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⚜ I am a SWITCH girl, so more fun for both of us!⚜ ⚜ As a SLAVE : ⚜! ➡I'm very obedient,your wish is my command! ➡Or I can be a naughty slave and don’t listen to you at all, that will make you very angry and you will punish me even more … ⚜ As DOM⚜ ➡I don’t have any limits! I always want to see how far you can go just to please me, to make me happy, to see me laugh ...

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geovou Jan 21

hello love, would it be possible for you to dm me for a video chat session =) ? thx <3

Tmatts17 Sep 2022

Hello please contact me

Hi, could you please message me for a custom video? Thanks 😘

Tmatts17 Aug 2022

Please message me

Tmatts17 Jun 2022

Message me please

MUADEL May 2022

Hi .. pm 😘

AnalChan deleted Mar 2022

Pm me about a custom please

Hi, how are you? Can you send me a message in private? I would like to talk about a very specific customized video.

MTR390 Feb 2022

please message me about a custom

AngelWingz_ Feb 2022

Dm me about a peeing custom video

Sexyman205 deleted Feb 2022

Hey can you make a custom video for tonight or tomorrow if you can just send me a message thx : )

Pm me about a custom please

Colonelsanders deleted Feb 2022

Hey gorgeous send me a private message about a custom video

geovou Jan 2022

hi =) would it be possible for you to dm me concerning a custom video

kyle_le_le deleted Jan 2022

Hey! could you message me about a custom please

Lollipop135 Dec 2021

Message me for a custom

Donkey1ear Sep 2021

Hi, can you please message me about a custom video please

rumasgf Aug 2021

hi could you message me for a custom please

ang1337 Oct 2020

Heyyyy, can you message me about a custom clip plz <3

Hey! Can you message me about your customs?

flexxo666 deleted Apr 2020

HI can you contact me for a custom? thx :)

greatoak1 deleted Mar 2020

i would like a custom plz msg me

lifeon6 Feb 2020

hello XtremFETISH4U, can you please write me a pvt message regarding a custom video! 

I look forward to your answer

MUADEL Nov 2019

hi sexy, pm for custom vid request

goner1284 deleted Sep 2019

Hi can you pm me please.

alexander41 Aug 2019

Hi there. Could you please message me about a custom

Hi! could you message me about a custom? thanks xx

revfreak May 2019

Would you please message me in regards to a custom movie? I get the impression you just might be the kind of sub I've been looking for. 😉

malice23 May 2019

Pm me back to discuss detail of a custom also include in your reply and limits you have or things you don't or wont do thanks

johnp76 Mar 2019

Hi there. Could you please message me about a custom


Can you please make video of gyno exam with pap smear? How much would that cost please? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards

Message me about a custom please. Thanks!

burple_pitch deleted Apr 2018


If you have interest in doing  a custom, scripted B/G video please message me so I may respond w/details.

Thank you!

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