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Could you pm me about a custom?

Hello, wondering if you take customs order w/ ashley lane?

Kimball Jun 6

Wow. I see you have a 'boy-girl' option for customs now. I'd like to make a tentative inquiry about that.

Dear Star, would you like to create yourself some excitement & joy by:

1. "Vaginal Weight Lifting" to show your pelvic muscle strenght?
     With weights, fixed at the string of a yoni-egg/ kegel-ball.
     Like TatyanaKozhevnikova and Kim Anami could lift nearly
     15kg after intense Kegel training!

2. Different thrust rhythms? (not only boring in-and-out)
     e.g. 3xslow thrusts, always followed by 1x fast thrust
     e.g. 3x half-deep thrusts, always followed by 1x ball-deep thrust
     e.g. 3x slow +half-deep thrusts, alwaysfollowed by 1xfast + ball-deep thrust
     e.g.  a thrust countdown:
            9x slow thrusts followed by 1x fast thrust
            8x slow thrusts followed by 2x fast thrust
            7x ...

3. Careful & Soft Cervix Massages to receive Cervical Orgasms!!!
     To get the cervix soft & PAINFREE via longterm & relaxing Cervix massage!
     Talking about & measuring the cervix layer/height who changes the
     position during menstrual cycle.

4. Creating of excitement & intensity by simultaneous couple breathing

5. More conversation during intercourse (no dirty talk)
    Talking about her current & next desires:
    - like her desired nextposition; INSERT -rhythm, -depth, - tempo, - angle
    - her desire of a littlepenetration break with body massaging
    - more clit & nipple stimulation, kissing

    Talking about her perception/feeling of his touch & penetration:
    - Can she feel him on her cervix?
    - How much space isleft after he tip her cervix?
    - In which position could he dive deepest?
    - Is he ather G-Spot, A-Spot, …? How comfortable feels it?

6. Smelling at each other to increase arousal

7. 100% uncut videos
     - showing pauses with body-massages for her
    - showing real intercourse in all facets

8. Sex-Position guide on 'Liberator Esse II' or 'Tantra Chair'
     With couple talk during intercourse about her perceptions:
     - How deep can he trust into her, in this position?
     - Which spot could he reach in this position? G, A, P or Cervix?
     - How easy is it for him, how easy for her, to stimulate nipples & clit?
     - How is/ changes her tightness in thisposition?
     - How good is the position for kissing & cuddling?
     - How easy is the diving/bending angle, for his penis?
      - How change the intensity ofher perception, when she change
        the angle/ layer of her: pelvis and & legs?

9. Vaginal depth measuring via a little chip in a menstrual disc/diaphragm
    and a little chip in a cock-ring => the tracked distance is the measuring

10. slow-sex start: inch-by-inch insertion/thrust

11. special vaginal massage via magnetic yoni-egg or kegel-balls inside
       and a silcone covered magnet on the belly, who will be moved there

12. couple talk & examination of her Cervical-Mucus
       like some women practice it as naturally contraception method
       Mucus-diary (because it changes during the menstrual cycle in
       consistence & color)

13. completely lube filled vagina, lube pressed out by insertion of penis

14. completely filled out vagina: empty space between penis &
       cervix or Posterior-Fornix is filled with lube filled knotted condoms

15. Toy-test, intercourse with:
      silicone labia-spreader = G-Spot stimulator
      careful sex with yoni eggs/ kegel balls togehter with penis in the vagina

c_rags2000 deleted Apr 21

Could you message me about a custom please?

Can you pm me please about a custom video idea

Handjonn Mar 30

Can you DM me?  I am interested in a Custom video.

bravobon Nov 2022

Hi, can you please dm me for a custom? Thank You 😊

Tymek1805 Jun 2022

Hi can you dm me for a custom?

mrcrow612 Apr 2022

Please DM me regarding a video chat.  Mr. Crow

qqwwqq123 deleted Jan 2022

hi! could you please dm me about a question for a video?

skateordie Dec 2021

message me about a custom please

HWaffles deleted Nov 2021

Hi can you message me about a custom please

Can you message me about a custom video please?

rebeoj Sep 2021

Hi I would like to discuss a custom fetish video with you.

OilLover deleted Jul 2021

Hey any chance you could DM please as I have a few questions regarding custom vids.  Thanks 😊

writer7860 Jul 2021

Hello :) please message me! Would love to discuss a custom vid with you, thank you!

fuckthelsat deleted Jul 2021

hi! please dm about custom. thanks!

hamlet42 Jun 2021

I would love to get a custom from you :)

Colonelsanders deleted May 2021

Hey gorgeous send me a private message about a custom video

Flsh19 Mar 2021

Can you message me about a custom?

Mrstrange14 deleted Mar 2021

Hello, may you pm me about a custom, thankyou

Thoroughly deleted Feb 2021

Hi, can you message me about doing a custom video? Thanks

writer7860 Jan 2021

Hello :) hope you’re doing well! I have a message regarding a custom, please message me when you can so we can discuss

M_AlwaysLooking deleted Dec 2020

Hi – I have a work question – can you please DM me?

Hello, I would like to discuss a custom video. Can you PM me? Thank you!

maxpatel Jul 2020

Hey, I'd love to discuss a custom video. PM me if possible. Thnks!

writer7860 Jun 2020

Hi, would love to discuss a custom with you, please pm me when you can so that we may talk details. Thank you!

tonikx39 Apr 2020

hello i would like to order custom video can we discuss details? if you can pm me thank you so much :)

Could you please contact me about a custom? Thanks.

cjst47 Dec 2019

Could you message me about a custom?  Thanks!

I am interested in a custom. Can you message me?

Barron4 Sep 2019

Hey gorgeous could you message me about a custom video idea your one of the few girls I've seen make the fantasy that I'd like lol

mapas21 Jun 2018

i would like to know if you can make the following.

I d like to see 2 (or 1 if 2 is not possible) girls dancing sexy feminine way wearing high heel sandals or stilettos 
in the kitchen next to a table 
with stacks of plates. starting throwing plates on the floor while dancing. crushing the remains while dancing carelessly. 1 girl can start dancing on the table when there is space on it and kicking plates  down while other girl uplouds. 
when they run out of plates the other girl will 
bring more and they will continue smashing untill they realize they run out of glassware and 
start laughing in satisfaction.
the type of dancing moves should be CIFTETELI or oriental style or as close to it as you can and
the background music should be as oriental as possible.
I would like the camera to be stable to capture the scene without too much zooming so everything is viewable.
thank you!!!!

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