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Custom Jerk Off Instruction, Jerk Off Encouragement, Ruined Orgasm, Dirty Story JOE, Foot job and foot job JOI/JOE, Light Anal Play and Pussy Play, Stocking and sock fetish, Striptease.

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Hi miss Julie! Can you message me directly, I am looking for a couple custom vids please and thanks !

Hi can we discuss another custom video before I order? Let me know.

Hey Julie
Do you do interracial customs with BBC dildo by any chance?

Sailor here, hopeful that you can do another custom video. Let me know ;)

Hi Julie, I'm interested in another custom vid. Can you pls message me. Cheers

Hey there, could you message me I’m interested in a custom?

Hi. Are you available to DM me about a custom request? Thank you😊

Hi I’m interested in a custom if you are doing them could I get a msg when u have a chance

I’m interested in a custom message me when you get a chance

Gofoto34 May 30

hello I did a custom a while ago and it was amazing are you filming more customs?

Hey julie , do you still doing custom videos ? would like to buy ....

Hi. Are you doing customs? Please message me if so. I’d like to order one and have a question

Are you taking custom orders?

c_rags2000 deleted Apr 21

Please dm me for a custom

Nesse007 Apr 10

hey can you pm so we can  discuss a custom vido

Hi, could you please message me about a potential custom?

hi if you have some time can you dm me regarding a possible custom?

Would love to discuss a custom with you : )

DA1234 Dec 15

Hey ordered & paid for a custom a little while ago

Can you message me about that?

Gofoto34 Nov 2022

you ever do a custom and sell the thong you wore in it

Test11111 deleted Nov 2022

Can you DM for a custom?

Interested in doing a military appreciation video. Deployed husband video chat etc. Please let me know.


Hello,                                                                                            Im so sorry. I kept hitting “return” to start a new paragraph but it would just submit as a comment. I apologize profusely.                                                     Very respectfully,                                                Sailor

Gofoto34 Oct 2022

hello dont know where to ask you do you ever sell thongs?

sissy_son Aug 2022

Hi, can you please DM me regarding a custom clip? x

Chinat Jun 2022

Hey, would love to order a custom. Please DM. Thank you.

Drumzhump May 2022

Hello, just a quick question.  Do you take orders for custom girl/girl videos?  can you message me back privately please?  Thanks

Please message me about 20 min chastity sissygasm say my name

DA1234 Feb 2022

Hey! Still doing Customs?

DA1234 Feb 2022

If you are DM me

Gofoto34 Feb 2022

hello are you doing custom videos at this time. I have a fantasy I am looking for someone to do a 10 min pov for.

DA1234 Jan 2022

Hey are you open for a custom video? Please pm.

Message me for a custom please

Jimyrwilson Oct 2021

Please message me about a custom.  Thanks.

ecko18031 Oct 2021

Hi Julie!  I hope this finds you well!  I had a question about a personal video if you wouldnt mind PMing me to answer a question that would be wonderful.  If all seems good i will happily order asap!  Thanks

Samson25 Aug 2021

Hi Julie, can you dm me about a custom please? Thanks. X

Caliborn86 Aug 2021

Would love to talk custom. Pm me thanks

bruintilldeath deleted Jun 2021

hi there could you pm me about custom?

secretsquirrel2021 deleted Jun 2021

Hi Julie, Looking to order a custom vid this week if you are free. Could you please get in contact with me so we can work out details? Thanks! Love your work

KingTrunks Jun 2021

Hey Julie, I’m excited for my custom! It should be coming this week right?

p4tr1ck Jun 2021

Hello sweetheart, would love to here from you for a kinky custom order 😘

Bgn996 deleted May 2021

Hi can you message me about a custom

KingTrunks May 2021

Do you do cuckold customs?

Hello Miss Julie, I am interested in a custom video. How can we discuss?

ttmichi Apr 2021

interested in a custom video

Doug_Allens Mar 2021

Hi Julie, I was hoping for an update regarding my pending custom order.  Thanks

Doug_Allens Feb 2021

Hi Julie, I was interested in a custom and wanted to run my idea past you before placing an order.  Please message me so we can discuss.  Thanks.

Jawnes Feb 2021

Hi Miss Julie, I hope you're doing okay? MV won't let me message you but would be great to hear from you on our last chat - no time pressure, I'm just still so very excited. Speak soon.

Jimyrwilson Feb 2021

Great videos. Please message me about a custom.  Thanks

minxiepinx Feb 2021

I’d love a custom, please could you message me to discuss. Thanks!

Fishbed87 Dec 2020

Please message me about a custom thanks.

Redevils Oct 2020

Hi J! How are u? I hadn’t seen you respond my custom video yet!  Already two months please let me know everything is ok 👌?? I hope you are safely and ok 👌 I need to know so I can give you more times thanks 😊

_Cody_ deleted Oct 2020

I’m interested in commissioning a custom video. Please let me know if you are available.

Redevils Oct 2020

Hi J! How are u?? I hope you will finishing my custom videos soon! I have been waiting for 2 months please let me Know! I hope everything is ok?? Thanks 😊

Redevils Sep 2020

Hi J! How are u? I hope you will be finishing my custom video soon? Please let me know how far are u about finishing my custom video?? Thanks 😊 my love 😍

I’d love to talk to you about a custom video.

vikingfilth Sep 2020

hi Julie, can you send me a message about a possible custom vid? Would love to buy a big one :)

Redevils Sep 2020

Hi J! How are u?? I hope you will be finishing my custom video yet??? I also hope that you will create a tilted head for my video as well 🙏🙏 can’t wait to see it ❤️

Redevils Aug 2020

Hi J! Please message about resolution about my custom video thanks 😊

Asseating2020 deleted Aug 2020

Pm plz

Send me a message i wanna buy some of your panties and the custom just wanna talk alil about the details but not a mv member so cant message you first:/

jjlam90 Jun 2020

Hey sent you a tip for the panties and custom video :)

remfrort Apr 2020

Hello Julie, mind sending me a message for a custom vid? xx

Eatsass Feb 2020

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx

Caliborn86 Jan 2020

Thanks for the follow. Would love to talk custom with you

gvanda177n Jan 2020

Hello! Can you please PM me regarding a custom script for your approval? Thank you!

Gentleman2U deleted Jan 2020

Hello, I am inquiring to see if you’re available for a custom video. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi!!! I'm interested in a custom video from you. Please message me when you get the chance to talk details. Thanks!!

BGLongD deleted Jan 2020

Hello. Please PM about customs.

BGLongD deleted Jan 2020

Still interested?

Julie Snow Jan 2020

Hi.   I messaged you back about 10 days ago!

BGLongD deleted Jan 2020

I know but I can’t write u back now.

ybeyellow77 Jan 2020

I have a question or two about a custom vid. Please pm me.

Evan281 Jan 2020

can you pm me about a custom video idea I have. thank you

darkskies8899 deleted Jan 2020

pm me to discuss a custom video idea

johlop1052 Dec 2019

message me for a custom video

luvbunz777 deleted Dec 2019

hi, send me a message please

Mat1983 deleted Nov 2019

Hey hon, I'd like to buy some fan signs but they appear to be sold out... xx

Julie Snow Dec 2019

Yes I'm sorry I don't do fan signs any more!!   But thank you

bignix deleted Oct 2019

Hi can you message me about a custom? Thanks!

bruintilldeath deleted Sep 2019

hi there hun wondering if you could pm me about a custom?

Jizzmaster77 deleted Aug 2019

Hey! Can you message me for a custom please?!

luvbunz777 deleted Aug 2019

hey, can you please message me about a custom video request? thanks!

henni13 Aug 2019

Hey love. Please pm me regarding a custom

beeaybeeay deleted Jul 2019

hey julie, how are you doiing? please send pm for custom details :)

LilWhiteBoi Feb 2019

Hi Julie;), I have a custom request, please message me back.

samsmith386 Jan 2019

Hi I'd like yo to do a custom video, could you please message me? Thanks

86films deleted Oct 2018

Hi!  Could you please message me for a custom video?  Thank you!

Hi babe, if your interested I'd like to discuss customs with you. PM.

bobbyjr2018 deleted Sep 2018

hey sexy pm about a custom plz :) thx

Hi. Can you message me regarding a custom? Thanks

id love a custom, message thanks

malice23 May 2018

interested in custom videos with an extra kinky message me

pm me for a custom script, thanks!

alligatoah21 deleted Dec 2017

Can you massage me i want a custom vid:)

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