Connecting with Other Creators

Learn why it's important to build relationships with other content creators!

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Despite connecting with fans through sharing content, direct messaging, and engaging in comment sections, being a content creator can sometimes feel like an isolating experience! 

That's because the constant stream of communication doesn’t necessarily negate the fact that Creators exist on little islands of their own making. Between brainstorming, creating, and editing to all the anxieties that come from being a public figure, the stresses that a content creator deals with are uniquely their own. 

But luckily, that doesn’t always have to be the case... For today’s MV Blog, we’re going to talk about why it’s important to connect with other content creators and the positive effects these relationships can bring! 

Don’t view other content creators as competition – think of them as community. 

You might find yourself feeling a little bit competitive when it comes to other Creators, and that's perfectly natural. You perform similar roles and vie for the same followers, so it only makes sense that you might revert to sizing yourself up against them, whether consciously or not. 

However, before you choose to declare all other content creators as your mortal nemeses, take a moment to think about all the potential benefits you could be missing out on, like: 

  • Professional and brand development

  • Creative inspiration

  • Support systems

  • Valuable sources of promotion 

  • Genuine, life-long friendships 

As we were saying earlier, being a content creator can be an isolating experience. So, why isolate yourself further by alienating yourself from the massive community of like-minded people who have had similar experiences? 

Creating a network with other content creators can prove invaluable to your career as a Creator! 

There are so many awesome ways that developing relationships with other content creators can impact your own practice, from emotional and professional support to creative help and resources. So, let’s spend some time really breaking down the types of benefits you can enjoy from these prosperous partnerships. 

Troubleshoot Problems 

You know what they say, “Two heads are better than one!” But what if we had more than just two heads – what if we had ten or twenty heads? Imagine the possibilities... 

In all seriousness, though, by teaming up with other Creators, you can give and receive guidance and advice on a whole range of topics. You might consider yourself a bit of an expert when it comes to getting the right angle for your shot, but you struggle with editing audio. Chances are good that there are other Creators who have the audio expertise you’re looking for and could use your help when it comes to setting up their shots! 

Share Tips 

Sometimes you don’t even realize there’s a better way to do something until you see how someone else does it. Maybe you’ve discovered a new technique for brainstorming or a new piece of equipment or software that makes editing and posting much easier – whatever it is, by chatting with other content creators in your network, you can stay up to date with your industry! 

Creative Outlets 

When it comes to finding creative inspiration, there’s almost nothing better than surrounding yourself with other hard-working people who are striving towards a similar goal. They can help you feel energized and motivated, encouraging you to stick with an idea or inspiration. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to brainstorm a new idea with or someone to give you honest feedback on your most recent Vid or photoset, Creators are the perfect audience! 


One of the best parts of developing relationships with other Creators is that you can all use your own platforms as avenues to promote one another! Make an agreement that you’ll share each other’s newest Vids, photosets, or contest entries – whatever you want. 

Your followers are all likely to share some interests, so make the most of this overlap by helping one another increase your exposure! 

Support System 

Not everything has to be 100% professionally driven, either! In an isolated career like content creation, sometimes it’s nice just to have someone to chat with who understands what you’re going through. By having peers who are also Creators, you can rely on them to hear you out and give advice. 

Providing and receiving support, building friendships, and helping one another achieve your goals – that’s what being a part of the MV Community is all about. 

We want to hear about the friendships you’ve found since joining ManyVids, so please Re-MV our announcement post and comment below and tell us who the Creators you love to chat with most are!

We can’t wait to hear about your ManyVids besties! 

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This article is spot on. I have found being a content creator so isolating and the only thing I find myself missing about my previous jobs are coworkers who turn in to close friends.

Are you going to fix video comments? At the moment comments show when using a browser that isn't logged in, but are hidden when logged in. Which presumably is because a developer has got that check backwards in the site code.

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would be great to have a model forum, or a more engaging way to chat with other creators, better notifications of comments from people in the community. and attention on the "social" feed aspect to stay connected with the creators we follow.

You're right. An area in the Forum where we Models and content creators can relate and talk freely without the public and an open area for everyone.

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Anyone else not able to get on the live stream. I was able to the last Three weeks and now the site wont let me.

Grey Gables_del
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Hey, I'm Grey.  I am starting a Manyvids, along with a Twitter and Onlyfans and alot of other outlets.

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LuluLoe Oct 9

Just hearted all your vids, seems to boost your ranking slightly, also only a dm away if you wanted to connect, good luck to you x


And good luck to you too!

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Hi Dear Coleagues of Manyvids, I am here since some years, my Content is good, But no video has been bought by anyone yet. Can you advice me?

What sre each token workth in usd

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Frejya Girasola
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I’m new and it’s been really lonely and hard to keep going because I know my content is good, but promoting is SO MUCH. It sucks to put in that effort, see little return, and keep going. I’d love to talk to others who share the same experience.

Same here. Ive been here over a month and made nothing not even on live stream.

LuluLoe Oct 9

I share this experience happy to chat over dm! X

I had manyvids account for some time but recently decided to put a lot of time and effort now that I have more experience and digital content. I hope this community is welcoming to newcomers

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Hi sweeties!! 😘😘I'm new here and I really have a lot of doubts, I would love to be able to chat with other creators, other sites of this type have not been very friendly... it's a shame...

Adventure Mary_del
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Здравствуйте, я тоже здесь новенький, напишите мне, можно ли здесь переписываться в личных сообщениях?

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fmnclub Sep 30

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MrMan00 Sep 30

hi i'm new <3

Has anyone made any money on here.

misterrobot deleted Sep 30

I do : )

New to creating content and this whole social media thing hmu for potential future collabs, sharing advice, support, and promos❣️

New here! ❤️


I love meeting other creators and supporting them 🩷 Message me anytime babes 🥰🩷😘

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That's great! Thank you <3

Fully open to chat with other creators, I’m fairly new so having mutuals/friends would be great 😊

New videos will be posted soon.
I am also available for personalized video contact me

Love this!

Any creators feel free to message. Always open to new ideas and/or sharing what we have learned thus far.

Would love to chat with other creators! <3

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FeetLady Sep 26
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Mozzbear Sep 26

Can anyone tell me how to make money, have published alot of videos. Is there a Way to attract the viewers?

Good question! Ive been on here over a month and have not made a dime. Even on live stream.

Silver_Moon deleted Oct 13

Would love to know that too! 3 weeks and $12 only. Any tips?

Do u get paid for live by the customers that watch or text

I did my first live stream. Is there a zoom on there cus I couldn't find it and I got disconnected. I made no money on it
please follow me-p--p--p-^.^:P

☆☆☆☆To all Creators☆☆☆☆

Trying to implement what I do with others on other platforms to help boost promotion for ourselves... works on my other platforms so thought worth a try here too 😁🤟

Please DM me if you're interested in Like for Like, Sharw for share or wall post for wall post 🤟🤟

Magic happens when we all scratch each others backs 🤟😁😘

Going live for first time on here soon.... could anyone give me any tips, advice etc with live on mv please? Any type of games good to play you can recommend please 🙏 😁 

Thanks in advance

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What does Re-mv mean? Sorry, still pretty new here. Only been here a few weeks <3

Trying a little something to promote one's self and you lovely lot too on here and others... In a kinda scratch each others backs kinda thing 🤟😁 
Dm me and get your creator friends who want in too to follow and dm me please, the more the merrier 🤟 once enough of us together is when promoting ourselves and each other should see results in theory 😁😁🤟🤟😘 Thank youuuuu

hi, we are a gay studio from taiwan :) open for cooperations ;)

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If u buy something from me I will advertise your link on my fetlife and Instagram. I really need to make some money so i can move.

Any creators looking for a retweet group gimmie a shout 🤟😁

I am!

Hiya I am!

Me! ❤️🥰


How do I become a creator I've been an avid user of many vids but now me and some partners decided to get in 

also what's the best way to promote ones videos and create a follower base


Patience and consistency is key hunni... I run a retweet group with another for promoting ones self on twitter... gimmie a shout if you'd like to join hunni when you're all set 🤟😁

Help!! what can I do to get people to buy my videos and store items. I have discount codes. I put new ones on every week?

Mary JD Sep 17

Always looking for established creators to work with 🩷

Hey all, looking for some new friends to colab with to create content.  Live in the US Midwest and travel to CA and FL.

Hey guys!!

Hey everyone😁

Silver_Moon deleted Sep 17

Hey!! just got here...don´t understand a shit :]:]:]

We are confused about the pictures and videos associated with our profile.  Which ones must be safe-for-work (SFW), and which ones can be NSFW?  When we click on the pencil under our profile picture, we get a popup dialog with four tabs.  It has a tab for "Avatar", "Teaser", "Portrait", and "MV Intro".  We can upload pictures for "Avatar" and "Portrait", and videos for "Teaser" and "MV Intro".  We understand when they are each shown/played.  Which ones are required to be clean and safe, and which ones can be naughty?  We got a message from support about doing it wrong, but we still do not feel that we understand the policies and expectations.  Help, please?

Really good post for newbies and more established creators alike! :)

Thanks, it was very good information!

Ciao! Hugs from Italy!

I wanted to say hello. I'm new here. I have a few videos up but I really don't know how to work this page as in finding people interested in what I do and following them.

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:3 maybe ManyVids wants to run an official discord server?

DM me if you're looking for s4s and l4l 🤟😘

would any woman like to collab with me??

New Gal here who's very happy to be part of a new community and landscape!

new videos will be going up soon.....hope you enjoy !

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Neues Bild

Any you lovelies interested in scratching each others backs with L4L's & S4S's, please DM me 🤟 I also run a group with another on twitter/X if you're interested in broadening your horizons with promoting yourself with us as a group too 😁🤟😘


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Hi all tonight and tomorrow i will post two new videos.

Good day! Page new 🥰 also vote for me on the contest Vote for ManyVids in the MV Contest Fall For Me Contest @manyvids  please feel free to contact me for create connection 🧸

hi everybody! we're new here! open for DM !

Hi, new in town. Follow us for naughty content :@

Niceee.. DM is open too<3<3<3<3

Gracias por las ideas, quien quiera podemos promocionar, mi DM está abierto a ideas.^.^

I have followed many of you, and loved a bunch of your content.  Paying it forward!!!

Hello, newbie here.

Everything is on sale 15% off

As someone with crippling social anxiety I find this terribly hard to do, especially being a country were SW is not widely accepted, but I'm always down for a virtual collab ♥

Thank you everyone for the community support. Always happy to collaborate on ideas, content creation and support. Send me a message.

Yuna_ts Sep 6


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Hey everyone I posted a new video.

I posted my first video and I know it is not as good as it can be. Any advice



This article is so helpful for all MV Content Creators.  For the newbies, first welcome to one of the friendliest and supportive communities in the adult entertainment industry!!!  The MV Content Creators truly make this site so uniquely special.  You really feel like a part of a like-minded community.  My advice for newbies, take the time to go through the MV University Series MV University Series | ManyVids ( It is TOTALLY WORTH IT!  Plus, don't be afraid to reach out to other fellow Content Creators.  I admire so many and their work is awe-inspiring.  Our DMs are always open, so send a message if you have any questions.  There are so many sweethearts here that are talented, intelligent and business and goal oriented.  <3

Thanks <3

Would love to meet some people to collab in the Pacific Northwest area

I love this advance in the app !!

yes yes yes, let's connect 🤤💖🥰

Im In MI. reach out. id love to work and collaborate

Finally on Manyvids, let's connect 🔥 🥰

Kann mir hier vielleicht jemand Helfen mit ein paar Einstellungssachen?x_x

Hallo meine Lieben :) Ich bin hier neu und hoffe auf ein gemeinsames nettes Erlebnis hier :)

maxtwink Aug 30


de medellin colombia?

San Diego creators reach out!

Sounds fun:)

HI EVERYONE  ! I am leila and i am amateur girl with biggest love - wetting and pissing !! Public wetting and also BEDWETTING  <3

les deseo exitos a todos! estoy buscando creadoras para hacer un video juntas, de Argentina, bs as. Besos y abrazos

:Aloves to share a lot of my free videos
your Asian creator, A newbie but also very interested in meeting friends
check my page

Hi everyone! If you follow me Ill follow you! Im into Stiletto heels, boobs and foot massages with Babz oil!

Anybody else have a to change or update your payout get ahold of support on their Direct deposit in yellow

for the new people : starting engaging with creators begins with hearts and ReMv. and we mostly gather on twitter (what I can mention, as MV ask our twitter accounts to connect with our sales that aint working again yet) make some connection with creators you like and write them without sucking their energy as well.
we are mostly working here... and before asking a detailed guide to MV read their rules and blog posts about it. x

What is the average length of a video.

Hi, I new here and Ive never done this before.Ive been in swinger groups but that's it. I would appreciate any advice.

Hello8-) I’m new here and definitely looking for tips and any advice anyone has. I have worked in this industry before but can’t seem to get the hang of this here. Look forward to meeting all of you ;)

Check out my page where I am open to all kinks and fetishes and vids are always on sale 10-20% off! Customs are open! Get 25% off with Promocode: Mys52957I run a monthly top fans contest and everyone who hearts, remvs, votes, tips, leaves 5 star reviews, buys customs, and/or shops my vids gets an entry towards winning! New prizes every month and yes you can win in back to back months for simply showing up for me! I have THE BEST FANS ON MV! I hope you will be one too 😘Also check out my MVGirl page with over 300 Taboo Vids at I run a monthly top fans contest there too, so you could win twice in 1 month!

Check out my page where I am open to all kinks and fetishes and vids are always on sale 10-20% off! Customs are open! Get 25% off with Promocode: Dyr70687I run a monthly top fans contest and everyone who hearts, remvs, votes, tips, leaves 5 star reviews, buys customs, and/or shops my vids gets an entry towards winning! New prizes every month and yes you can win in back to back months for simply showing up for me! I have THE BEST FANS ON MV! I hope you will be one too 😘Also check out my MVGirl page with over 300 Taboo Vids at I run a monthly top fans contest there too, so you could win twice in 1 month!

Anyone want to collab???

Always open to collaborations


Hi I am a male Asian creator love to do Livestream here, I like kinky, toys, playing as slave.

I am a straight type and would love to connect, play fun, create content together and collaborate. 

Please message me and I will respond as soon as I can

Just keep posting and sharing! We found that sharing “your” videos doesn’t lose us anything. It helps everyone! SHARE 💋

Hey!!  I love seeing other females win!  I would love to connect with like minded baddies!  Down to collaborate! Message me

Looking for Besties 🥰 Im a Canadian BBW content creator and would love to connect with other creators and learn and give/receive support for yall.  Message meee xoxo  🍆

Hi, Im curvy and new to this. Im in the US.

Mozzbear Aug 24

Hi Will you please check my profile, i would love to hear what you Think.

Hi, check my PROFILE, i want to colaborate =)

Would love to support and share your content!

Please check out my page

I really love your content!  Keep up the amazing work Mauve Eagle <3

thank you💗

Sounds like a wonderful community :)
Follow me or hit me up, I'd really appreciate that :*

Heading there now!! Keep going gal! 💋

Leo Dee Aug 22

Привет. Я из Санкт-Петербурга, РФ. Буду рад коллаборации. Telegram:

hey, how nice to be here and meet others

Vote for @Northloverz2022 in the MV Contest Decade Throwback Contest @manyvids canadian creators msg

Nice !!!! i love this !!! Im in the US Texas !!!! Follow me LOVE LOVE to network !!!!

DCrush76 Aug 20

Any creator’s out in the Chicago/Indiana area?

Hello! I want to connect with other creators. I'm from Spain :)

Hi, greetings from Finland

Nice :) I all ^^

New here who’s in Boston and wanna hang out

Old user coming back with new content❤️ INO MV BESTIES

Cocoh31 Aug 18

Hello everyone, a newbie here, im struggling on how to upload my videos from my phone to computer, how do fox do it. thank you

Hello💕 I’m new here and definitely looking for tips and any advice anyone has. I have worked in this industry before but can’t seem to get the hang of this here. Look forward to meeting all of you <3

This is so true. I love having a community that's supportive of each other. We can all help each other succeed.

Bert2510 Aug 17


lovely cummunity :x

You're LOVELY Angeles!!!  Inside and out!  :x<3


hey there, i am looking to connect with other creators to get some tips on how to get moving quick here

Running deals on all CUSTOMS paid for via TIP!!! Msg me I'd love to create your custom virtual fantasy for you! All Store Vids 3 for $25 TIP no price limit on the vids you choose or ALL 7 of my vids for just $50 TIP! MSG ME AFTER YOU FOLLOW ME TO GET FREE NUDES! Looking forward to pleasing you soon!

This is my producer page!!! Follow it and comment Free4Follow on the pinned post for free nudes! Follow me at for your 1st vud free! Msg me on either profile to order a custom vid or photoset! SUPER FAST TURN AROUND!!! FILMING TOMORROW SATURDAY AND AGAIN MONDAY WEDNESDAY!!! MSG FOR DEALS ON CUSTOMS IF WILLING TO PAY VIA TIP OR ORDER ON MY MV GIRL PAGE TO GET 25% OFF PROMOCODE TO USE FROM THE ORDER FORM!!! has different vids from my mv girl page and cumming soon collabs with other models! Family taboo only available on my Mysti page 💋 I have the best fans ever and run top fans contests monthly on both pages! You could be a winner just for following, remving, and hearting posts! Orders get you extra entries and I choose free and paid supporters to win freebies every month! Looking forward to making your virtual dreams cum true! 💜 👑 💋

Great advice!

nyasscom Aug 15

Good luck to everyone!  My advice, just keep posting.  You never know which one of your videos will take off and propel you to stardom!:money_bags::money_bags::money_bags:

Here to entertain my members

Hi everyone we are new to this site wanted to say hi and every one come check out our pics and videos they are hot!! Love you guys hope to become friends

We are AngelRanee and MarcoBently (two professional pages) we are looking for another Female Co-Star to join us in video work and potentail live shows, Web will share all content that we all co-produce. We are safe and professional. SW Florida but will travelm for content.

Hey how do I get my name out there?!

nyasscom Aug 15

You gotta push, push and push some more!  Also, social media helps a lot.  Twitter/X is more adult content friendly than other social media platforms.

Dixie Moon
Dixie Moon deleted Aug 14

It is hard trying to get your name out there. We have popular content with our watchers but have a small number when it comes to the potential viewers out there.

nyasscom Aug 15

It won't be easy but you can do it!

brivoten Aug 13

Would love to connect with other creators in the carolina area :)

Переходи плиз на мой профиль у меня много фетеш видео для тебя. А если ты захочешь, что бы я сняла для тебя видео пиши мне и я сделаю это с любовью.

Morning everyone, I have 10 great video's up with an increadble creator, I am looking for another creator to do a shoot with. let me know, SW Florida. will travel and share content.

Hey everyone! I'm new here and just posted some videos, I'll be happy to sub 4 sub or help review and learn what I can :x

Lascio il mio contatto per una eventuale collaborazione. Mi piacerebbe girare alcuni video con altri mistress. Sono in provincia di Perugia, Italia


Вем привт! Я готова к сотрудничестве. Буду рады каждому знакомству. Давайте дружить

the content manager is broken again...

Hey guys, I'm new here! If anyone wants to drop a quick hi, I'll swing by your profiles to check them out and give a like. Let's support each other! Feel free to share your Insta too – mine is @Breeze_lou.😘


¡Hola! Me encantaría intercambiar me gusta 🥰 escríbeme 😘

Follow me on  my instagram @goddessanitta98

Hi all 😘
I am new here from yesterday.
Would love to engage!
19yo from Odessa, Ukraine
@karinasmoking on Twitter, IG

Open to communication! :AO:)

BrazilDuo deleted Aug 8

Promoción en todos nuestros videos por 24 horas con el 75%, aprovecha la promoción 🔥🔥. Link:

Custom Vids Open! Taboo is my expertise and I am fetish friendly with over 300 vids in my store ❤ PromoCode: Mys47638 for 15% off your custom at check out or screenshor what boxes you check in the order form and the final price then msg me those for an even better deal if you're willing to pay via Tip 😘 I film Mon-Thursday so get your orders in now to get them back this week with fast turn around! Follow Me then comment Free4Follow on the vid you'd like to get your 1st vid from my store Free!

Would love to connect with other creators! i'm new here as well:submissive_slut::yesbaby-2:

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

¡Hola! Te he añadido a Twitter, yo también soy nuevo ahí y todavía no sé muy bien como manejarlo, no suelo utilizar las redes sociales.😘😘

hey y'all! I am still trying to figure out the site and would love to connect with others. are there any groups on like discord or anything?

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

I’m very new at this site and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing!

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

Would love to connect with other creators why don't you check out my content!

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

Over 300 vids in my store! Taboo Done Right and I'm fetish friendly! Customs are open! Screenshot the boxes you check and final price then msg me and I'll give you a deal if you pay via tip! Now filming 3-5 day/week so fast turn around 😘 Follow me then comment Free4Follow on the vid you'd like to get your welcome vid as a new fan FREE! Free votes in every contest will always win you freebies at the end of every contest just for showing up for me and I host a monthly Top Fans contest! Everyone who votes, remvs, hearts, orders or tips, and/or leaves 5 star reviews gets an entry ticket for every way they show up for me! Winners announces the following month along with prizes!!! I have the BEST FANS ON MV!!! I hope you'll be one too 😘

Scandi_Rose deleted Aug 3

New here, always happy to make new friend :)

Let's be friends!

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV! Huge deals again! 10free votes -5 vid,5$-3pics,10$-5vid, 15$-sexting+nudes,25$-10m custom,50$-panties,75$-all 416 videos, 100$- 30min custom video or video chat, 150 and 200$- surprise boxes, 300$-one year access, 400$-lifetime access, 500$- lifetime access+service on your choice, 1000$ - husband experience - lifetime access, custom video, video chat, Snapchat plus nudes, sexting and store item.

Snatchd Aug 3

New York Fairly experienced Looking to collaborate with any females (taking all applicants) or Couples.. Especially Female couples :p as my partner is bi :P:woohoo-25:


Fairly new here. Open to connect!

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

hi ! always up for connecting !

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

Follow me and claim your 1st vid free by commenting FREE4FOLLOW on any solo vid in my store ❤ OMW to get y'all who claimed free vids for your votes last night! It's just been a busy day, I have not forgotten about you 😘 PROMOCODE: MYS47638 for 15% off Custom Vids! I am fetish friendly and taboo is my specialty! Leave 3 5star reviews in 1 month and get a free vid! Vid chats open 3-7pm CST or anytime if you order and pay 24hrs in advance. 3 way vid chats or sexting available with RowdyRandyy if y'all are interested let me know! BUNDLE DEALS STARTING AT $100-600, SEVERAL INCLUDE BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE WHICH GETS YOU MY FULL ATTENTION FOR WEEKS! Snapchat is FREE for anyone with an MV account @mystimajesti420 just send me your mv name within 24hours of joining. Top fans get into an exclusive snap group to recieve downloadable pics and vids. All snappers have the option to join my free Live Show announcement group. Thank you all for showing up for me with your remvs!


AdelHot Jul 31



Hi all! I am 1135 MV score and looking for connections for mutual promo here and on my twitter (which is really young!) Let`s connect! :)


Hola! Great, I`ve just followed you!(Y))

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

Hola!!! Yo también estoy interesada😘

I would love to connect with other models here! This is so important to work together and help each other!

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

Hola!! Estoy interesada

2 Bake Jul 30


My Latina girls 💖🫶🏼 lets be friendssss ✨💓💖

Hey, I'm 694 MV Girls and my MV score is 2124 
If someone is interested in mutual promotion here, then let me know
(if your rating does not differ by more than 1000 from mine)
We can make a pinned post for each other for a week with a link to the store 
Or we can do something together online, I'm open to interaction 💗

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

Hi, i live on portugal and am new here ... hope to know you guys


I’m new as well and have no one following me yet I’ll follow back!

In it together 🙌🏻🥰 xx

I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!
Btw... I used to live in Hesperia, Ca 😂 so love the name!


I just started a new group on X, formerly Twitter. If you wanna add me there I can add you to the group to answer MV questions and collab ❤ @MystiMajestii is my name on that app/site. Welcome to MV!

It's RowdyRandyys BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Do me a favor please and go check out my friend's page and order a vid or leave a tip or heart her vids and posts to celebrate this amazing new model here! Shes such a sexy curvy cumslut! I just know y'all are gonna love her! If you do love her and want to order a 3 way vid chat, sexting, or matching photoset from her and I together message me! You can also tip both of us and then message me on Snapchat @mystimajesti420 so I can add you to a group just the 3 of so we can get started playing! Birthday July 29th! End of Summer Party End of Aug! Reserve your spots now to get these early bird prices of just $50/model and get a vote on which day we run the party where you will recieve a 3 way vid chat, all day sexting, and downloadable pics and vids worth far more than the $50/model price! August 20th the price will go up to $69/model for last minute shoppers 😘Msg me for more details

Aw I'd love to connect with other creators but I suck at that kind of stuff still lol. I've tried a few times but think it just kinda naturally dies off/ they weren't interested in talking more. Any creators ever wanna chat or exchange tips feel free to msg me :]

Msg me on twitter! I think we're in the same remv group and I'd love to chat and become friends ❤ My snapchat is in my MV bio too if you wanna add me there! I started a snap group for models to collab in and exchange tips and show up for eachother.

Would you mind if I joined too? I've been looking for a group like this! :)

Sometimes I find connecting difficult on certain days... but surprisingly, I am a true Introvert.  You are really such a valued Content Creator of this wonderful MV Community BustyMegan!  Never forget that :x<3

I'm looking forward to exchange with other creators !
Let's connect 🥰

Katie Starling
Katie Starling deleted Jul 27

Ive been friends with Sloan, Fiona, Lilli, Jolie and a few other MV creators & creators from other platforms but we mainly know each other well from twitter and other platforms..I rarely get on MV but saw this post and its very true never think of your fellow creators as competition..I have made many creator friends online and we all have been there for each other for quite some time now especially since were all a bit more taboo then most so it creates even harder tracks for becoming successful or even finding ways to keep your content up can be challenging so we always tell each other the best spots and ways to stay independent and happy!

We are also always there to vent and cross promote each other! Trust me when I say cross promotion and having those friends can make huge differences in more ways than you would guess!

Much love to All Creators

Im right here for you Babby sweetzzzzzz


A very useful topic. I'm glad you wrote about it<3<3<3

I would love to Connect with anyone i do travel I'm from Chicago IL lets Network and do some collaborations...... and also looking for feedback

Chicago/Midwest USA creators hmu

Southside Chicago 83rd Commercial

Customs Open! to all kinks, fetishes, and taboos! Snapchat is FREE right now! @mystimajesti420 just msg me your MV name within 24hours of joining so I know you're 18+. Special FAVORITES group on snap for my regular shoppers to get exclusive NUDES!!! Live Show Notifications and Deals group open to everyone! Cum see what I have to offer! Buy me a gift off my wishlist and get an incredibly sexy thank you vid and photoset when the gift arrives 💋 Let me show you how appreciative I can be...
💜 Mysti 👑 Majesti 💋

MsPearl Jul 25

Anyone from South Africa let's connect

I’m South African

MsPearl Jul 26

Where in SA m n Jhb

Neya Cay Jul 24

Hey guys, I'm new here looking forward to connect with you beautiful people♥️


BlazersVIP_del deleted Jul 23

New here!! Would love any help getting started! Also, in Idaho and interested in collabs if anyone is close!

I've always felt safe and supported here on MV :manyvids_verified: and this is another reason why I love it here! I'd love to build something with other creators and collab on content, but for now I'm excited to start a Support SW on my Feed every Sunday <3

Love you and your content Sweetbabyvixxi!  :x<3

CELEBRATE 300 VIDS WITH ME!!! $50 TIP FOR ALL 300 OF MY VIDS!!! All vids are 5 star rated except the ones that don't have ratings yet because they're new! Use promocode: Mys47638 at check out to save 15% off your next CUSTOM VID! Nearly all 300 vids were custom orders so I'm celebrating my fans!!! Msg me for other tip deals ❤Thank you for following me, showing up for me, and for being ligit the BEST FANS EVER!!! I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YALL!

Also if you are not from Argentina and you follow me and spread the word, I will also do the same.

Would love to have some friends from here and collaborate 🫶🏼 if you ever come to argentina hit me up! 💓✨🥰

heyyy I'm from Argentina

I would love to meat some new friends my ears are open to any and all happy real people. Western Washington

Would love to have some friends from here and collaborate 🫶🏼 if you guys ever come to Costa Rica hit me up! 💓✨🥰

I’d love friends 🥰

Pretty new in here, let's be friends yall 💖

Latina pareja disponible para colaboraciones escríbeme saludos a todos:x:x

Hey all ❤️

I’m new here and could use some friends also

Hey yall! Im new here and looking to make other creator friends for pointers and maybe a collaboration?

عزيزي Hello, dea

Disponible y activa para hacer colaboraciones enviarme un MD saludos a todos los creadores/@

as new content creator (partner and i both) we both feel extremely isolated this blog is so accurate! we are lookin for other creator friends over here! and anything else u wana offer!

Would love to collaborate with someone, please send me a dm!

My MV bestie is Alessakitty1 ❤️

misterrobot deleted Jul 19

New creator in the adult industry with 15 years background as professional video / photographer.
If anyone is stopping by in Thailand, feel free to reach out to collaborate, can connect with few open minded models & creators. Let's follow each other and grow together ! 
(I'll follow back anyone)

I'll share on my profile behind the scene, what I shoot with, how, light used, camera etc..
See you soon ! 
Let's connect today 🔥

Collaboration and supporting one another is key!

We offer free promo's on our 13k Twitter page. Dm us. We support all our fellow creators.

Привет! Поддержи меня пожалуйста я новенькая и хочу продвигатся в этом деле. Спасибо.

Amazing article!!! 
I would LOVE to make some content with other creators in the NYC area! DM me if interested 💋

Good Afternoon Alexis. Love your work and would be interested in working together/sharing knowledge. Are you willing to travel to shoot content? I'm in NC.

I love them all! Helping each other is awesome and always follow back and vote for models who does that for me! :) Upcoming soon new couple videos with Sexychubbyman! I still searching for a woman to create videos together!

For fans:Last 30 hours on the contest i open exclusive offer as never before! Join my club for 12 month for only 50$ only till the end of the contest! And fun begin now - you will unlock all almost 800 post with 670 explicit videos+you will get access to all my 407 full length taboo and fetish videos+10 min custom video! Are you impressed?:P

Thank you to you gorgeous Mommysexqueen and the adorable Sexychubbyman for your constant support!  <3

Love all the creators of what is on this platform, you are immensely fascinating and juicy to watch! :A:W:W:W


I dream that I would be able to make some  SPORT SEXY content with some creator :(

we do and always did.
there's some lovely people in here

You are also one of the loveliest people in here LukipelaSexy!  I am just loving your collabs with MorganGoesWild <3

This is such a AMAZING Blog article!!!! Over the years, I have met the most AMAZING WONDERFUL people the MV Community is, we are there for each other and support one other, that whats makes MV so damn special!!!  Glad to see the MV Blog Articles back🥹🥹🥹😍. I am a MV Veteran haha, MV Stars over the years have DM me for tips etc questions about the platform and so, if any of you that are newbies etc want some tips in anything or so, do NOT be shy to DM me! My DMs are always open for new creators and so that want to start and be part of this beautiful MV Fam Community we are! 💕

You are AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL and such a talented Content Creator Bootydevine!!!  So supportive and a valued part of this beautiful MV Fam Community <3

On here, I've found so many great creators willing to help before I've helped them in promotion, contests or just in general. I feel the sense of community so much more than other websites, together we grow so much more quicker and can share joy with others small or big wins whatever they maybe.
Discord is a good place to find different communities as well, you can find links on twitter through searches

I'd love to make some content with other Canadian creators! ^^

I would love to collaborate with someone, Please DM me if you are interested.

I would love to collaborate!  I am a fan of your work and also Canadian living in Ottawa.  Apologizes for seeing this message only now.  I have been sick for most of the summer but am now recovering.  Anyway, if you live nearby, DM me if you are still interested.  I think we could come up with some hot content together!  <3

Anyone got any tips on how to start. I have done a few scene I haven't posted them all doing it monthly to save them. Trying to do more collabs but not sure where to start. Hope some fellow creators can help me some advice. Thanks

Ask around, stay professional in your messages to fellow creators, you're probably going to get rejected a few times but don't give up.
There's a few groups on discord and twitter for similar things where you get to know other creators and might find some near you

fiestry Jul 17

I enjoy being a part of this community. I’ve met many people who I consider friends and peers. And you’re right, two heads are better than one. Seeing how others navigate the adult industry is inspiring and helpful.

nina knightbloom
nina knightbloom deleted Jul 17

Sometimes it feels lonely 🙁 but I do like the solitude to create something on my own yet showing it to others and receiving tips from fellow creators really gives me a lot of joy. So many beautiful souls I have on here and who inspire me every day. I don't see them as competition but fellow creative souls who I admire :)

This really is a great article! It is so important to feel like there are others that you can talk to and connect with not only about work but about more personal things as well. I have recently connected with several amazing and truly kind, caring creators on MV that have helped ease those feelings of isolation and make day to day life better in general.

This is such a great article! This can be such an isolating job and it’s super important to find other people in the community who can relate to your life. Just not to feel like you’re in this alone. 

Glad you brought this MV!

Exactly! ❤️

can someone help me be a content creator?

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