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So I LOVE making custom content! I enjoy dressing up and being a naughty good girl for you! I love shooting webcam and HD videos! I am very much into dirty talking, JOI, CEI, daddy play, SPH- just to name a few! I love using fun props to shoot and trying out new things! If you have a ? about your custom idea, feel free to message me! I will let you know if it is something I will do! Can shoot videos in webcam, go pro, or with my HD Canon cameras-

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evolve Aug 19

Hi Amber, can you PM regarding a custom? Thanks

Been looking for a custom video

Please message regarding custom...thanks

Bman93 Jul 18

Hey Amber. Please message me about a custom video.

Dandr980 Jul 14

Hey, message me about a custom please

Hi Amber. Do you do Lesbian custom videos? x

Jon556 May 16

Hello, what do you think of the script below. When you agree I will make a request for a custom.

This is abreastplay/breastworship video. (5 minutes)
I like yourperformance in a sensual and subtile way.
Camera pointof view: main part of your  head to yourwaist , in front.
In thebeginning  you wear a tightshirt/top.  (no T-shirt)
begin to 1,5 minutes   (wearing a shirt/top)
Line:You say hi
Thenyou  begin to caress your body andbreasts.  You do this slow.
You pushyour arms to your breasts  andpush them together.  You repeat ita few times.
Then you putone arm below your breasts and push your breasts upwards. You jiggle a while.
Line:You ask:  do you want to see my bigboobs?
Then  you pull out your tight shirt and yourbreasts “drop out” your shirt. You do this as slow as possible.
1,5 minutes to 5 minutes
You caressyour body and breasts.

Line:Then you say: do you like what you see?

And so on with breastplay. (written in script)

can you msg me for custom video please? thank you

TWaMoDD May 4

Hey Amber! Can you pm me for a custom request?

edovas42 Apr 30

Hi Amber! I hope that you are having a great day. I am very interested in scheduling a Skype chat with you soon if you are available. Do you still offer sessions? Please msg if so. Thanks so much :)

Hey Amber! I am interested in a custom video, please pm me for details.

hey, can u please message me for a custom vid? thanks :)

i want custom vid. PM me.

I'm interested in having you make me a custom video. Please message me so that I can run it by you. Can't wait thanks :)

hi amber, can you message me about  custom? or perhaps you already have a video like it that i can buy. thanks!

Rickybobbyreturns deleted Feb 17

PM about a custom plz thx

Hi Amber! I’m a huge fan of your videos! Are you still taking custom requests?

RidingValkyries deleted Feb 12

hey, message me for a custom idea i have. it's super risky tho

hey Amber‼️ hope all is well. checking to see if you’re still accepting custom vid requests! if so pls leave a short ‘yes i do’ message to me directly here and i’ll send you the details along with my purchase of how long i’d like the vid to be. Thank you‼️😈❤️❤️

Long time fan looking for a custom if you have some availability upcoming. Nothing complex and guaranteed to be fun - hit me up, Amber!

Hello... I'm extremely interested in a custom video. Could you please message me so I can run my idea by you.. Thanks.

Hi, could you message me about a custom video?

Could you PM I have a question regarding a fetish for a potential custom video?

Qinkie Nov 24

Could you please message me regarding a custom video?

Id love a custom video, as Im a big fan! PM me?

pardy86 Nov 20

Please message me when you get a sec. Would like to do a custom video if you're interested.

Hi. I was wondering if you could make me a custom video. Please PM me when you get the chance. Thanks <3

Hi, Would you ever consider making a video similar to this one? www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph594a65bde7281

Jose2125 deleted Oct 8

Hey I have a custom video in mind can you please pm me?

Hey there! I'm interested in discussing a custom video idea. Could you please pm me?

Abling Oct 1

Hey! I was wondering if you could make me a custom video can you PM me!

i want custom vid. PM.

Hey Amber, I was wondering about the possibility of a custom video. Could you please pm me?

I have a idea for a custom. PM me.

Hey amber! Would love a custom vid! :) willing to tip VERY generously. please message me!

Definitely want to do a custom, can you send me a message?

Would love a custom. Please message. Thanks.

Hey Amber, I'm interested in a custom video. Please message me when you have a chance.

Mrshl84 Jul 8 2018

Love you’re videos!!!!

paaanch Jun 30 2018

I'm interested in custom video. Where can I mail you?

Retard4343 Jun 10 2018

Interested in a custom cock rating video? Would you be able to provide that?

imamberhahn Jun 11 2018

yeap.. mail me

josh1121 May 8 2018

Hi Amber,, I'm interested in a custom vid, can you PM so we can discuss? thanks alot

imamberhahn May 24 2018

mail me.

cavendish Apr 23 2018

hi. can i order custom from you 15 minutes?

imamberhahn May 24 2018

mail me

psudeonl Apr 11 2018

Would you consider doing a mommy/son roleplay video?

imamberhahn May 24 2018

totally. mail me.

Cooperdog Apr 9 2018

Hi Amber - I'm a member of your web page www.aberhahn.com for a long time now and I am wondering if you have stopped making new videos for that site?

imamberhahn May 24 2018

I have not owned or shot for that site for 2 years. you should cancel... It is NOT my site. they just reloop old videos.

Tarhgm Apr 6 2018

Hi! Do you ever do B-G customs?

ohboy553592 Mar 6 2018

Hi Amber,
Where do i purchase all of your AMWF clips? Thanks.

jbarrett12 Feb 5 2018

Hi Amber I have a custom vid idea that I would like made. Message me please!

Glazed Jan 30 2018

Hey Amber would really love a custom vid, PM me if youre free to make one :)

ghost1919 Jan 19 2018

I have a custom video idea   message me please

pooppoopin69 Dec 29 2017

I'm interested in a custom vid, can you PM so we can discuss?

tongon Dec 24 2017

Hi Amber! Hope you are well! I am interested in ordering a custom video. Could you please PM me when you have a chance. Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

Vince7834 Dec 10 2017

Do you make bg customs?

Exotic_boy Oct 2 2017

Have a custom video request, could you PM me.

kickstartfan Sep 25 2017

have a custom video request, would you be able to message me please

Arnaud75015 Sep 24 2017

Hello sweet beauty. I have a special request.  Could you make a video showing off your tongue/mouth/throat/tonsils/etc.? I have sample videos that show exactly what I'm looking for. No talking necessary unless you would like to. And please no "Ahhh" sounds like you are seeing a doctor." Say me... thank you

Steveo309 Aug 13 2017

Hey sexy how can I get some sexy pics

imamberhahn Aug 19 2017

Hey Steve. I have a selfies option for photos in my store section!

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