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Weight Lifting W/ CamGirlJade

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How did you get into lifting weights?

Once upon a time, I had a dream of being a professional dancer. I put everything that I had into it, at a time when I was also struggling badly with body image issues. I ended up doing a number on my body, and through a series of injuries and skeletal issues (plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, scoliosis, etc.)

I ended up with chronic myofascial pain, and in turn, very weak atrophied muscles. From there, I spiraled, and my life got smaller and smaller. I lost the ability to work normal jobs, depression set in, and I became scared and hopeless.

Luckily I knew that an old friend of mine, a big brother figure from my past, was a strength and conditioning coach to Olympic level athletes. When things got terrible, I called him out of the blue after having been out of touch with him for years. He wanted nothing more than to help me, and he started me on a rehab program that turned into a love of fitness for me for fitness' sake, no longer to look a certain way, but rather to finally feel better.

Has it improved your life?

Has it ever! In the beginning, I struggled to do basic exercises. Now I do full body workouts regularly, and I don't get tired by my daily life like I used to. Although at times I've taken it too far and either made my pain temporarily worse or put so much time into it that I've sacrificed other important things. Balance is key, and it's teaching me that. It's easy to get carried away and get obsessed with it, but not everyone who starts lifting weights has to start planning for their first competition. :P

That being said, I can also turn to it for a constructive escape when things in my life are difficult or chaotic. It's become a routine that brings me a sense of peace and satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and a feeling of self-love.

Image titleHow is it challenging?

It requires consistency, something that I've always struggled with. If I don't feel like doing it one week, and I don't, I will start to backslide. I've always been a very diligent person, but not the most disciplined one. Weight lifting is teaching me to be a bit of both. It also has a learning curve, and it requires patience.

Does lifting make you a better MV Star and content creator in any way?

I'd say so. It helps to keep me in the mindset that I want to be in, which is calm, content, confident, proud, and ready to make things happen! The fact that some members are into the look that it brings is a bonus. I don't want my life to ever revolve around that piece of it ever again.

Some women don't lift because some men think that getting too swole is "unfeminine" and "unsexy" what do you say to this?

I say that being fit and healthy is one of the most important things in our lives, and no one's opinions should sway us away from having that as a goal. All people should lift weights at some point to prevent the muscle loss that naturally comes with aging, it just depends on what you train for.

If you train for endurance, which realistically we actually need in our lives, you will have long, lean, toned muscles, not bulky ones. Lifting at a weight in which you can do 12-15 reps will help you to be healthier, without increasing size. Large bulky muscles, the kind that you get from lifting heavy weights, aren't actually generally that functional for our domesticated lives, and functionality should usually be our goal.

Basically, I think that there's a lack of education on why weight lifting is vital in these cases, and how it can be done differently to cater to every and anybody.

Image titleDo you make any lifting fetish vids and will be more coming? Are you interested in exploring this talent from a fetish standpoint?

I don't have any yet unfortunately! I do have daydreams of having someone come to the gym with me and follow me around with a camera while I work out. I think that the women that I see at the gym in the weight lifting section that have clearly been at it for years are the HOTTEST. That sustained commitment to getting what one wants is the sexiest thing.

I can't wait to be on that level and to make vids that celebrate all of the hard work that it takes/how arousing it is both physically and psychologically. I like the idea of a sweat fetish too. I always like it when I get a little sweaty and animalistic during workouts. It's so primal and sensual.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into lifting?

Start working with someone who knows the human body really well, preferably a Kinesiology grad at a minimum. Not just any personal trainer will do! It's so important to lift properly! The smallest postural mistakes can cause significant problems down the line, possibly immediately. Also, honor where you're starting from and don't compare yourself to anyone else.

The beauty of weight lifting for personal gain is that you're only in competition with who you were yesterday. Appreciate and celebrate all benefits, big and small! Any steps towards better health, no matter how small, are worth taking.


Beautiful lady. I'm trying to tone up. This was informative.

Nice interview, you're stunning. <3<3

this a nice article, and I like your outlook

I got into fitness recently. I will correct the figure and become like it :]

Absolutely loved this post. I’m really into powerlifting and the change being in the gym has had on me mentally and day to day is incredible. I really would love to look into the more fetish side of this.
Whilst being thick and curvy is more my aesthetic than muscular. It’d be cool to upload some lifting content

I'm so glad that you're finding the benefits for yourself too! <3

Rina Lo Jun 30

I'm getting back into fitness and will be starting a special functional restoration program as part of my health and wellness routine through my doctor. I look forward to lifting again, although I know it'll be a few months out realistically. This post was awesome to read, and I'll be sure to look into a specific trainer.

Have you got some injuries or something? Thank you! <3

Love it and wish more people would put their health as a priority in their lives. Still don’t know why she blocked me on here but okay!

Very interesting! I've considered lifting before but I'm terribly inconsistent.   <3

Haha I know the feeling. Luckily I was off work and it was the only thing that I needed to do at the time that I put the early couple of years effort in. That was before I got tired of living in poverty and chose to try sex work again.

So gorgeous <3 I love doing weights, my mind is such a wanderer and lifting brings my head back down into my body if that makes sense.

Totally! I'm a certified yoga instructor too. Gimme all of the mindfulness and grounding!

Great Article, It very opening but also have a trustful message that everyone can walk way with

You're my favorite. <3:`(

Great post! You go girl <3

Love you!!! <3

Nice post, thanks for sharing a bit of yourself.  I just gained some new appreciation for your mind.

Great interview

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