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What exactly is sissy training?

Sissy training is a kink or fetish in which the Dom(me) offers guidance and instructions to their male sub (often referred to as their sissy) that allows the sub to explore and take on traditionally female roles. Common examples of these roles include things like being referred to by a feminine name during roleplay, body shaving, wearing makeup and lingerie, and being sexually penetrated.

Some sissies prefer to be nurtured and encouraged, while others require strict instructions without leniency to fully lean into their sissy identities. Sissy training is very commonly paired with humiliation and forced bi kinks, though such is not always the case.

How did you discover sissy training? How did you begin practicing it?

I discovered sissy training back in my vanilla camgirl days. My alternative appearance drew submissives of all sorts, including sissies, as the more traditional femdom aesthetic has a lot of overlap with goth/punk/alt styles.

I had almost zero experience with BDSM at the time but was very curious and eager to learn more as these new kinks and fetishes were brought to my attention. Whenever a sissy or other sub approached me to request a D/s cam session, I gave them two options: Walk me through it now and I’ll do my best to wing it or give me a week, and come back once I’ve researched it. After a few years of becoming more comfortable in the world of femdom, my online services became exclusively dominant, with sissy training being one of the primary kinks I provide.

Is this something you do in your private life, or is it more for your content?

Sissy training is more a part of my online world than my private life, though I have definitely seen it influence my personal preferences over time. Men in dresses turn me on, pegging (a common partner to the sissy training kink) is one of my favorite sexual activities, and I love bonding with my partners through traditionally feminine activities like face masks and nail painting. I take great pleasure in controlling my sissy subs online though, and find the experience to be both extremely rewarding and often cathartic.

What are some precautions that people should have for this fetish?

Sissy training can be both freeing and healing, but it can also open sissy subs up to painful or destructive feelings if the emotional motivators haven’t been properly addressed. Many sexual interests are inspired by something deeper. Sometimes, those things are trauma-based or otherwise rooted in personal struggle. Despite its cathartic qualities, kink is not an emotional band-aid, nor can it replace the tools that can be learned through proper therapy or counseling. Domination is also not synonymous with abuse, and subs should always feel safe with their Dom(me)s.

Is there anything you would like to share with first-timers?

I advise first-timers to do their research and communicate clearly with their Dom(me)s. Watch some sissy porn and take note of what exactly appeals to you. Is there something you absolutely want to try? Tell me. Is there something you’re not sure about? Tell me. Is there something you absolutely want to stay away from? Tell me. Are we doing something you thought you’d love, but as we play, you realize you hate it (and not in the love-to-hate-it kind of way)? Tell me. I am perceptive, but I am not a mind reader, and the more information I have to work with, the better I’ll be at creating an experience that we can both enjoy together.

Do you have a memory, event, or video, related to this fetish that really stands out in your mind?

I have a long-term sub that really stands out, with some amazing memories of the joy I’ve had in training him. I truly believe he’s expanded my world as much as I have his, and I am always happy to hear from him. Our arrangements involve a plethora of kinks, but always with sissification as a primary theme. He’s dressed to the nines when he serves me, and he’s always eager to show me what a good little sissy slut he is. One of my favorite tasks he’s done for me was a full lip-sync/dance performance to Burlesque (from the movie Burlesque). He got so into it, he came in the middle of his little performance, while locked in his chastity cage.

Image titleWhy do you think people are into this fetish?

Oh, for so many reasons, though I’m sure I could never name them all. I believe many individuals in traditionally masculine and/or authoritarian roles reach for submission, and within that, sissification, as an escape from the constant pressure to be in control and maintain status. Women are socially perceived as being more submissive and demure than men, so the gender play is an unsurprising aspect of it.

Others may simply find themselves drawn to the physical sensation of wearing women’s clothing and lingerie, or appreciating their appearance when done up. I’ve had a lot of sissies describe the feeling of stockings or panties on their skin as being extremely pleasurable. I once dated a trans woman who suggested that some sissies may also be using the fetish as a cover or outlet for dealing with gender dysphoria, such as trans women who are not willing or able to be out in their daily lives.

What goes into a great sissy training vid?

An understanding of the viewer. Most of my clips originate as customs, and I always encourage my subs to be thorough in describing what they want. If I feel a request is lacking information, I ask them to provide more so that I can create something that really speaks to them. This process has also helped me develop an understanding of what theme combos tend to resell best, which has inspired many original concept clips. For example, sissification and coerced bi tend to go well together, as do sissification and humiliation.

What would you like the general public to know about this fetish?

Because of the gender stereotypes at play in sissy training, as well as the humiliation and degradation often tied to sissification, it is seen by many as offensive and controversial. I have seen it portrayed as being misogynic, transphobic, and encouraging of toxic masculinity. While I can only speak for myself with certainty, I can say I believe I speak for most of us when I say that such is not the case. Actually, I think it is quite the opposite.

While the roles taken on by sissies during their training are referred to as traditionally female roles, I see it as an observation or commentary on how society treats and views women. It is not at all a commentary on women, or what defines a woman’s value or character. Society tells men they must be a certain way in order to be “real men”, and women must be another in order to be “proper women”. I’m not surprised that a safe way for some men to explore submission, an act they’ve been told by society makes them “less of a man,” involves taking on a female persona.

I believe effeminate men are still men, being female or presenting as female does not make someone lesser, sucking dick is not inherently feminine or submissive, and humiliating a sissy sub in a safe and consensual environment doesn’t mean believing anyone possessing those traits also deserves humiliation.

Dom(me)/sub relationships are also about respect, and even though I take great pleasure in putting my pets through the wringer, I would never take them on as my subs if I did not respect them as unique, autonomous, magical human beings. I might just not tell them that while we’re actively playing. ;)

Say something to your fans!

Some of you have been with me for years, and some of you are just starting to explore with me. I want to thank every one of you for your trust, your creativity, your obedience, and your devotion. Now, go slip into something sexy for me. I think it’s time to play. =)


GoddessDri Oct 2019

Beautifully said!

Great article!

Interesting! Thanks for sharing:x

OmankoVivi Sep 2019

Absolutely love the sissification process and kink, what an awesome and in-depth article! Thank you for taking the time to help others with this fun and creative fetish!

SMaidCarolin deleted Sep 2019

It is a long and arduous way to reach the goal.
As a "Maid of Passion" I can only confirm it. Physically and spiritually a change takes place.
It is helpful to be led by a dominant Lady, who sets the path with consistency.


Beautifully stated and outlined! Respectful and thorough ♥ Thank you for taking the time to write such a helpful and informative article!

Thanks for the read alittlekink! With love from Reddit <3

Cattie Sep 2019

I def needed this blog, thank you! Something I want to further explore fer sure.

This is an incredibly accurate & very well written. This was perfectly timed as I just began my research about this fetish today after my Husband brought it up while recording a Video on Wednesday night. This was very helpful now I am going to continue my research. Thanks so much for sharing..

Arikajira Sep 2019

Great piece, full of passion!

Awesome, I love sissy training and this was very well written and accurate.

Fantastically written! I have mixed opinions about this kink (possibly strange coming from someone like me) but you covered it with total respect and understanding of the people and thinking behind it all, and even put words to feelings I haven't been able to word myself. Bravo <3

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