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"...have her suffocate me with all her parts till I cum."

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On MV EXPOSED! today I am interviewing a lovely MV girl named Charlette Webb. To be honest, the moment I arrived on her profile I knew I had to interview her. I was in total girl crush mode. Something about her perfect body, feminine features and edgy tattoos really makes her a prime example modern society's ideal babe. Shes a little bit of sugar, and a whole lot of spice & with her irresistible content she is hard not to love! Lets begin!

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MV: Can you start by telling us all a little about yourself?

Charlette Webb: I am a bisexual women who loves fitness and art. I have a very open mind to people and their views of life. Five foot one I am very small and size 7 in shoes. I usually dress skater on my days off and love being super girly for you guys on cam. I play guitar, ukulele, and can't live without some body of water near. I would go mad. My sexuality I am becoming more and more proud and ok with what turns me on. Thank you guys who have talked to me and listen. As you know with time you change as fetishes do. It's nice to be able to talk to openly sexual people to feel normal and have support, as I never really had that growing up.

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MV: I noticed on your MV profile you have a stripclub listed which means you are an exotic dancer. When did you start stripping & when did you start making adult content? Which were you doing first and how did you transition?

Charlette Webb: My 2 year anniversary is coming up! November 28th is when I became a exotic dancer and about two months after that starting caming doing both. I just came to grips with who I am and my perverted side, I love teasing and it turns me on knowing I'm in control of my room and dance floor, also the freedom of working for yourself. I used to be a server and they didn't treat you that well giving me 4-5 hour shifts 6 times a week and such making me close till 3 am and open at 8 am knowing I lived almost a hour away.

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MV: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of working in the sex industry and being beautiful?

Charlette Webb: Fitness, surfing, skateboarding, playing guitar ukulele, traveling, having sex allot, drinking on the beach, cooking amazing whole natural foods.

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MV: If you could film vids with any adult star in the world (either famous or less known like a camgirl, etc.) who would it be and why?

Charlette Webb: Christy Mack I've always had the biggest crush on I've seen almost all her work and she's just a dream girl of mine. I would love to do some domination double sided dildo play with her. Also have her suffocate me with all her parts till I cum lol ugh

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MV: When it comes to making plans, what can we expect from you in the future in regards to creating vids? Any ideas?

Charlette Webb: I would say a few more cowgirl riding videos and hitachi play, sexy ice cube nipple and clit fun. A outdoor pool masterbation show at my parents house with no privacy fence. I sexy outfit tease video. Also going to be updating other services like customs/posters/ and more.

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MV: Your tattoos are awesome! Tell us a little about them. Which is your favorite and why?

Charlette Webb: I started my collection of tattoos/addiction when I joined the Coast Guard, most of them have to do with my past experiences that have changed me as a person. My favorite tattoo is my Hamas tattoo on my hand it reminds me and protects me against my own and others envy, hatred, disease , misfortune.

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MV: Majority of your vids on MV contain squirting which is SO HOT! When and how did you discover your talent of squirting? Do you have any other talents we should know about?

Charlette Webb: My talent of squirting was found at around 17 when I started dating a guy who had a very wide dick. When I hit the back of my wall and just makes me eject. At first I was a little embarrassed of it until I learned about the fetish I met you guys on cam and since then I've learned to enjoy it ohhhh and how I have lol.

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MV: You have a few double penetration vids as well. What was your first DP experience like?

Charlette Webb: Double penetration for me is so extreme you're getting so many nerve endings touched and played with. I've noticed the orgasms are harder and lasts longer. My first DP experience I was about 18 my boyfriend at the time would use his penis and a toy at the same time since then I've been a freak.

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MV: When it comes to being an MV girl and hosting your content on the website, what is your favorite thing about the website and platform?

Charlette Webb: I love how easy the platform is just uploading is two clicks and put all the information I'm done easypezy. Also that I've made new clients.

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MV: Can you share a dirty little secret or fun fact with your fans? Something they would be surprised to know about you!

Charlette Webb: I never was in the foot fetish until I started camming and now it drives me so crazy I can't believe I never used my feet before.

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Please finish the following sentences so our readers can get to know you better:

My favorite tattoo is: Hamas tattoo on my hand.

I love it when: you massage me head to foot before you get inside me.

My favorite food is: sushi

If I could change bodies with anyone for one day it would be: Justin Bieber

My favorite drink is: angry orchard with a shot of fireball.

The sex toy that has given me the most orgasms would be: Hitachi

My favorite position is: doggy

My pet peeves are: Being close minded, being hateful such a strong word, and littering.

My dream vacation would be: Hawaii big Island.

I love my fans because: they think I'm sexy enough to masturbate to which makes me feel so strong and turn on.

Big hugs & many thanks to the wonderful Charlette Webb for letting us in, and getting to know the real her. If you are wondering where to watch her in action you can head to her ManyVids profile and help yourself to a tasty treat! Warning: if you love bad girls with tattoos who squirt, get kinky and still look cute doing it, you may become highly addicted! ;)

Luv the ink!💕

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Lovely <3

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Wow beautiful!

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Nice work Charlette.

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