consumerism for adult entertainment. Together, we have the power to make real change and transform the negative associations our industry has with the words “tube site.” Our vision is that MV Tube will be seen as a positive option just like YouTube is seen for mainstream entertainment.  

Thank you so much for all your feedback! This was an amazing team experiencewe hope that you will be part of our movement and #JoinTheRebellion. 

Are you happy with these changes? Please make sure to follow us on our new @MVTubeOfficial Twitter page and show your love by retweet our pinned tweet 

Always here to help! 

- MV Team 

Im not sure this is a good idea, but I will give it a try.

I wonder if this is why I have seen a large drop in my video sales?

same here.

I demand from the MV administration to take this back, cancel MVTube project and change the site / settings whatever is there like before 6th November. Please. As I said for many times, this is harmful for us as producers, as the people who produce the content and I assume, as a consumer, I´m also not alone to think like that, is, this brings nothing in reality to us. We have already free adulte material, everywhere. What is the exact aim here, really to have this? This is killing the business here. At least for me. Directly.

Oh, you "demand" lol

;) I "demand" before my total world domination

I 100% agree with you, nothing would make me happier than to see them decide to cancel it or at the very least make it a separate site, preferably canceling it all together though. I've seen a ton of people say they've seen a traffic on videos since the change but I haven't seen anyone say they've had an increase in sales. Actually, everyone I've heard say anything about sales have said their sales drastically dropped since the launch. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has actually benefited from this or gotten more sales.

So I have tried watching HouseWifeSwag's newest MV Tube video and the stream keeps stopping. Ahhh other videos of models I click on it says Content Not Currently Available. Anyone else have this going on?

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

That's typical of the streaming in my experience (when it doesn't freeze partway through, despite a fast connection and adequate hardware). It may be worse in some international regions since they use Amazon infrastructure.

Hmmm yeah I mean I know I dont have the fastest speed but I have 180Mbps. I haven't encountered this issue before. I am sure I am not the only one frustrated.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

Someone below suggests it may be due to simultaneous open connections (eg pages buffering previews in multiple tabs). That would be unfortunate, because regular porn buyers probably aren't messing around on undersized mobile device screens but using real browsers.

That is a good point.

The videos stream as MP4 with very high bitrates as far as I can tell and, like the previews, there is some sort of parallel limit to how many you can stream at one time. My experience suggests two, but I've seen videos immediately show as "unavailable" by themselves.

The solution isn't solving the planet's bandwidth problems, but allowing for a low bitrate fallback (even 480p is skipping here which is really not a good sign), or re-encoding to more streamable bitrates and/or using a better encoding standard like VP9 or x265. The last is not necessarily cheap since it means processing videos like Youtube, for example, or asking models to be far more careful about those 3-4GB videos when you can encode a 10 minute 1080p video to a MUCH smaller size (which I assume will let MV encode 480p much smaller for the bandwidth challenged among us :).

Now that the auto start has been removed from MV Tube videos, we don’t even get a view count towards our 1000/60c goal guaranteed, unless they press to activate the start,

So we could have someone come on, download, wham, bam, thank you ma’am!’  Without even the meagre contribution of a view count, if anything it is making me want to change my vids to stream only, just to get the counter at least (something, I don’t wish to do, but hey! It rewards stream only videos) 

If watchers have clicked to go on the video, I don’t think it is spamming to then start it playing <shrug> plus it makes me happy on these types of video to see my viewer count rise, that and of course sweet comments and 5* reviews, it just feels a little bit more inclusive for me as a model to know that even though that video is free that it is being enjoyed and watched

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

Always block auto-play in any browser, personally, same with other animated page elements like the grainy header previews (the latter really scream "we don't care about customers not using phone-sized screens").

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

Sorry -- didn't mean that to come off as dismissive, and agree that downloads should also count as it's all promotion for MV as well as for sellers.

Its OK peecee2, I know what you were trying to say, X

90% of the time I check MV on my tablet or phone, I only get on the PC to make large edits, or make specific Previews/Collages for my vids etc...

Autoplay is not welcome here. If I want to watch the video, I'll click play! It can be made optional - on by default, with an off toggle that's remembered by account.

60 cents for 1000 views is not worth it. u can get more on pornhub for ad revenue.

Based on a conversation PeeCee & a few others had over on the first “tube” blogpost (where I just posted this same comment, before realizing how few folks would see it over there):

Given the way MV fixed the tube views issue ($.60 per 1000 views), maybe they will rethink the contest structure, compensating everyone who enters based on number of votes they earn. The “top 3/5/etc” will still get the highest prizes, but everyone (or at least everyone who meets a certain minimum vote threshold, maybe) will benefit at least a little for entering.

Talk about a revolution...

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

Yeah, multi-day contests in particular (much like having an "MV Tube" link / advertising on the main page and not requiring potential customers to register before getting free content will probably turn out) seem to have been responsible for more than a few sellers I've followed/follow leaving -- it pushes sales towards bulk offers and undercutting, and only a handful of sellers (plus the site getting a cut, of course) really benefit.

Allowing some free content and offers is probably a net benefit (certainly as anecdata I've bought from people who've offered an interesting free vid) and the availability of free content doesn't mean everyone will freeload, but the approach to behaviour profiling here often feels as if it's based on a much smaller site.

desireefetish deleted Nov 10

I'm definitely try it out at least, now that it is offering payout for us also. Idea is good. :)

I understand people's concerns about this new feature. To be honest with you, though, features are not always what they initially seem. We have total freedom to make our videos available for free, hence on MVTube, or not. Ultimately it is us who give free content away, not MV. As usual it all depends from the kind of content that you give away for free. If most of the people used the tube as a platform to publish a vlog, for example, then the tube would become an amazing promotional tool. The problem arises when a lot of models give away their content for free, attracted by traffic statistics while disregarding the conversion ones. But if the most experienced models and studios start using this new feature correctly, the rest will follow very soon, and I believe that the tube will become one of MV's models and studios best promotional friend.

Exactly my thoughts Sabrina. I was already offering these videos for free now it is just easier for folks to find them.

While I do really like the thought of MV Tube as a whole, and am very thankful for the changes that have been added.. I feel what many other members and models are saying is true. MV tube should be a completely separate site. 
Since mv tube has been launched, myself and many others have seen a significant drop in sales on non free content. I feel this is giving people a space to sit on that page and watch free content to their hearts content without feeling the want to purchase. I understand that's not the same for everyone, but why would someone want to purchase paid content if all the free videos are right there and easily accessible to them?

I agree completely! When they can get a bunch of free content on MV tube we’re no longer going to make money off of our content :(

They've changed the video and purchase pages for customers too. No download links on purchases page (must visit video page first, presumably to encourage streaming over downloading), and previews now play automatically which is every bit as welcome as auto-playing video ads I can't stop. Previews also come up as "unavailable" >50% of the time, probably to block parallel loading (i.e. customers browsing can pop open multiple tabs to browse through model vids before deciding on a purchase, but MV prevents >2 streams at one time, so autoplaying previews fail regularly).

The preview situation means that browsing is extremely tedious and time consuming for customers. It's impacted me so much that I'm basically using a site beginning with "i" and that was always a slow loading site. Now it's speedy compared to MV. I've NEVER seen a clip site go backwards in such a stupid way.

I noticed the auto preview playing thing as well. It happens when trying to add details to videos to get them ready to post.
I think imo, the site loads quite slowly now, and has for some time.
There's too much going on on one web page, and I feel it slows everything.

Yeah, not liking the extra step (and load time, etc) to download the videos. (But at least it’s working for me again... I wasn’t able to download MVlink vids or free ones—when they came back—from the day they made the initial changes for “tube” until this morning.) ((...which sucked for me because I recently suffered an external hd failure—AND discovered my backup service wasn’t doing it’s thing... So I’m slowly redownloading everything I lost that’s still available...made slower by the MV download change. yay.))

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

Touch wood I've still got download links in purchase history. Of course, the way changes are being made reactively at the moment, you probably got something different less than a day ago...

Previews regularly not working (same error message as sometimes with streaming that the content can't be played) has definitely reduced my purchases. If it's to do with customers using tabbed browsers, that's a pretty stupid design decision.

Download links got added back, thankfully. Not sure if deliberately fixed, or if it was just a bug on our side (e.g. outdated javascript that needed time to refresh to browser).

Autoplaying previews still suck. MV, at least stick a preview GIF in there with a play button for the full terrabyte size preview :).

Can’t we just keep this shit simple? To much is going on with this site....

Totally agree.

John6172 Nov 10

Since Thursday, I've lost the ability to review content: video and picture galleries of MV Stars. Ultimately, that would affect my MV Member score and my MV Member ranking.

John6172 Nov 10

Thank you Jessica (from MV support) for resolving this "review" issue of MV Stars' videos. : )  Everyone, just a slight modification has been made by the MV webmaster. The ability to review is there and Jessica showed me what I needed to do to now review a video.  Thanks again Jessica!!  : )

a) I can't review
b) I can't preview
c) I can't download without visiting individual vid pages from purchase list
d) Preview streaming is EXTREMELY slow, if it works.
e) Net impact is a major discouragement to browse content for sale, i.e. no sales
f) I still can't separate personal messages from MV Flyers, so it's easier to ignore flyers and NOT follow models to reduce the masses of them I get.
g) Your streaming tech frankly sucks. Somebody needs a lesson on bitrates.

I'm done on this site. You're making it unusable. I want to pay for my porn. Why are you making so hard for me to do that?

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 11

Certainly agree that on far too many occasions over the last year it's felt like fighting the site to make it usable -- preview issues, purchase history getting cut off (!), "recent reviews" not being recent reviews, streaming issues, etc etc etc all add up to a lot of changes aren't properly tested and the customer experience suffering. It's been the same on the seller side with uploading issues.

Too many changes like a big "panic".. chaotic.. This should not be the way at all.. These changes bring nothing and I´m afraid many of us would drive away from the site. We don´t want free content, we already have, INTERNET is ours. Internet is us. We don´t have such tricks, we know all, we are here, we were here. We need good people, producing original content, we are ready to pay for that already, we know the rules, we live the same life as majority of us here. These are my comments as a consumer and a fan of this site. Also as a producer, the situation is worst.

If this will stay, at least instead of "download" and "make it rain" buttons, add a huge "visit the creator´s profile for more videos" or something like that.. maybe maybe maybe maybe the original content creator "at least" get some visitors to his or her profile in this way.. "maybe". "at least".

That's a great idea Leon 👍

Thank you. I wish and hope that it could be something real. At least.

Drpepper38 deleted Nov 10

I tried checking out mvtube but the videos are boring and do not inspire me to click on them and if you do decide to click on a vid it just takes you to the models page. Any user of YouTube or pornhub knows how important the comment section is come on MV. I am a large consumer of porn and I do use manyvids but its mostly checking out videos from myfreecams models who use MV. But there is no way I would scroll thru random creators vids for any length of time 2min in I'm already bored unlike YouTube or pornhub where I can waste hours watching vids and reading comments.

Thank you. I couldn´t agree anymore.

Internal MV traffic, traffic from girls´, producers´ boys´ own profiles, is the most valuable one. When you use that traffic, that internal traffic to waste on free content, you´re not only wasting our own hard work and efforts as producers of that traffic and content, but also losing potential customers, our own potential customers and make him or her busy with free stuff. This is wrong as a business model in many levels. We don´t need 80% payouts. 60% is fair enough. However, we don´t need such tricks or "new" business models to try on us, too. Makeing a separate tube site and generating outside traffic to pump that traffic into MV would totally be OK and a plus bonus but this way is TOTALLY WRONG. We are losing each others. We are losing traffic. We are losing customers, here in this way. This will not bring anything good for anybody here and in the business.

SinnSage Nov 10

i disagree. i think making a 70% payout would keep MV with MORE than enough profit, and it would go a LONG WAY towards MV putting their money were their mouths are in regards to really wanting to support their content creators! and make up for this free stuff.

Thank you for your reply, comment here. MV´s support is great. The people, real people are there and 7/24 answer the questions as far as I see. For producers, girls, boys, and users as far as I hear, I see.. This is something expensive. Hosting, Bandwidth is some other item, still in years went not cheap but especially for adult content, still an issue when it comes to costs (in this matter, opening up a "free hub, tube" site or part is for what.. another question.. but "still";).

Dealing with people, in a limit pushing area of business: they must have good lawyers. Again costs. I can list many more. Still I agree with you in general, and also agree totally on SUPPORTING THE CREATORS. This is not Patreon which gives 95% for example but also this is not PORNHUB, too. This cannot be. All are different business models. If they want to be in and alive, they should stay what is their core business model, which generates the revenue to cover all the costs and make some money for sure for themselves and their families or whatever their dreams are. As long as they support creators, which is "me", me supports "them" and this is a circle, includes "you" and other who read here as consumers or whatever and whoever they are.

Dealing with people, in a limit pushing area of business: they must have good lawyers. Again costs. I can list many more. Still I agree with you in general, and also agree totally on SUPPORTING THE CREATORS. This is not Patreon which gives 95% for example but also this is not PORNHUB, too. This cannot be. All are different business models.

When I log in I like to check out the videos on the homepage and watch trailers and give girls love, but the first video I clicked on today was free... Why would I search for a video to pay for when you shove free porn in my face as soon as I show up? Make the freebies harder to find.


I'm super excited! I opened up a ton of videos today to MV Tube!:A

Stop blocking the view of the webpage to get people to read this it takes up a third of the page and cuts out of the models sites!!!!!

my video traffic is higher than ever for the last days, since MV Tube is aanounced. My sales.. No sales I have. No sales since MV Tube announced. My opinion on this is: No. This is not the rebellion. This is not a good option for us. For producers, for the people who produce content. This is a big no. When there´s a FREE option, people would always go with that. It will harm us. It will harm the sales.


Pete Zaria
Pete Zaria deleted Nov 9

I don't like change, but I'm starting to warm up to this. I've discovered models I might not have found otherwise. I'll do what I don't normally do and keep my mouth shut and give it a chance. I think once everything is ironed out, it will be a good thing.

cbjoex Nov 9

Instead MV has tried to be innovative by investing it in a new project that will make money at scale for them but not for the vast majority of MV girls. It looks suspiciously like an ego trip for the owners. The ethical angle sounds noble but does anybody seriously believe this site will stop the infinite tide of free porn that keep revenue so low for most girls who try to make a living this way? MV is actually feeding the problem. I don't understand why they did this it's a misguided strategy.

"Along with free ethical porn, you can enjoy the freedom to create, host, and promote creative brand-building vids"

Stars could already do that. Some put free vids on their profile to promote their MV profile. Now it's been taken to promote a completely different website that will pull traffic away from their MV profile.

cbjoex Nov 9

Nobody will go to tube to watch interview or promos because MV has already stuffed it full of free full on porn content including countless full length porn videos from softcore to hardcore. Go take a look.

If you think tube is good for stars then you just don't understand this biz model. It's only profitable at scale not for ordinary individual girls.

Whatever niches you earned from on MV are now free on MV Tube.

cbjoex Nov 9

WARNING: Girls, stay away from this tube site. MV has just really screwed you all creating a free porn site to drive traffic away from the MV profiles you slaved over.

We're you consulted? No. They used your free vids without asking to add conten to their new website.

MV makes more money than they know what to do with. They could have distributed it to the girls and used it to fix and improve their glitchy website. It's unbelievable that MV chose to prioritise this project above fixing all the broken features on MV and adding much needed new ones like lists and notes for organising fans.

cbjoex Nov 9

Instead MV has tried to be innovative by investing it in a new project that will make money at scale for them but not for the vast majority of MV girls. It looks suspiciously like an ego trip for the owners. The ethical angle sounds noble but does anybody seriously believe this site will stop the infinite tide of free porn that keep revenue so low for most girls who try to make a living this way? MV is actually feeding the problem. I don't understand why they did this it's a misguided strategy.

cbjoex Nov 9

I will now be spending my time as a buyer on MV tube where it is free and stop buying from MV. If I watch your free vid 1000 times you'll get 60 cents. But why would I watch yours when MV has already loaded their tube site with full on free porn? Go and take a look.

MV wants porn to be free. Instead of innovating on their great website they switched their business model to selling ads on free porn. It will go down in history as a lamentable tragedy and a mistake -- the biggest losers will be the girls who made the money that financed MV tube.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 9

"I will now be spending my time as a buyer on MV tube where it is free and stop buying from MV."

That just makes you a shitty human being, as you could have done the same thing with a few seconds of effort before by searching for free videos here or elsewhere.

cbjoex Nov 9

Nobody will go to tube to watch interview or promos because MV has already stuffed it full of free full on porn content including countless full length porn videos from softcore to hardcore. Go take a look. If you think tube is good for stars then you just don't understand this biz model.

Whatever niches you earned from on MV are now free on MV Tube.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 9

I'm not starting a dick-waving contest, but suspect I have more experience of high traffic sites, large projects, this industry, and life experience. PornHub and dozens of tube-only sites exist, and clip sites exist. Even taking pirated content out of the equation there's a saturated market. A percentage of any given audience understands the equation that supporting specific creators encourages content creation -- which isn't, in most cases, unfortunately, enough to support most creators as a full-time gig.

MV Models-Please hear me out! Anyone with any foresight can see where MV tube is headed. The intention isn’t to have a sexworker youtube. It’s to incentivize girls to upload free pornographic content, to continually undercut each other and outdo each other and eventually lead to a plethora of free videos that are the same quality and explicitness that most of us are charging for. You have all of the power, you choose what the future of MV tube. Now, I understand uploading free videos as promo and there are many who did this prior to MV tube,but to those considering uploading content to MV tube that is old or doesn’t sell well, please consider these alternatives first:

-Turn those videos into membership exclusives! Having exclusive content that can’t be purchased outside of a membership gives more incentive for members to purchase your memberships and makes those exclusive videos that much more special to them. 
-Upload those videos to your MV crush! Again, you’re providing incentive for members to subscribe to a membership and rewarding those who already love and support you.
-Set a goal before releasing free content onto MV tube. Sort of the same concept as a token goal with camming. Ask your members to contribute to you releasing a free video, this can be through MV fund me, a goal live on cam, or even just a set number you want to make in video sales prior to releasing a free video.This gives your free content so much more value and appreciation from members and gives them a chance to support you and receive something in return where as some may not be able to regularly purchase a full priced video.

I also want to touch on something else, I see a lot of people saying they will just use it to upload softcore content or casual nude videos. I firmly believe you should still be charging for these videos. Not everyone is into super hardcore content and in my experience MV has a large amount of members who enjoy softcore and casual nude content and will pay you for those videos, there are members who even love non-nude content. Please stop selling yourselves short! As independent porn creators, we put so much of ourselves out there and we give so much of ourselves as it is. What we do is high risk. We risk being stalked, we risk being doxed, we risk being treated as less than human by those who discover what we do, we risk being denied housing and loans, we risk having our banks accounts frozen due to new laws and we risk future job opportunities!

In the US, wages are going up and so should ours, let’s stop enabling the already existing entitlement that a lot of the public has in regards to porn. Your body, your time and most importantly, YOUR SAFETY is worth so much more than that .0006cents you’ll get every time someone watches your free pornographic content. Also,please consider how releasing free pornographic content will affect you in the future. How many times have you heard “why would I buy porn when I can watch it for free?”, not are you appealing to that demographic you are changing the narrative to something even more detrimental “why would I buy YOUR porn when I can already watch YOUR porn for free?”.

That is the ultimate way to undercut your own business and devalue your product. Ask yourself who do you want to market yourself to, who do you want to appeal to, who do you want your fans to be and why do you want them to be your fans? I don’t think it’s any confidence that the fans who are the most generous always seem to be the most respectful of our boundaries,feelings and prices.

I agree so much with everything you just said! Hopefully others will listen. It’s time to look at the bigger picture!

totally agree with you, lately, it seems like people want to give all free or for coins to get more sales creating all this cheap behavior in the members, i put a lot efforts and time into my content to sell it cheap or give it free, of course i need sales but i always need to appreciate my job and myself.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 9

It's a tricky one -- it's difficult to compete with free when people produce software, music, porn, how-to-guides etc for the love of it and those legitimate, non-pirated alternatives are in a lot of cases extremely high quality with the cost of ownership for tools to produce them having reduced. (Microsoft in particular deserve to be panicking, with the way they've cut testing so the commercial alternative often isn't even good quality these days).

At the end of the day, some of us will buy porn because we want to see more from particular sellers -- whilst there's a lot of eg pee vids on PornHub from verified creators, I'd still rather get a vid or a custom from someone whose other content I've enjoyed, for example. But it's a very saturated market.

Cherry_Pie deleted Nov 9

Totally agree!  You speak very cleverly, correctly and fairly! Everything that you wrote here is very good to start your video blog on MV Tube with video messages. These video messages can tell about the pitfalls of the porn industry and give answers for inexperienced, new ones, how to do better, work without dumping and devaluation. I really would like to see such content in MV Tube  to as many people as possible were able to learn about it and this information would not be absorbed dislikes by moralists.

cbjoex Nov 9

You are correct. MV designed this new platform to make money at scale -- for them. The average MV girl could not possibly earn a living on MV Tube, yet it will suck traffic away from MV where they were earning an income.

I know MV was not deliberately undermining their girls' livelihood. Tube is a good business model at scale but that works a lot better for MV than it does for any individual girl.

Did they get too greedy to settle for only 40%? Did they get lazy and decide making $ from ads is easier than fixing their infamously glitchy website or adding the features we all asked for?

MV-Please consider making MV tube a separate site. I really think integrating this tube site along with MV as a clip site undermines the clip side of MV as a whole.I have no say but I am beyond disappointed that this is the direction you’re heading in. Instead of giving into the whole tube model, why not stand up against it and work towards being the best CLIP site in the industry? Also, please consider placing ads on MV tube. I’m happy to hear you’re going to be paying your artists for views now but imo they deserve so much more than .0006 cents per view. I don’t think many models have a problem with this and at the end of the day, if someone is watching free content, they can watch an ad.

For those who are hating the stream only FREE videos, my 48 free videos are ALL set to download as well as stream, enjoy! And (being a lil cheeky!) 5* rating are ALWAYS appreciate if you enjoyed them! :D :x

One thing I wanted to point out about the free videos on MV Tube.

Watchers are unable to be the first to leave a review, the button for reviews only comes up if a review had been previously left on the video prior to to MV Tube starting, whch is of course unfair on those who are adding new videos, this needs to be fixed 

(EDIT] this is only an issue for stream only videos, download type are find as long as they are downloaded

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 9

Yeah, they've only partly fixed things -- it's possible to download purchased or membership vids via the customer purchase history page, and to review from there, but individual video pages for purchased or membership vids don't have download or review links. Still bugs but at least the site's semi-usable.

I have mine set to to download but for some reason people haven't been able to. Still glitchy, or are they changing things again?

I'm on the fence with this new site. We all struggle with freeloaders and people who steal and post our content..this just rewards them in a sense. I hope overtime as the tube site grows we get pay per views more in line with pornhub or xvideos. I'm sure it won't take long for MV to monotize this section with 280k unique visitors daily on the non tube site..I can only imagine how many new users will migrate over from other free tube sites. My only fear is when/if this will force all models to migrate all clips to free and become a game of whos more popular on social networks..driving more traffic to tube clips.

I noticed a lot of previously "free" vids are now on MV, but my concern is will the stars lose out on not being able to leave reviews now?

If you allow downloads they can still have the link go to their purchase history and can still leave reviews - hope that helps!

Just seen this comment, after I posted similar above, but yeah, this problem affects steam only videos that are yet to be reviewed only, download type and those that already had at least one review before MV Tube started are OK, as the button to leave a review is there on those, either though downloading (for those that are available this way), or going to ‘reviews’ (for those that have already been reviewed)

I love how active you are at Many Vids in improving and supporting models/content creators.

Nero89 Nov 9

Uh no. Fix your issues with streaming, among a litany of other things. I have really tried to support you guys but he’ll, you make it difficult. 🤑

I love that you all have listened and made improvements.

That is great Good Job ManyVids

Wow so efficient at listening to us all. ♡

Cattie Nov 9

I'm about this! Thank you for listening<3

Wow this is so much better! Its amazing how quickly you put these changes into place, thank you

While I'm still extremely skeptical that integrating a tube site into ManyVids doesn't result in lost vid sales in the long run, I appreciate re-enabling downloads of free vids. And giving performers control over whether their vids are on MV Tube is the right call. Thanks for listening to feedback. (V))

I'm impressed at your ability to fix this so quickly, and I appreciate you listening to everyone's concerns and implementing these changes. Thanks.

This has made MVTube much better. Thank you for listening to our reactions.

Okay, great :D. I love this idea, now if we could do away with rating and commenting on free content, that would be awesome.

Could you also remove the requirement that free videos need to be 1 minute long? This would make MV Tube more  useful for offering free teaser clips.

So I disagree with this course of action only bc clips like that would contest MVTube way to much and detract from full length videos. 

It would be similar to rewarding minimal effort vs people who are uploading their videos they worked hard on.

Indeed, just group a handful of teaser clips into a video that’s over a minute long, six 10 second videos of a simliar type put together as one, can be much more rewarding to watch together than trying to hunt for six individuallly uploaded 10 second videos

Love these changes! Thank you for working so hard to make things better for us!

Thanks for listening and applying the changes!! Amazing!

Thank you so much for the changes! I absolutely love it! So great that you all listened to models and took quick action to make things better.

This is better! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

YES! Thank for listening MV! All these BEAUTIFUL MV Models, Myself included, LOL; we work HARD, if its to shoot, edit, more edit, upload etc!! This takes time and effort! Now with these changes, Mvtube will be more accepted by MV models cuz there will be a little revenue to their payout for their free vid views!! Because FREE videos are HARD WORK too! I wanna wish a good luck to ALL MV Models that gonna participate on this, myself, maybe I will inlcude some and maybe due Q&A vids and so! Lets see what happens! Thanks for listening MV! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

good job.  now hopefully people will stop their bitching.  im amazed at the sheer number of ladies who freaked out about their (already) free vids being on mvtube and especially COMPLAINING about the potential loss of income, when the damn videos were already set as free...and so many top 100 models complaining....when I see no reason for you to complain when you're already pulling in so many sales and making way more money than most of us ever will. Just be HAPPY with the life you've already many people are struggling and scrimping to save each week...and many have children to feed (and are single parents) and homes to repair and the list goes on...and if it weren't for manyvids you wouldnt be living as comfortable and carefree a life as you already THANKFUL for the site and all they do for us.

Bang on correct

Amen sister

This awesome change that will benefit YOU was brought about only because of all those people “bitching” so no offense... but maybe they aren’t the ones here who need to stop bitching. Their bitching accomplished something, what is yours doing?

Wow Eva, it's almost like....these changes were made because of how many girls did speak and voice their concerns. ;) Or as you like to call it "bitching".

Wow! Some wonderful tweaks! And great to feel so listened to as a whole (Y))

This is such a huge improvement. Thank you MV. I'd still love you to change the name because I think MV is better than a "tube" site and don't want to be part of that culture, but these changes are fantastic. <3 <3 <3

LeiaSky Nov 9

Thank you for listening, you guys fucking rock <3

Thank you for listening

Thank you so much for listening to our feedback, I really appreciate that MV takes the time to listen to their performers.  I do wish MV Tube and ManyVids could be separated.  #JoinTheRebellion could have gone a few ways.. I was hoping it could be more of just that, a rebellion against tube sites.  I've noticed comments how PornHub was inviting SWers on social media to discuss more about the piracy and performer concerns.  I would have loved to come together as creators and talk about solutions!

Thank you so much for listening to our ideas!

I love how MV really listens to its models. Best platform ever.

💚💚💚 awesome!!!

Thank you so much! You guys are soooooo awesome! Monies on video views that used to be free? How amazing.

too bad it's every 1,000 views tho hehe i dont even have one vid that has had that many views yet....

I mean I do horribly on this site and I have videos with over a 1000 views. None of them are my free videos mind you but still it's possible.

This is awesome! Thanks so much for listening to all the feedback!

Thank you!!! This all makes me so happy and I’m honestly so grateful that I decided to be a part of this website

Yess love that you offer us the possibility to make money out of free vids just like on pornhub

Buxxxom Nov 9

Thank you, MV Team! <3


YESSSSSSSSSS OMG THANK YOU!!! Holy shit I did not think MV would listen but I am so happy you did!! This is exactly what MV tube should have been from the start. Suddenly I'm excited about this! Thank you so much MV!!!

Thank you thank you thank you, this is excellent. I'm so excited to start uploading nudey vlogs <3

I honestly am SO much happier with these changes! Thank you guys for listening to everyone so quickly!

I'm happy with these changes, now I'm comfortable making all my older videos free on MV Tube, once that paid download option is live.

Lol right after I posted my ridiculously long comment on the last post about this. :`( Gotta say, I'm still not a fan of the whole MV tube but I think these changes do offer a lot of improvement. I appreciate that MV always listens to it's creators and members, acknowledges when we have concerns and doesn't try to censor those concerns. I just still find it sad to move in this direction. If only the #jointherebellion movement was actually all of us getting together as creators, acknowledging just how valuable what we do is and deciding to not only to not offer free content but to also keep our prices reflective of our true value and not undercut each other. Like how other industries work together with price fixing.-p-<3

Lexi369 deleted Nov 8

Thank you very much for listening! We appreciate a platform that takes our constructive criticism, suggestions, & ideas to heart and makes changes. That really shows you are looking out for us too even as a business and we're grateful for that!

Sweet ;3

Really impressed with how quickly MV responded and implemented solutions to concerns! Kudos MV team!

i very much appreciate these changes and the ideas behind mvtube <3 for that i am grateful!! i love the idea of a "youtube type" site where sex workers can post potentially nsfw content without being taken down!! 
I wish MVtube could be directed to be just that - not another free porn site.... maybe the content on there can be limited to soft core or teasers or other types of videos without full porn videos being released for free.. personally i think that would get rid of a lot of uproar about this site because it would get rid of the potential of people's content losing value as i've seen people discuss...

I agree with this!

This is awesome! Thanks so much for hearing the people who were unhappy with the change to the free vid page. Will you be adding new Tags since a lot of the NSFW terms aren't currently available (like toy unboxing, interview, Q&A, that sort of thing)? <3

So much this.

I like this idea, too, needs more searchable terms!

neato ! thank you so much MV <3

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! <3

Thanks for always listening MV! you rock!

This is AMAZING! I love how fast these changes were added, thank you for listening <3

Thanks for actually paying attention and giving a shit about how we feel about things like this. It would be very easy and like every other online marketplace, to just ignore us. So, I'm glad you didn't.
These are some good changes and I'm very happy to see some type of revenue will result from views.

i love manyvids make much interesting things ... always surprice me

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!! These changes just made this feature so amazing!

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 8

"4. If you want to offer a downloadable version on MV Tube, you can set your own price"

That one's a great move and makes it a versatile promotional tool. Although it's technically possible for users to get the streams, genuine customers will want the original and best quality version of vids.

Given how many seller accounts aren't regularly active, still think it's a bit dubious to automatically opt everything previously uploaded in by default.

And thanks for apparently having fixed membership downloads now.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted Nov 9

Also, seriously: consider getting a focus group of sellers together (maybe likewise with customers, but definitely for sellers). Quite a few of the site feature launches have ended up with acrimony, backtracking and people burning bridges and leaving. Almost all avoidable.

That would be amazing! I would love to see more of the models/customers input. We're all part of the MV community, it would be nice to be heard at the table.

I'm super impressed with the changes and how fast they happened!

IndigoWhite deleted Nov 8


Lol thank god. I was worried about downloads for a second there 😅

And that’s why I LOVE MV!!

Incredible! Thank you for being THE business partner for us. You continue to challenge our industry with us in mind. It’s beautiful and I’m so happy to do business with such a terrific company. Yes! Thank you for listening.

THANK YOU MV TEAM! This is more then what we asked for, and I’m also super glad it doesn’t affect our MV scores! ❤️

Amazing!! You can never make EVERYONE happy, but you guys listen and try your best to please everyone!!<3<3

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