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How did you first get into the adult industry?

During the mid-1990’s I was a computer consultant living on the road and sleeping in hotel rooms for many nights a month. I started looking around the internet at newsgroups and websites for pictures of naked women to jack off too. After discovering some naked amateurs, I went home to my wife Dawn Marie and said, “We can do this!” My wife and I started a simple housewife site in February of 1998 and have been going ever since. For the first several years it was just a part-time fun side gig, and I still worked a proper corporate job.

Starting in 2003 I began working for a now-defunct website called Dreamnet, it was a naughty housewife network site. I ran the sites for about 40 women. The majority of those women have retired and as things on the web changed and our services were no longer needed to help women get naked online. Dawn Marie and I still run a few housewife sites but since 2015 have concentrated our efforts on running sites in which we shoot, produce, and publish adult videos using hired adult performers. Our primary aim now is running,, and, this the content you see on my MV profile. Dawn Marie still has her website at, and she is now officially the longest running housewife online. Her site has been continuously online since 1998 and updated weekly. It’s been 21 years, and that is quite a run.

You’ve been in the industry for a long time now, what are some of the good changes and some of the bad changes you’ve seen over the years?

This question could be a book on its own; however, I will give you a few highlights as I have witnessed them. I have often thought of writing a book covering my 21 years in online adult and perhaps I should.

As for the good I have to say the internet is probably the best thing to ever happen in the adult industry. I say this because the 'net has democratized adult content. Prior to the web, it was a handful of porn valley contract girls that were able to be noticed in the adult industry. Now with all the self-publishing platforms, anyone with a solid work ethic and creativity can make money in this industry. Furthermore, it proves that all women and men are beautiful. No matter your body type, age, ethnicity, gender or fetish there is an audience online for the way you want to sell yourself.

Another great thing to come from the internet is all the self-publishing platforms. For my first 10 years of online working in adult, you needed a person like myself with a technical background to publish your content online. It required programming and technical know-how. The explosion in the numbers of women, men, and producers that wanted to work from home producing their own content gave birth to all of today’s modern self-publishing platforms. Today a woman, man, or producer can concentrate on their product and use any number of the video upload sites, cam sites, tube sites or phone app-oriented platforms to publish their content. There is no longer a need to be a technical guru or computer programmer to get your content online to sell.

As for the bad there a few things that I see happening which is not good. With the invention of smartphones, the consumer’s attention is more divided than ever. Every form of media is vying for eyeballs to see their content, and that holds true in adult entertainment. This makes it difficult for producers of adult content to gain the attention of the consumer that is trying to find it. I also dislike how adult content is kept from the major smartphone app stores. All of us in the adult industry would like the ability to publish an app with our content. However, we are restricted from those platforms except via a web browser.

Another aspect that I think is bad is the cheapening of our adult product. With the massive explosion of models and producers that have come online I believe many are low-balling the price of their content. I myself have fallen into this trap at times, but we must all compete. Don’t misunderstand me, competition is a great thing. But when you have models selling 15 min. videos for $2.99 or models doing cam shows for a $1.00 per minute it drives the whole market down.

Finally, the free tube sites. I know tubes are here to stay and while they have had many positive influences in terms of advertising, they have cheapened our product because consumers know they can get jackoff material for free. Much like Napster killed music sales, adult tube sites have killed porn. I do recognize this is starting to change. Now that the tube sites are allowing producers to be paid for content it is a good thing, and I take advantage of it myself. But for a long time, tube sites turned a blind eye on piracy of content, and this did hurt on the adult industry. I am happy to see the trend over the past couple of years in which tube sites are actively working with producers instead of against them.

What brought you to ManyVids and what do you like about MV?

Like any producer, I am trying to make money from the product I produce. As I mentioned above, consumers are now splintered over several different online adult platforms. Even though I own and operate websites, I realize not all consumers want a monthly website subscription. That is where platforms like MV are beneficial. I can use MV to sell my content on an individual basis. It really works for that person that just wants to purchase that one BlowBang vid because he loves so and so and doesn’t want my whole site. I have actually had customers ask me to upload this woman or that woman to MV because they only want her video.

What I like so much about MV is its ease of use. MV is the first individual video sale site to come along that is just a breeze to use. No HTML required, I like that it is web service based which allows for a straightforward interface for the producer. It is simple to use, and the split with the producer is very fair.

Finally, I like MV because I feel it treats the performers and producers fairly. As I mentioned in the opening question my wife, Dawn Marie, has been a naughty housewife online for over 20 years. I have seen talent get taken advantage of by publishers. MV allows for a performer to control their content and share in a fair and trustworthy manner. You know you will get paid.

What has making adult entertainment taught you about sex, sexuality, and human desire?

Probably the biggest thing I have learned working in adult is that NOTHING is out of bounds as long as it is between two consenting adults and all sexual acts are voluntary.

When I started in the adult industry, my wife and I just wanted to share her sexuality online. In 1998 just posting naked picture online would get her hundreds of emails. As we explored more and started shooting XXX wife photos and interracial adult content, we learned that there are a lot of more sexually open people out there than we realized. However, the majority do not want to share it publicly. Therefore, they would live out their sexual fantasies through our websites. I have come to the firm belief that the human sex drive is universal for both men and women. The human desire to enjoy sex is found in every culture and race on the planet. 

Another thing I learned that I found particularly liberating is that women, not just men, are also into recreational sex. When we started online, the whole online sexual liberation thing had not yet begun. The stereotype of women “only wanting to catch a man” is bullshit. It was also thought that only men wanted a casual affair or no-strings-attached sex. However, I have learned that women enjoy recreational sex as much as men. Sex can be a simple, pleasurable experience for both genders and does not always have to involve love and relationship.

What do you consider a huge accomplishment in your career so far? What future goals do you have?

I have to say that making a full-time living in online adult starting since 2003 has been my most significant accomplishment. I did not do it alone, but that fact that Dawn Marie and I have not held regular jobs for so long is amazing.

If you had asked me 20 years ago that in 2019, we would own an adult production studio, I would have told you that you were crazy. However, my wife and I have made it happen. We are not rich yet but hope to be someday. We have worked hard on our own studio and slowly but surely it is succeeding. A lot of consumers do not realize how much work goes into owning and running an adult studio. It is work and takes a lot of effort.

Who are your heroes in porn and why?

I am going to be a little generic with this answer because there are a lot of people I have looked up to and don’t want to name names. But I will say the true heroes are the ones that braved the early porn days. The individuals that worked to make pornography legal, the ones that risked jail time to bring porn to the masses. Those people were courageous and helped to break down the walls of hidden sexuality.

I also want to thank all the brave women and men that have risked relationships and jobs for their love of publishing their sexual content. While all this sexual freedom scares many, it has liberated many more.

If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make?

Pay for your digital media consumption. Because so much content is so readily accessible online many believe that is “free.” It is not free people spent money producing all the digital content we consume, and you should pay for it. I would love to see the piracy laws enforced by the web hosting companies around the world, and this goes for ALL types of digital media. 

If you had an unlimited Billion-dollar budget to make a vid for MV what would this dream porn look like? Describe it to us:

I have always wanted to make a high budget movie where the woman is in charge. I really get off on the “normal everyday woman” that gets off on being the naughty one. I am talking about a scenario where a woman in her mid-30s is the boss of her own sexuality and uses it. So much porn is made from the male’s perspective getting what they want. In my movie, it would be the woman getting what she wants. Perhaps it is a smart businesswoman who goes out and lives her secret sexual desires behind her mates back.

One of my personal fetishes has always been the “sneaky wife.” Envision a woman that is in a steady relationship leaving her high-power executive job and turning the tables on her man. For example, she phones home and tells her man she is heading to a business dinner, but in reality, she is going to meet her boy toy. The man stirs at home wondering what his woman is doing out late at night. She is living it up and having her own sexual fantasies in a complete reversal of traditional gender roles. The woman pays for the dinner and hotel so she can have some amazing sexual fun and then get up and walk away.

Throughout history, it has been the man’s domain to sexually wander on a women, in my movie it would be the woman that walks out on her man and gets to enjoy being the “bad girl.”

If I could shoot a porn vid at any famous place or landmark in the world, it would be: I love public porn, and I would love to shoot a porn movie at a popular public place like the Washington Monument, LOL! Or, being located in Arizona, at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

My biggest celebrity crush is: In adult, it is Lexi Belle! If we are talking non-adult, it would be Keith Richards. I always dreamt of being a rock star!

If I were going to invent a dance move, it would be called the: The Bounce! Because you have to keep moving and I love punk music.

My guilty pleasure is: Dark chocolate ice cream with hot fudge on top. I am a chocolate lover!

My favorite fetish is: It has to be face sitting. I am an ass man and fell in love with my wife when I first saw her from behind. I have a love of round ass sitting on my face while I please the woman with my mouth! If the woman is bossy all the better.

The most annoying question that people ask me is: It is more of a statement “Dude, you have the greatest job in the world.” Maybe I do, however, when people tell me that they are just thinking of the end product. They have no idea how much goes into making a living at this. It is legit work, but I am not complaining I love it.

Something that a ton of people are obsessed with, but I just don’t get the point of is: Incest porn!!!! I have never wanted to fuck a family member. I cannot comprehend it. Perhaps I need to study more Freud.

Something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives is: Scare themselves and push themselves beyond their boundaries. Stand on the edge of a cliff, hold a snake, do public speaking, ride a motorcycle at speed, go over 100 mph in your car, or jump off a train trestle into the river! Just push the envelope. I have scared myself many times in life, and I am better off for it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this is how weird I am: I would say 4. I’m not all that weird, but I do drive my wife nuts sometimes because I am an open book that will speak to anyone about anything!

After I'm dead the inscription on my cremation urn will say: “He was a lover of people and lived his life as a peace-loving man.”


Very good read. Would be interested in doing a shoot

BlowBang Feb 17

Always looking for more women to shoot :) Hit me up.

Who s the model in the image for this interview? I have been looking for her vids but to no avail.

BlowBang Feb 17

Captham87 ... the woman in the photo is Charlotte Blew ... she has MV here:

Great read! Congrats on being a successful team in an industry that usually doesn’t allow long years of success!! Definitely going to check out all your sites!

BlowBang Feb 16

Thank you Kate :) ~ Rob

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