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If you are still active I would like to order you a custom vid, could you message me for details?

Comedymetal Jun 2021

I got a crazy and funny idea for a custom just acting with sound effects I have to make it easier pm if interested

Hi, how are you? Could you send me a message in private? I would like to talk about a very specific video. Thanks

pvarvakis Feb 2021

Hello! Can you message me about a custom video? Thanks!

Getbent232323 deleted Apr 2020

Hi - I was interested in ordering a custom but had a question.  Can you please PM me when you get a chance?  Thanks!

Kinkyhs deleted Nov 2019

Hi, can't message you anymore because I'm not a "Premium User"?

Kinkyhs deleted Nov 2019

Hey, still interested in a custom vid from you, but we need to discuss details.

Kinkyhs deleted Nov 2019

Check your PMs please, I replied.

Kinkyhs deleted Nov 2019

Hi, if you are still available for a custom, contact me please.

uptempo321 deleted Oct 2019

hey, can you pm me for a custom? :)

Message me about a custom?

Luvs2eatpie Jun 2019

Hi Jana. I’m interested in a custom video please. Get back to me when you get a chance ty

Orangebaron Jun 2019

Hey Jana, can you message me about a custom please?

Cjaa14 Jun 2019

Would you do a fart custom for me?? Pm me please😁

poiu654321 May 2019

custom,please message

barktree900 Apr 2019

Hi Jana. Do you have a schedule for the custom clip I ordered over 6 weeks ago?  I'm just wondering when you might be able to deliver it... Thanks!

Rickybobbyreturns deleted Apr 2019

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx

Daddylux Feb 2019

very very interested in a custom vid. Can we please get in touch? thanks!

I like to to buy videos from people ever month. Normally I pay like 100-150 ever month to send me a lot through out the month. But i need someone who would want to chat with me and become friends and I can get to know you. like bj videos or pee and bj stuff and definitely boob play videos that's my favorite anyway lol like pulling your nipples and put stuff on them really just anything funn. videos every day you can. And let me watch on cam masterbating sometimes. Would you be interested

Can u pm about a custom vid?

bobbyjr2018 deleted Aug 2018

pm about a custom plz sexy :) thx

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