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ManyVids was founded as a platform where content creators can be their true selves, give expression to their sexual fantasies, and unleash their full creativity. But since the launch of ManyVids, MV Stars have continued to elevate adult entertainment to unheard of new heights through their imagination, inspiration, and raw talent. From elaborate scripted videos featuring costumes, props, special effects, and better film and lighting equipment to rival the productions of the big porn studios, to intimate role-play vids relying on the MV Star’s skill and charisma–ManyVids content is leading the industry.

With creative content such as KorinaKova’s Halloween Vid Contest winning Kitana: Mortal Kombat XXX, theeSadiemarie’s The BEST Video I’ve Ever Made, Lana Rain’s DDLC: Choose Your Own Girl, Aubreyblack’s Paralysed in Bed by a Cum Thirsty Demon, LunaXJames' Naughty Kitten 4K, Harry Casts his Patronus by Johnnystonecb, The Hitchhiking Edition by Antonio Mallorca, and KYLiEMARiA's Sailor Mercury wants to cum with you, we’ve come to realize that your creativity knows no bounds!

This is exactly why we’ve decided to start a new feature here on the MV Blog, MV Visionary, where we will highlight some of our most creative content and the genius MV Stars who’ve put their whole heart and soul into their creations. If you would like to submit to be part of MV Visionary you can email and you’ve seen a vid that you think should be featured, let us know in the comments section below!

Pics provided by Korina KovatheeSadiemarie, Lana Rain, Aubreyblack, and LunaXJames


Tip Top da fliegt einem ja glatt die Rinde vom Stamm ! Mauuuu

Creativity is the reason I joined MV! It's awesome to think outside the box. 😍

Omg yesssss! I'm so inspired constantly by everyone's creative freedom on MV!! :x I love y'all~~<3

I think confessionals of peoples dirtiest and most scandalous personal sexual experiences would be interesting and erotic.

0ne2wo Dec 1

Let's keep the lovefest going! Eliza Bathory's Possession is a fantastic clip I haven't seen the like of anywhere else and it should absolutely be nominated.

Eliza Bathory is the most innovative model I've interacted with. Her clips span across such a range of interests that makes her accessible to fans throughout the spectrum. She should absolutely be featured as an example of a model with a strong identity and brand. She's the reason I stay active on MV!

Korina Kova is amazing. Everything she does proves she is a true visionary in the current adult world. Her creativity is endless. The most stunning woman on the planet!!

Eliza Bathory is (IMO) the most creative model in Manyvids! I hope you’ll feature her! :A

Yes!! 🥰🙏🏼

0ne2wo Dec 1

Eliza Bathory's Midnight Prayers is a love letter to vhs horror flicks that you have got to check out! She pours her soul into all of her work, but that clip is something special.

That clip is a collaboration with Sevareid Cinema but thank you xooxo

LOVE these spotlights!!!!

Haylee Love puts a lot of effort into producing high end amateur content. I'm stoked when we work together!

Alice Karina makes very ambitious, aesthetically deliberate and considered videos for cinephiles (which of course even her name points to). And I don't think any list of creative boundary pushers could be complete without Veronica Chaos, who really is truly singular. I've never seen anyone do what she does. I didn't know there was an audience for it, but I'm glad there is.

Aw thank you! Alice Karina's work is truly amazing and should definitely appear in this.  She's phenomenal! :A

I'm obsessed with how girls are turning the game lately, keep up the hard work ladies!!!! (: I just adore seeing all the hidden talent!

I was here for Lana_Rain and her ddlc vid is definitely a visionary to be hold. I am glad she was a reason to start this feature.

I really enjoyed Goddess Joules' "Interdimensional  Assassin" video, couldn't recommend it enough. Her 80's esc music and intro as well as golden age of scifi makeup and clothing give her a unique style in this clip

HoneyHex Nov 30

Amazing ideas!!! 
I cannot fathom what amazing creativity. ♡ ♡ ♡

nygayboy Nov 30

korina kova fan !

Oh wow!!!! This is the first time any of my work has been recognized! I cant tell you how much this means to me to be featured in this blog. Thank you so much for noticing my passion and creativity ♡

You're so inspiring girls! Im working hard in a better video setup. Doing my best, Im not sure If my videos will ever get to that point. But You girls and boys are a huge inspiration for other models. Im so proud of y'all!

Rumi_Bloom deleted Nov 30

Awesome idea <3

Wren Savages's Succubus video is beautiful and deserves to be considered!

Pretty nice idea ❤️

Much love!

Nice idea

Awesome idea!!;):)

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