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ManyVids is always growing, changing, and improving because we’re more than a website and more than an adult entertainment company–we’re a community of entrepreneurs seeking to make the world a more open and sexually-liberated place while rocking amazing careers! We also take our MV Stars' and MV Members' feedback seriously. We’re thankful for your input as your ideas and suggestions have pushed us to achieve greatness. 

Our newest upgrade comes from suggestions from both the MV Stars and MV Members; it’s the MV Inclusivity feature and it’ll allow everyone who uses ManyVids to tailor the site to their preferences while, at the same time, furthering inclusivity and diversity on MV.  

Now when you come to ManyVids you’ll be greeted by a popup with options so that you can set MV to cater to what type of content you want to see: MV All, MV Straight, MV Gay Boys, MV Trans. 

  • MV All will set up all of ManyVids to show you all MV Stars and all types of content.

  • MV Straight will tailor the site to show you straight vids and content including MV Girls, Producers, and MV Boys.

  • MV Gay Boys will display gay male vids and producers. 

  • MV Trans will show you Trans MV Stars, Producers, vids, and content.  

You don’t have to do this every time you come to the site; the pop up will appear and you can set your preferences and it’ll be saved as the default. However, don’t worry about being locked into your choice. You can quickly change the setting any time you like. Simply look to the top right corner of your screen for the right MV Crown logo (Pink = StraightPride Flag = Gay Boys, Transgender Flag = Trans models, all the different MV Crown logo = All). 

Click it anytime to change your preferences! Plus, you can also make the change in your Drop-Down Menu > Account Settings.  

We sincerely believe in an #MV4Everyone so we’re proud to introduce this new feature that improves the MV user experience while allowing everyone to easily explore and embrace the diverse MV Stars and vids that make ManyVids so spectacular. Try it out for yourself and remember the MV Team is always here to help!  

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

- MV Team 

Pics provided by VixenVu, ManuelSkyexxx, and MarissaMinx

foxmulder503 deleted Jan 21

more sjw bullshit, stick to porn and stay out of politics

I have seen customers complain that they can’t sort between solo and couples vids. That would be an excellent thing to implement.

I feel like this is creating more exclusivity than "inclusivity". I appreciate Mv's endeavor to improve the site by trying to create new features. But I have noticed they have minor issues and bugs on the site features (Ive already sent tickets) So I feel Manyvids should be prioritizing the solutions to these first, rather than find new things to add to the site~

KatyCams Jan 19

To be honest I'm confused, I'm a female model but I have solo content, girl/girl or lesbian content and b/g. Where would this put me?

69mIke69 Jan 21

That would put you with me for the 1/3 of the time when you are b/g and if you don’t mind me watching then I’d also be with you during your solo time. ❣️

I wonder if we really need all these filters. I understand it could be an issue for straight guys seeing lots of gay videos and same for gay people seeing straight content and not finding what they really want. But All these categories make it very confusing! Anyway, I find it odd that when I click the button to change my MV preference it only lets me pick "straight" and "MV ALL"

I'm confused as to how this filter actually works. I'm an MV Girl, but I produce FTM porn with my transgender partner. How is my content going to be filtered? Will my trans content even show up in MV Trans? Will all of my content be filtered out of MV Straight because I have some transgender content on my page? How is this inclusive? We were already diverse and making content. All you did is create segregation based on sexual preference and gender identity. This is terrible!>_<

Good, but we still struggle to understand why MV Gay Boys are competing on the monthly ranks against MV Straight Boys. Straight porn gets more clicks than Gay Porn and this puts MV Gay Boys at a disadvantage on the Monthly prizes. We love the site, but not sure we can call that "Inclusivity".

I'm sorry, this is a fine feature for customers but to claim that it is inclusive is incredibly insulting to all the queer women on your site.

Very much so, after all girls arent really bi/pan/queer/etc, we just pretend to be to get the boys off! <end sarcasm>

I'm not sure I understand how this is 'inclusive'? This just seems like a way for people to filter out queer content. Like, how is separating MV Trans into its own filterable section - a section people can't choose to see alongside 'straight' content without also featuring gay content -  'inclusive'? How is separating Gay Boys into their own niche category away from Straight Boys (who are /just/ 'Boys' and get to be in 'straight';) 'inclusive'? If Gay Boys are separate from 'Boys' for the purposes of 'inclusivity,' why aren't Gay Girls being given the same 'inclusivity'? In fact, it seems that cis lesbian content is being lumped into the Straight section, which is all kinds of problematic. This looks like a decidedly bad change for underprivileged queer content creators, being dressed up in our own language to make it sound good for us. Is there something I'm missing?

Very useful <3<3<3

lou20007 Jan 18

Facts cause what Liz  lovejoy and ebonycamgirl said are the truth I'm talking about where ebonycamgirl added to Liz lovejoy comments down below  need more representations of  black woman . I really don't see any kind of black woman or woman of color being represented in any shape of form on here . I would most definitely love to see them be promoted more and giving opportunity to get showcased more .if mv really say they listen to the mv stars and members then prove it if they have read all these comments and do something with all of the comments

Thank you for lending a voice to the course... we appreciate you. :A:x<3

MV, what happened to promoting women of color?! We get so underrepresented on here and never get listed among the top MV girls. Please look into this!

Virtue Signaling is going too hard. Thats just some pretty standart kind of shit and I dont see how "super inclusive" this is tbh.

Ravensix9 deleted Jan 18

They should make an app for the cell phone! And it would be perfection!

I'm concerned that this might actually harm diverse creators by encouraging customers to look only within their comfort zone. Also, a gay boy but no lesbian category? I've also always thought it was odd to stick trans men and trans women together. Like I can see why but there are so few trans men here that we get buried under the more popular trans women.

This is great! but my hubby and i were talking about how  awesome it would be to have a MV Couple page, because there are so many solo girls and people also like to see boy/girl vids. Just like chaturbate has ;)
Couples have the chance to be seen and both the boy and the girl can make vids!
Just an idea :) But i like how manyvids is improving! thanks for all your work so far <3


Thiiiiiissss!!!!! We definitely need something for couples!!

SolaZola Jan 18

Growing community - good way)

This is a very cool idea!I want you to simplify life. So that all life could be considered in the same category as MV Girls and MV Producers, so that the flow of people did not sit only on the first page, because they do not even reach 2. If I don’t write it there, then tell me where to turn with by such a request.

bulgeXXL Jan 18

I like this idea, now you need to go further and we GAY content producers need to get same rights and equal pay on MV TOP EARNERS too.  Since you´ve opend MVBOYS to straight content producers, gay guys dont have any chance anymore to win TOP EARNERS MV BOYS category. Its time for DIVERSITY and equal PAY in this category too. Please add MV GAY BOYS to the TOP EARNERS of the month  category and let girls and boys win the same prices! thanks

This is what we've been saying for a while. Gay Boys have a hard time getting to the top spots because we have to compete against Straight Boys! Definitely not fair and not inclusive!

Meika_ox Jan 18

I also wanna know where is MV going to "fit" lesbians and lesbian content. The fact that lots of straight men watch girl/girl content doesnt make it straight. Is mandatory that if we ever talk about inclusivity we don't forget about ANY social group, or in that case it would be partial inclusivity, and that my friends, with all respect, is etymologically contradictory. It is mandatory that lesbians, and lesbian content have their own space as well.

I would love a lesbian section as well, not just “girl/girl”; especially actual Butch/Femme sex.

adultsamael deleted Jan 18

are the options limited for MV Stars? i can only choose from MV All and MV Straight. maybe this is a bug

Me too.

OllySlut Jan 18

So I guess lesbians (like me) who watch porn don't exist according to MV?

You still need more rep for lesbians and trans MEN

Are girl/girl videos going to be in the straight category? What about lesbians?

I was excited to see something about inclusivity, and then I read the article, and realized it has nothing to do with inclusivity. Although this may help fans find gay & trans MV Stars more easily, it's nothing new. This is how most adult sites are... with different sections for straight, gay & trans. If you want to be more inclusive, how come I barely ever see any black women in the promos above customers pages?? Black women are SO underrepresented in the top ManyVids models, and it's NOT because they don't sign up for this site, because I see them in the new models all the time. Please promote women of color!!! Black women face so much discrimination in the adult industry.

lou20007 Jan 18

Now this has to be one of the best statements and facts I ever seen


Omg!! Liz i love you! This is by far the best comment I've seen on MV. Black women are so so under-represented on here and this affects not just our earnings but our visibility on this site.

lou20007 Jan 18

Facts cause what Liz  lovejoy and ebonycamgirl are the truth need more representations of  black woman . I really don't see any kind of black woman or woman of color being represented in any shape of form on here . I would most definitely love to see them be promoted more and giving opportunity to get showcased more .if mv really say they listen to the mv stars and members then prove it if they have read all these comments and do something with all of the comments

This is transphobic as it is flat out saying that trans women and men are not going to be identified by their gender identity. That was always the case unfortunately but now they are actively being hidden.
Instead of doing things like this why don't you work on getting the pirate site that has 100's if not 1000's of ManyVids content shut down instead? That would be a use of time and funds that we could all get behind.

I think they are just trying to help customers who are looking for trans models find them. I agree that there are more important issues than this.

I also would suggest setting your account to the gender you identify as, & not as trans, if you don't want to be identified with being transgender. I don't think there is any rule on MV that says transgender people must be "out" as trans, on this site.

This makes a lot of sense too, MV should focus on helping us deal with piracy.

I wish you guys would fix the current ongoing issues models/fans have with the site before doing stuff like this. There are far more important issues than something that wasn't broken to begin with.

This is awesome!! Thank you!


Multi selection would be better, I think. But it's probably better (picking all to remove omissions of what you do want) than a general search where a certain combination could not be reliably bookmarked to date. That said, seems to be missing categories indicating it's marketed primarily to one sex. Is it possible to be inclusive while subtly not being THAT inclusive?

By way of explanation, the combination is any search for Trans content excluding MV Girl content - next visit to the bookmarked search adds in Girl content for some reason. Presumably a bug somewhere in MV's programming.

can't wait for nonbinary representation tbh



Refactor how your categories work so they are multi-selection by identity AND preference. Get rid of MV All. That would leave (at the very simplest): Girls, Boys, Trans, Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual and Solo. The troublesome Producers category (which I fall under) doesn't fit in this model as it describes the business type so it would seem wise to get rid of that. I'd be categorized as MV Straight Boy even though I also offer MV Solo Girl content, I suppose.  I understand your database isn't modeled this way, but if you want to be truly inclusive you'll refactor your code to account for this.

Neat New Feature for the site! xoxo

I love it!!

I thought this was always the way you did it, you just had it in the settings before so did you just make the button or are things sorted differently?Are you going to make a category for Girl/Girl content creators? What about Bi-Sexual or Pan creators? Or do they just go under straight because straight men are watching it?

Cattie Jan 17

Definitely a neat feature!

Fantastic feature!

Lonna87 deleted Jan 17

This is a great update!

thnk you for being amazing! Even though we're always gonna have complainers no matter WHAT we do, MV takes the cake on improving, working with models & members and ACTUALLY listening!

Thank you for continuously improving the site! I am proud to be an MV Star!:manyvids:

Buxxxom Jan 17

Are we really attached to MV Straight? Don't you think that kind of assigns sexual orientation to members or models?

Agreed. I'm really not comfortable being labeled as straight

then choose all.

Buxxxom Jan 17

I'm not talking about my view. I will choose all. But what makes my content straight? These options only seemed geared towards the preferences of men. Straight men, gay men, and men who also like trans models.

I agree. This is a little odd.

Where is the option for those who wish to see ‘gay girl’ (girl\girl) content? As above I hate the idea as being labelled as straight, as I am a pansexual model and proudly so

Agreed, but cant think of a good suggestion for another term...


This! Exactly. The categorization still needs work.

I agree. this also implies that Enby content, and other categories either don't get shown in any category or get shown as straight content

I also hate being forced into a cishet category because I'm nonbinary. I'm not cis and I'm not straight but I have no other options. I think they should change "MV Girl" to "MV Star" tbqh

Love this idea!

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