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Hey y'all! I'm finally settled in my new place and filming custom videos again. Send me your fantasies! I don't squirt, urinate, or take gigantic toys in my ass or pussy. anything else is up for discussion. Lets have some fun!

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Interested in a 5 minute custom. Solo video no toys. I'd don't have a premium account, so I can't message you first. If interested, please message me and I can send the details.

Hello :) Could you contact me regarding a custom video? Please and thank you

I’d definitely like to talk to you about a custom.  Please message me

hey could you please message me about a custom

Do u do b/g custom videos

hi, can we talk about a custom?

Hi, Zoeytaylorxo.  I am interest in a custom vid.  PM me if you are interested. Thanx

I would like to get a custom. Message me for details if you're interested.

Love a custom message me :) yeeaaaaa

tried sending you a message to do a custom, but it won't let me says i have to sign up for premium to message you even though you've done 2 customs for me already.

Likapa deleted Jan 13

I wonder if you do custom pictures? Is there an e-mail or something so I can tell you what I have in mind?

n10810341 Oct 24 2017

You are a nurse sick with the flu. You put on a tight earloop surgical mask and gloves (please google how to put both the mask and gloves on properly) and start giving the patient a handjob. You tell him he's not going fast enough and you say "fuck it", show your boobs and start giving him a blowjob instead. 

You put the mask back on and let him cum on the mask. You take the mask off and smile.

Please pm me if it's alright to order a custom video to that.

SeymoreHiney Sep 29 2017

zoey is awesome at custom videos!

klaaspaak Jul 29 2017

Hey, is it possible to do the following custom?

Video setting:
- M4V video file with highest quality
- video shoot during daylight
- Shoot the video in extreme close up with focus on the nose

- First show your nose in front-, side-,and in close up view
- Wipe up the nose and nostrils as hard as you can with your hand/finger and handpalm and play it is very itchy. 
- blow your nose and do the boogercheck and nosehair check on your nose by Pressing up your nose like a pig
- Create a nice visible crossline on the nose by making pig nose poses with hand/finger/tape/glass. Press up your nose as hard as you can to get the cross line
- Show the visible cross line on the nose in extreme close up view during the whole video
- Show the visible cross line on the nose in front-, side, and upper view during the whole video

Looking forward to hear from you

could you please pm me about custom video idea?

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