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Arikajira on this unique lifestyle

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The Gorean fetish and lifestyle is out of this world and Arikajira takes us all through this fascinating kink and subculture:

What exactly is the Gorean Fetish?

It's complicated! When people ask that, the advice is always to "Read the books!" The lifestyle (not a fetish, as such) is based on the novels of John Norman, originally written in the 1960s, starting with Tarnsman of Gor. They portray the story of a man transplanted to another planet, Gor. which, though populated by Earth people, is a very different society to that which we know today.

Norman has taken elements of many historical scenarios in constructing his societies, including ancient Rome, Greece, Native American, Asian, and many more, but the underlying theme is that it is VERY much a man's world, with women, apart from a few elite ones, being completely subordinate to the men, whether free companion or kajira (slave). Analogies here with the society of the 1950s, back when the man was very much the head of the household.

Though many women are free, the main interest and main female characters are kajirae and are absolutely the property (especially the sexual property) of their male Masters. This does not mean, however, that they are mistreated, indeed they are very much treasured, much as a valuable car, family pet, or other possession might be. (A more modern analogy, though not exact, is seen is Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale.) Speaking of sex, the kajirae invariably get as much, if not more pleasure from it than do the men. “Slave orgasms” are very much a thing to be desired and sought, and indeed sex may be withheld from them as a punishment. Furthermore, newly enslaved females consistently have better, more powerful, orgasms than they did when they were free.

Kajirae is not beaten for pleasure, (as a modern BDSM submissive is, for example), but only for punishment (except in some cases where a reinforcement of their status is decided, by their Master, to be desirable). Free women, too, may own slaves (yes, there are some male slaves, or kajirus, too, often captured in battle), but this is less relevant to me personally, as I am owned by a man.

Lifestyle, yes... as far as possible Goreans (here on Earth) follow the books (of which there are now 34!), though of course, the Sci-Fi aspects are more difficult(finding six-legged big cat equivalents or birds of prey big enough to be ridden, is not easy in England). Indeed, they have in some kajira will, for example, wear her physical collar, and behave correctly,24/7, not as many BDSM “slaves” who switch it on and off.

Also, there is an important hierarchy within the slave community, where accomplished kajirae will be put in charge of less trained ones (or indeed sometimes in charge of male slaves, which is an appalling punishment for them!). “First Girl” is an accolade very much fought for. This can in some ways be compared to a BDSM “switch”, although there will not be switching of roles between the same Master and slave, as within BDSM. Think of it more like a sliding scale, where a higher slave will have power over as lesser one, but both still subordinate to their owner. Having said that, even the highest kajirais still subordinate to the lowest free, even a mere peasant.

How did you discover this fetish? How did you begin practicing it?

Oh dear. I've known that I had slave tendencies since my teens! My favorite early sexual fantasies usually involved being captured by pirates or similar, and “used for their pleasure”... and mine! Early in my sex life, I very willingly entered into my first BDSM relationship and was given my first collaring ceremony. At around this time, I also discovered that I had a dominant (perhaps even a bit sadistic?) side, so of course, had to aim for “First Girl” status in order to satisfy this. Moving on through various BDSM/fetish encounters, I seemed always to feel as if there was something missing; something not quite complete. Then, aged about 26, I found a Gorean community on Paltalk. This was it! They were talking about books that I had never heard of, but that I knew straight away I had to read, so I did. All 26 that had been written at that time (and subsequently each one as it came out.) I was hooked! I finally knew what I was... a kajira

Image titleIf someone was to make a Gorean themed vid what would go into making an excellent and hot vid?

Has to be something natural, rather than staged, or it wouldn't come across as anything special.

There are certain set slave positions, each with its own command name, and putting a slave “through her paces” of one command after another is very common, especially for those still in training. Eventually, the responses become second nature, much as a martial arts “kata” might, and a slave, on hearing one of the words, will drop into position before her mind can catch up enough for her to resist. As might be expected, many, if not most, of these are sexual in nature, to a greater or lesser extent.

Another idea might be simply for a kajira to be commanded to “please me” by her Master. Kajirae are not expected to be boring submissive doormats, but lively, intelligent, creative, and passionate, creatures, with enough empathy to know what, at that particular moment, will best be found pleasing.

There are many slave dances, too, some more choreographed than others, but all looking pleasing to the watcher. They have to be so, of course, as if not pleasing they might bring about the girl's punishment. Kajirae, almost always, love to dance (we do tend to have an exhibitionist streak!)

See my slave paces vid here. And one of my slave dances is here

What are some precautions that people should have for this fetish?

Much the same as other lifestyles, “safe, sane, and consensual” rules. Following local laws is important, so for example, although a kajira would normally only wear very scanty clothing, if indeed any at all, that may not always be advisable! Punishing disobedient slaves, by feeding them to those six-legged cats, also tends to be frowned upon in many countries.

Why do you think people are into this fetish?

I can really only speak for myself and the other Goreans I know personally here, but it's simply a case of discovery. It's finding something that just resonates on a deeply psychological level. In my case It's mainly that I know I am a kajira, it's no more of a choice than any other aspect of my personality. Others love it for the philosophical side more than their M/s side (many Goreans don't even own slaves, for example, but that makes them no less Gorean than those that do.

Others, while not wholly Gorean, can and do take out (usually the sexual or M/s) aspects of the lifestyle that suit them, while not taking on others. Many like keeping it to just online roleplay (though it has to be said that these are often “frowned-upon” by those who consider themselves to be “True Goreans”!) There is a big community on Second Life ("the roleplayers") and also on Fetlife ("the real world ones").

Say something to your fans!

Read the books! LOL. Hang on in there, this “lady of changes” isn't done yet! Thanks for watching, rating, buying my videos (makes me smile, as well as do a happy dance, and (almost) wet myself... :D), and if there's anything special you want, I really love doing custom orders!


Are you interested in a trip to Gor? Want to be a Master or kajira? Would you like to own a six-legged cat? Let us know the answers to these questions and more in the comments below:

Six legged cats sound nice. I love all cats.

I'm more of a modern day fetish fan, hence, Dominatrix and male sub. But I do have a significant amount of "switch ability" within and so, it's good to know that there is something different out there that caters to a male lead.

This is definitely something I can get into. I've always considered myself a sub but something was missing.

See if you can pick up a copy of ‘captive of Gor’ or ‘slave girl of Gor’ you can get aecond hand copies of them on ebay and similar for next to nothing, I think you may enjoy them :)

I have read about Gorean culture before but this was the most insightful and personal thing I've read about it! The books sound really cool! i would lovee to be a free woman with man slaves lol ;) Are there are any movies that are actually good?

The closest movie that is anything like what Gor sets out to be is ‘John Carter’ there are two rather old so called Gor movies but they are cringeworthy! :D .. you may find this page interesting, that is about the male slaves that were ‘easy on the eye!’ :D

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For those wanting to look at interesting quotes from the book series, or rather look at particular  aspects of what is Gor, I find here about the best site:

The 6 legged cat (called a ‘sleen) “I saw the sleen, this time a fully grown animal, some nineteen or twenty feet long, charging toward me, swiftly, noiselessly, its ears straight against its pointed head, its fur slick with rain, its fangs bared, its wide nocturnal eyes bright with the lust of the kill." — Outlaw of Gor, page 36.
So, who wants to encounter one? LOL, less of ‘here kitty kitty!’ And more like ‘RUN! HIDE!!!

Thanks for teaching me something new!

Glad you enjoyed it :x

:A great read!

Thanks :x

This was so interesting. Very good read.

Glad you enjoyed reading it  :x

You explained that really well! I'd never heard of this before.. Must check out these books!

They are worth a read people lift different things from them, there have been a couple of films way back that did no justice tothe books and just came across as trashy, the best film to watch as a close to I would say is John Carter

A very interesting read!!!(Y))<3

Thanks xxxx

Glad to see this finally got used, i just YIPPEED and scared my poor cat! LOL

Love it <3

Thank you :x

Very cool fetish! I've heard of the book but it was in an advanced literature class. I never thought to apply it as a lifestyle so I think that's awesome. Thanks for sharing this fetish! <3

You are very welcome :x

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