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So I LOVE making custom content! I enjoy dressing up and being a naughty good girl for you! I love shooting webcam and HD videos! I am very much into dirty talking, JOI, CEI, daddy play, SPH- just to name a few! I love using fun props to shoot and trying out new things! If you have a ? about your custom idea, feel free to message me! I will let you know if it is something I will do! Can shoot videos in webcam, go pro, or with my HD Canon cameras-

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Hi. I was wondering if you could make me a custom video. Please PM me when you get the chance. Thanks <3

Hi, Would you ever consider making a video similar to this one? www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph594a65bde7281

Jose2125 deleted Oct 8

Hey I have a custom video in mind can you please pm me?

Hey there! I'm interested in discussing a custom video idea. Could you please pm me?

Abling Oct 1

Hey! I was wondering if you could make me a custom video can you PM me!

i want custom vid. PM.

Hey Amber, I was wondering about the possibility of a custom video. Could you please pm me?

I have a idea for a custom. PM me.

Hey amber! Would love a custom vid! :) willing to tip VERY generously. please message me!

Definitely want to do a custom, can you send me a message?

Would love a custom. Please message. Thanks.

ajt916 Aug 27

Hey Amber, I'm interested in a custom video. Please message me when you have a chance.

Mrshl84 Jul 8

Love you’re videos!!!!

paaanch Jun 30

I'm interested in custom video. Where can I mail you?

Interested in a custom cock rating video? Would you be able to provide that?

yeap.. mail me

Hi Amber,, I'm interested in a custom vid, can you PM so we can discuss? thanks alot

mail me.

hi. can i order custom from you 15 minutes?

mail me

psudeonl Apr 11

Would you consider doing a mommy/son roleplay video?

totally. mail me.

Hi Amber - I'm a member of your web page www.aberhahn.com for a long time now and I am wondering if you have stopped making new videos for that site?

I have not owned or shot for that site for 2 years. you should cancel... It is NOT my site. they just reloop old videos.

Tarhgm Apr 6

Hi! Do you ever do B-G customs?

Hi Amber,
Where do i purchase all of your AMWF clips? Thanks.

Hi Amber I have a custom vid idea that I would like made. Message me please!

Glazed Jan 30

Hey Amber would really love a custom vid, PM me if youre free to make one :)

I have a custom video idea   message me please

I'm interested in a custom vid, can you PM so we can discuss?

tongon deleted Dec 24

Hi Amber! Hope you are well! I am interested in ordering a custom video. Could you please PM me when you have a chance. Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

Do you make bg customs?

Exotic_boy Oct 2 2017

Have a custom video request, could you PM me.

kickstartfan Sep 25 2017

have a custom video request, would you be able to message me please

Arnaud75015 Sep 24 2017

Hello sweet beauty. I have a special request.  Could you make a video showing off your tongue/mouth/throat/tonsils/etc.? I have sample videos that show exactly what I'm looking for. No talking necessary unless you would like to. And please no "Ahhh" sounds like you are seeing a doctor." Say me... thank you

Steveo309 Aug 13 2017

Hey sexy how can I get some sexy pics

imamberhahn Aug 19 2017

Hey Steve. I have a selfies option for photos in my store section!

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