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"Just as we finished and were pulling our pants up another car pulled up behind us..."

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I approached MV girl LeilaniLei to do an interview with me for MV EXPOSED & she was just as excited as I was! She was a pleasure to work with and was just as fast and efficient as she is adorable & sweet. Let's meet the business woman behind all of these great porn and fetish vids: Leilani Lei!

MV: Leilani, can you tell us all about how you got started in this industry? When was it? And what were you doing prior?

LeilaniLei: I used to be in the mortgage industry until 2008 when the housing market crashed. I was driving home from my 3rd layoff in 2 years thinking I needed to change industries. What sells in a down market? Alcohol and sex! Maybe I should capitalize on the Milf craze and go into the porn business. When I got home with my box of stuff, I made the remark, maybe I should go into porn. My daughter told me to check Craigs adult gigs ads. A couple of months later after countless resumes were submitted I checked the ads. I saw a few about cam models. Started researching and became a cam model in October 2010. A year later I got an offer to do a shoot for Score's 40Something site. And it grew from there.

MV: Looking at your profile, and knowing that you are 51 years old, I am honestly taken aback. Your body is rocking. You are in such great shape, and you bring a level of "unexpected" sexyness to the world of older models. How do you embrace your age and wear it so damn well?

LeilaniLei: I don't think about age much. When I became 21 I was legal in every sense and used that age for years. lol Until one day my son came home from Sunday school with a picture of the family. Dad was 30, Mom was 21, son was 6 and sister was 3. I was 27 at the time. What's the saying? That went over like a fart in church! lol Honestly I just don't think about my age. I just am. :)

MV: You specialize in the fetish content & are loved by many in the fetish community. Which fetish would you say is your favorite to shoot? And why do you love it so much?

LeilaniLei: Foot Fetish due the variety within that fetish. Although I really enjoying tickling and being tickled too. I started with the hardcore xxx porn before moving to fetish work. Currently I do both.

MV: Is there anything or anyone you would like to do but haven't had the chance to yet?

LeilaniLei: My dream is to work with Evan Stone, Shane Diesel and Jesse Jane.

MV: What is a regular day in the life of LeilaniLei like?

LeilaniLei: Regular day?? lol I try to film one day a week, cam 3 days a week and edit, post the other 3 days. I have several sites I run and more are planned.

MV: What is the most crazy or spontaneous thing you have ever done?

LeilaniLei: My husband is retired military. We were stationed in Italy for 2 years. Merlin's ship went out for 3 weeks. We were to meet in Genoa at the ferry dock. Me and the kids had taken the ferry from the island of Sardegna to Genoa and Merlin took a train from France to Genoa. He got in the car and we were headed to Germany for a camping trip. On the autobahn there were signs that said SOS along side a dirt turnout. After passing several we came up with Sex On the Side as a meaning. A few more signs go by and we decide to turn in and have sex on the side. He bent me over the hood of the car at about 3am and fucked me good on the side of the autobahn. The kids were young enough to sleep through it. Just as we finished and were pulling our pants up another car pulled up behind us. Did they have the same idea? lol

MV: You seem very petite, tell us, how petite are you?

LeilaniLei: I am 5 feet 1 inches tall. :) My measurements are 34-27-34. I didn't find a bra to fit me until I was 37. Victoria's secret came out with 34aa bras. They fit my tiny tits perfectly! My feet are a wide size 6.

MV: Can you tell us about your first g/g experience? Spare no details!

LeilaniLei: My first g/g shoot was with 2 other girls. I was always partial to girls but never explored that side of my sexuality. I was so excited to finally play with a girl! When discussing the scene I told them I had never eaten pussy and wanted to eat both of them, then we could play with toys. lol One of the girls was on a vegetarian diet .. on my god .. she tasted so sweet! It was so much fun exploring there bodies and playing with them. One of the girls squirted and I was up close watching as it was my first time seeing.

MV: You joined the ManyVids family in August. So far, what has your experience on our site been like & what is your favorite feature?

LeilaniLei: I love the site! I can offer my videos along with everything else all in one place. I love the add on features to items for sale, no other place I have tried has that. Or being able to put videos on sale. ManyVids has some of the best features.

MV: Can you share a fun fact about yourself that is probably unknown to your followers & fans?

LeilaniLei: I am such an open book not sure if there is anything unknown. lol ah thought of something. Most don't know that I used to be painfully shy. A quiet shy sheltered un-confident person until well into my 20's.

Please finish the following sentences so our readers can get to know you better:

Someone I consider to be my role model in this industry would be: all independent producers and performers creating their own unique work.

The most memorable gift I have ever received is: from a philanthropist.

I had the most fun shooting my vid called: all of them! lol

My favorite food is: Hamburgers

My dream vacation would be to go to: anywhere tropical, preferably an island.

Five things I can't live without are: water, sex, food, music and something I will leave unnamed on public record. :)

My biggest turn on is: the thought of sex

My pet peeve is: arrogance

I love my fans because: y'all are the ones that got me to where I am and y'all are still asking for more! Y'all rock! Hugs and love!

Thank you so much Leilani, you are a real doll! We are happy to have you as one of our MV girls & we appreicate all of your hard work. You set the standards high for older women in the industry, and pave the way for those who are unsure of themselves. Your confidence is loud, and your sex appeal speaks in volumes!

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