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With Zac Wild!

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Here we go once again, ManyVids! It’s time for our 15 Questions series and this week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Zac Wild about motivation, content creation, travel, and so much more. Check out the full interview below:  

1. When did you get started in the adult industry?  

I got started in the industry in January of 2018. Which is quite a success story...  

2. What do you like best about being a content creator? 

The thing I like best about being a content creator is that I'm completely in control of what I put out into the world; nothing is contrived. Just pure, authentic porn for the sake of making hot porn with those who have "that" drive & vision... This also opens you up to the rest of the world outside of the professional circle of mainstream porn; endless opportunity.   

3. What was the moment when you realized this was the right career for you?   

I knew this was the right career for me when I was quite young: I was enthralled by porn! I was jacking off 2-3 times every day, and nothing could capture my attention more. I marveled at the art of “the performance” of so many of those who came before me, and now I'm meeting many of those same people that I revered growing up watching.  

I wanted to be in the adult industry since I was 18, but I wouldn't get my opportunity until I turned 28. Every talent scout and agency said I'd never make it. I was judged on everything when I applied to agencies, I was told I wasn't big enough, tall enough, strong enough, that I didn't have enough hair, the size of my dick... I heard it all.   

But eventually, something had to give, and one day I got that opportunity; EVERYTHING came into place by sheer will... 

4. You work with a lot of other performers; what’s your favorite part about collaborating?  

My favorite part about collaborating is the freedom of it all; being completely in control of what you're putting into the world and with whom you decide to collaborate with.   

For the professionals and mainstream performers, a lot of the time, we first build a great rapport on set. So, when we get to do our own thing, shooting content is even better, especially not having the pressure of being on a professional set with a bunch of people and lights.  

5. How do you like to spend your downtime? 

I spend my downtime relaxing, doing yard work, and cleaning or organizing my place. I enjoy donating things that no longer serve me. I play guitar but I’d love to get back into drums and get my own kit again. I also enjoy educating myself on the internet on what's going on in this crazy world.  

6. Drop your gym routine!  

My gym routine is extensive. Basically, do upper body one day and then lower body the next. Repeat until you're sore... and when you're sore... keep going.  

7. What’s your favorite way to engage with your fans?  

My favorite way to engage with my fans is on my platforms; the real ones know who they are!  

8. Who was your first celebrity crush? Who’s your current one?  

To be honest, I don't think I’ve ever had a celebrity crush. I had porn crushes! I grew up watching Jenaveve Jolie, Charmane Star, Briana Banks, Savannah Stern to name a few... Hollywood celebrities wish they had the courage to fuck like these badass babes.  

9. How would you describe yourself in three words?  

Describe myself in 3 words? Zac Fuckin' Wild! Or more professionally: consistent, driven, and real.  

10. What show do you most love to binge most?  

The show I binge the most is probably The Simpsons Seasons 1-13 – legendary.  

11. Where did you go on your last vacation? Where are you going next?   

The last vacation I went on was to Ensenada, Mexico. I went with someone I loved dearly. It was the first time we had ever been out of the country, so it was really something special. I think about it a lot.   

April 19th, 2021, was one of the best days of my life, and I wish I could relive it. I haven't been on vacation since.  

12. Do you consider yourself a risk taker? What’s an example?  

I do consider myself a risk taker. I've lived all over the country and worked many different jobs, so when it came time to leave everyone who I knew in New Hampshire to pursue my dream of being a professional adult star I didn't even think twice. It was... GO!   

I moved to L.A. with $900, a backpack, and a bicycle. I made it all work and now I have a blossoming career and more than I could have ever imagined. It's only getting better.   

13. What’s one thing you simply couldn’t live without?  

Honestly, I couldn't live without water. I carry a gallon of icy water with me everywhere I go. You have to if you live in LA – it's so damn hot here... It literally feels like Hell on Earth, and for many other reasons as well, so stay hydrated and drink good pH-balanced water, folks!  

14. If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?  

Being a fully grown man and carving a serious path with a career I dreamt about for 10 years... I couldn't imagine trading places with anyone in life at this point.   

I worked my ass off and put up with so much to get to where I am, so I appreciate it more than anyone could imagine. I'll never give this up – until the day I die, I'm 100% dedicated.  

15. Do you have any advice for Creators who are just getting started?  

Advice... Be original.  

Do you want to see more of Zac Wild? Check out his Profile at ZacWild.manyvids.com 

And if you want to be featured in our next installment of 15 Questions, let us know in the comments below! It’s a super fun way to connect with the rest of the MV Community and gain some exposure. 

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