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CUSTOM VIDEO REQUEST FORM: copy & paste this form back to me after filling it out, then I’ll get back to you with a quote!... Is the video you want solo or boy/girl? ANSWER: Does the video you want involve a cumshot? (if so, where?) ANSWER: Please give a description of what exactly you want to see/hear in the video… ANSWER: Is a specific outfit preferred in the video? (if yes, give more details) ANSWER: Do you want me to say your name in the video? (this may alter the price) ANSWER: Roughly, how long would you like the video to be? (in minutes) ANSWER: Do you want this video to remain completely exclusive to you? (this may alter the price) ANSWER:

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chondolo Jun 14

please contact me for customs

Hi ! Please DM regarding a custom

Skhrax May 7

Hey there! Pls DM me about a custom video idea ;)

c_rags2000 deleted Apr 21

Please dm me for a custom

PM for custom perhaps?

eebs87 Feb 21

Would love to order a custom - could you message me please?

Please message me about a custom. Thank you

c_rags2000 deleted Feb 7

Can you message me for a custom please?


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