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Currently offering softcore customs: Focus on boobs / face, lactation, squirting dildo, ASMR and JOI's Please run your ideas by me first as I don't accept all requests. I don't accept add-ons or changes after details have been approved. Feel free to email me if that's easier to send scripts, your ideas and / or outline: annabellerogersinfo@gmail.com

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Would you do a double tittyfuck with Kelly Payne? (or anybody really)

Hey can you message about a custom?

its_kev2000 deleted Nov 9

Please message me for a custom!

Tentall Nov 2

pm regarding an idea pls

connor_rags2000 deleted Nov 1

Would you message me about a custom?

Please message me about a custom

chondolo Oct 26

Annabelle, contact me for a custom please

caiodem deleted Oct 23

I’m interested in a custom video please message me about details

Can you message me?

trukbutz Sep 10

May I please discuss a naughty stepson idea with you?

eury666 Sep 3

I want an erotic dance video in white spandex leggings or bikershorts and white lingerie bra non nude one

Id love to discuss a custom! Please dm

chondolo Jul 23

contact me for customs please

Hi, I'd like to buy a custom video from you and ready to start immediately. Can you message me so I can check the idea with you please.

Terkloon Jun 30

Interested in buying a custom! pm me pls

Hi Annabelle :)) can you message me about a custom pls? :)

chondolo Jun 15

OMG you perform customs, please contact me I must get some

Hi I’d like a custom video. Can you pm me please?

Hi Annabelle,  can you pm about a custom?

doesnt Jun 3

Pm me about a custom

Pm about custom

Hi I’d like a custom video. Can you pm me please?

Hi, I'd like to buy a custom video. Can you DM me please?

Hi Annabelle, I am interested in a custom, please message back!

Could u dm me plz?

Hello,Could you send me DM for custom video please.

unreel Jan 4

Please dm about a custom

Hi, i think you are breathtaking and  i'm interested in a 20 min mommy custom.(w bath/shower scene and pov sex) please message when able. thank you kindly and happy new year!

Hello, would like a custom from you. I emailed you the idea but message me if that's easier.

dannytal Dec 19

Hi Gorgeous would love a custom can you mail me please.
Your voice is so sexy it makes me so rock hard

unreel Dec 17

Please pm about a custom

Hi annabelle, can you message me for a custom please ?

Evdawg30 Nov 2022

Hi Annabelle, I am interested in a custom, please message back

Hello Annabelle i'm interested in ordering a custom. please get back at me when you can.

trukbutz Oct 2022

Would you please message me about a custom video? Thank you!

JBfancy13 Sep 2022

Could you PM for a 10 minute custom?

aidenharmen Sep 2022

Can you please message about a custom thank you

Max691 Aug 2022

Hello, i would like a custom from you, Can you message me please ?

bastingr Jul 2020

Are you open to doing a custom but with a full bush? Look forward to your dm.

inpoltee Jun 2020

message me about a custom

Jhardxxx Jun 2020

I have an idea for a custom vid. But I kinda want to discuss it. Could you please DM me if you're interested. No rush.

I emailed re custom.  Thanks!

Elerad Apr 2020

Hi, I was curious if G/G scenes were possible? If so, can you message me about a possible custom? Thank you!

Hawhawk Jan 2020

Before I put together my commission details, I wanted to ask: do you have anything against the smell fetish?

Nope 🙂

dabuuda Jan 2020

Super interested in a series of custom videos. Will you contact me to discuss details, turn around time as well as wardrobe etc. I will want more then one so turn around time is important. Shoot me a message when you have a chance to discuss please? You are honestly one of the hottest women on MV and your videos are quality. Lets do business!

Glovelove1324 deleted Dec 2019

Please do a mom handjob but with white latex gloves

You can order a custom video of that 🤓

JennyBean13 deleted Nov 2019

Hi :) Could you please message me about a custom? Thanks :)

hairyluv888 Nov 2019

i would love to buy a custom vid, can u pls pm to discuss details

leafs109 Oct 2019

Can you message me about a custom?

Just sent you a DM!

Momlover80 deleted Sep 2019

Pm me

kurzanite Aug 2019

Just in case the spam filter eats it :). I just sent you an email about a custom video.

Hi Annabelle I have an idea for a custom video, please pm me if you are interested, thank you

Polltopp Jul 2019

Pm me

KantusXIII May 2019

Hi!  I've been interested for some time now in ordering a custom video, and I've noticed your options have changed.  I'd very much like to pay you for the right things, and I have a fairly strict budget to stay within.  Is there a way I could send a script for you to look at and be able to tell me if you consider it long or not?

Hi.  I am interested in a custom clip.  The email you listed doesn't work.  How can I order?

Raceplayguy deleted Apr 2019

Hey ms Rodgers. You are moving very rapidly towards legendary status!! 
Can you message me about couple questions I have about a couple customs I would like to order in a few weeks time?? 
Thanks. X

shakenbacon Apr 2019

Hey Annabelle :) I have an idea for a custom, please inbox me if you are interested

Misterfun24 deleted Feb 2019

Can you respond to my message plz i cant send anything until you respond with a anser :D thnx in adavance

johnjims66 Feb 2019

I'd like to order a custom, can you message me please

jdh72782 Feb 2019

Would you do a lesbian anal custom? Pm me please.

Asstro Jan 2019

Have an idea similar to your Oedipus vid, but, a bit more extreme. If you’re willing I would like to discuss the script? Thanks

Calvin_K Oct 2018

Can’t wait Annabelle to see you in action soon. You are so HOT!!!!!!!!!

Rblaine1967 deleted Aug 2018

I have a pretty detailed idea for a video to request, I wanted to make sure you're up for it before i submit the order. Thanks.

Dbaggins417 Aug 2018

Are you doing any custom vid discounts for paid votes in the Back to School contest?

Kramer8 Jul 2018

I have a custom vid request for you if you could please msg me back.

Lonewolfman May 2018

I have a custom video request. Please message me back.

Jar Jar Spanks
Jar Jar Spanks deleted Mar 2018

I'd like to ask you a question about a custom video.  Mind sending me a message?

huhu222 Jan 2018

hi annabelle. can i order a pantyhose video?

Pete3000 Jan 2018

i would like to order a custom scene . please msg me

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