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I'd be delighted to make a custom video for you! I'm extremely fetish-friendly (some might say encouraging!) so I'd love to see what I can do for you. Please message me to arrange things.

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Hello, do you still take customs? If so you can message me

Message me about a custom, please

wwslover Aug 23

Email me: wws_lover@yahoo.com for custom hj clip. Thanx.

Hi Abigail!
I see you are available in doing custom videos.
Do you also have a sense for humor? - Well, I want to ask if there is a chance to see you in a similar fun clip like this:

https://vimeo.com/145278144 - or this: http://piedpinups.com/cgi/autogal.pl?vidnum=tws-129-0023
You, in the front of the camera, modelling completely nude and getting hit in the face by a well thrown cream pie in a comedic manner - like in one of these old silent slapstick movies!
No words have to be spoken, no text at all ... Only a short clip of 1-2 minutes!

What do you think about that - what`s your take on such a funny challenge?
Are you open for such a crazy & sexy challenge? If so, PM me!

sphfan Mar 22

Hi, are you still accepting customs? If so please PM me, thanks!

Hi Miss Abigail, I would love to organize a custom video, could you please message me?

Hi! Could you please message me about a potential custom video?

U2mayvids Nov 2022

Please DM for a custom idea. TY.

guypark156789 deleted Oct 2022

Interested in a custom that occurs in the stream!  Please DM!

Hello, could you please dm me regarding a custom video? Thank you :)

Hi, could you DM me for a custom? Thank you very much

ffffffddd Jun 2022

Hi, could you dm me about a custom please?

Derek92 May 2022

Hi ! Please can you message me for a custom ?

funkybow May 2022

Hi, I'd love to buy a custom vid from you. Can I get a DM to discuss it please

hey id love to discuss a custom with you if you are able to :)

ASMRHypno Mar 2022

I'd love a custom video if possible, please message me when you can

CDog30 Jan 2022

Hey, could you PM me about a custom? Thanks x

BeKernJim deleted Nov 2021

Im interested in a custom. Can you message me so I can run it by with you?

jjroberto Nov 2021

Can we talk about a custom?

Stamien deleted Oct 2021

Hi! I'm interested in buying a custom video from you, could you message me?

dle414 Sep 2021

Hello, sent you a message about custom. Thanks!

Hello, could you please message me about a custom when you are available? Thank you :)

Hello, can you please message me about a custom? Thank you :)

Xcms2x May 2021

Hey, could you message me about an enema custom?

Bloxo83 May 2021

Hello Miss Abigail,
Looking at your content...I am curious whether you may be interested in this...but let's see, I am looking to find someone beautiful to play a messy game with live over cam...my absolute fantasy would be to play this: https://umd.net/forums/messy-forfeit-games-chess

Effectively a messy chess game, with additional forfeits and stripping involved...though finding a model that plays chess is half the battle haha

If you would potentially be interested I would appreciate you getting in touch :)

Kind regards


U2mayvids May 2021

Please message re a custom, TY

paul45uk May 2021

Hi, i'm looking to get a custom vid done, just talking to camera, with you saying my name (ideally my wifes name too) with you doing jerk-off encouragement telling me you want me to wank really hard as i watch the vid, and how you dont mind if I cum in your face, and that you are better at this than my wife. Is that something you do?
(You can even be fully clothed, i just like a closeup of you talking dirty to me and using my name, and my wifes name a lot and making a wanking motion with your hand)

Drumzhump Apr 2021

Hi Miss Abigail, hope you are well!!  I wanted to ask if you would possibly consider a girl/girl custom video request?  Can you please message me back privately please? Thanks so much!  I look forward to hearing back from you.

CDog30 Mar 2021

Hey, could you message me about a custom? Thanks

atopol Feb 2021

Hi, If possible, I'd love to commission a 30 minute custom. Thanks!

newforms Sep 2020

Hi! Would love to discuss a custom with you please.

Cpj507 Aug 2020

Hello! Are you still making customs? If so, please would you message me? Thanks!

Hi, could you please message me about a custom? Thanks :)

BSWAL28 Jun 2020

Hello, I would enjoy discussing a custom with you, please message me when you have a slot available......pun intended.

117mud Jun 2020

Hey, can you message me about a sploshing custom please :D

PDSZSZ2 Jun 2020

Hiya thinking of ordering a custom if you’re still making them? Thanks P x

Jibro69 Jun 2020

Hi, I have tried messaging you about a video. If you are interested then could you message me. Thank you so much x

winall1030 Mar 2020

Just seeing if you still do customs. If you do, can you  message me about an idea I have. Thanks.

Hey! I have a custom video idea if you wanna message me! :)

Anthony_64 Feb 2020

Please DM me regarding a custom video.  Thank you!

Hello Can you please message me about a custom?  Thank you!

Hey can you message me about a custom?

eury666 Dec 2019

how much a white spandex bikeshorts and red bra Asuka Langley dance video or a white leggings and bra non nude one?

JellyMVs deleted Oct 2019

Hello could you please message me about an idea for a custom video? :)

LilithInsul Sep 2019

Hi, I'm interested to discuss a custom, message me please

revfreak May 2019

Would you be willing to discuss a custom movie involving unusual anal insertions and kinky enemas? If you are intrigued, please message me 😉

Hi! I have a custom video idea but want to message you first to see if it's okay, thanks! :3

Donkey1ear Apr 2019

Hi can you message me about a custom video please 

I’m interested in a custom video. Could you message me so we can arrange things? Thank you

lonewulf84 deleted Mar 2019

i recently bought a vid from you and curious of how far your limits span, please msg me about a custom vid ideas

JellyMVs deleted Mar 2019

Hello! I'd love a custom from you so feel free to message me when you can!

johnp76 Mar 2019

Hi there. Could you please message me about a custom

hsg120 deleted Feb 2019

Hey! I would love a custom from you if you're available, please lmk! 😁

socklove333 deleted Jan 2019

Hey there!  I am certainly interested in a custom from you.  I see you are into foot fetish and have already done some messy WAM fetish vids as well.  My kink is specific to clothes getting messy/ruined, so I would love to work with you along those lines.  Please message me.  Thanks!

Roundhead12 Dec 2018

Hi, Miss Abigail!! Could you message me? I’d like to ask about a custom vid. Thank you so much!! 😊

killroy8277 Dec 2018

Could you message me about a custom idea? Thanks :)

amantelibral deleted Nov 2018

Would love to discuss some custom video ideas. Thanks to PM.

malice23 Sep 2018

I'd love to dicusse a possible custom message me

Hey :) Can you message me about a custom please? Thank you x

checksplay Jul 2018

Hello: Can you PM me about a custom. Thanks!

candlenight deleted Jun 2018

hey wanted to talk about custom vid thankyou

I'm interested in you doing a custom video for me.  Please message me.

megakinky Apr 2018

hi can you dm about a custom

burple_pitch deleted Apr 2018


If you have any interest in doing a custom, scripted JOI video please send me a message so I may respond w/details.

Thank you!

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