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SIMPLE ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING Everything I do is included in the per minute rates below and includes me solo OR with my male partner. CAMERAS Choose either a standard 2-3 camera setup (to capture ALL the best angles) -OR- a single camera POV setup. Your choice! POSITIONS & SEX ACTS I'll do most any position on a chair, bed, couch, or floor so tell me what you want. I love anal and toys as well and can become pregnant instantly! I'm all for creampies or cum shots on my ass, tits, belly, feet, hands, face, and even in my mouth (no swallowing). OUTFITS I have a variety of lingerie, stockings, socks, pantyhose, bikinis, cosplay outfits, high heels, dresses, and so on. Tell me what you want and I'll see what I can come up with for you. Or, if you have an outfit in mind you can buy it for me BEFORE placing your order. Leave a comment below and ask me to message you for more on that. LOCATIONS All shooting is done in my bedroom, living room, bathroom (tub and shower available), or my office setup. SCRIPTS I don't like a lot of SCRIPTED dialogue (it's tough to remember while fucking). But if you have a script I'll do my best to play the part with as many of your lines as I can. I can take directions (script) or a general idea and run with it on my own. OUR PLEDGE TO YOU We take custom videos seriously and really want to make the best custom video we can for you. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE - I don't mind a customer that changes their mind, but please do NOT contact me unless you are serious and ready to place an order. I block anyone who waste my time or asks tons of questions only to ghost me :) READY? MESSAGE ME FIRST *** If you cannot message me here, just leave a comment below and I will message you. *** Kisses, Milf Stella

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Bayhard Nov 24

Can you message me about a solo anal custom?

Just did, my ass is ready when you are :)

Xarchor Nov 22

Hey, possible to send me a message?

Just did :)

stella , your amazing out of everybody your my fav, the way you fuck turns me on like no other, and i dont cum quick but when i see you fuck and ride so like gentle then idk i can tell your really enjoying it like not putting on a show but fucking with enjoyment i say ,.. i bust realll quick horney as hell to . keep up the good fucks ..

Aww, thanks sweetie! Very kind of you to say that, and thank you for your support :) I love when people see the realness if my porn like this, thank you!

Interested in a custom video.

Just sent you a DM here :)

Hey ms Stella.
I was wondering if you do interracial customs with BBC dildo by any chance??

Hey there, yes, I do have a lovely giant BBC dildo and am happy to make videos like that for you. I just DM'd you :)

remfrort Sep 23

hi goddess, can you pm for a custom ?

Of course, just did :)

hi can you please message me about a custom thank you

Just did :)

Hello Stella. Could I kindly ask for a message?

Of course, I just messaged you here :)

Hello, I would like to ask you some questions regarding a custom video request.

Just sent you message here :)

Could you pm me about a custom?

Just did :)

djk7754 Aug 1

Please message me for a custom

Just did :)

tanne10 Jul 16

lassen sie uns ein vid besprechen.make translater in german.best greetings

Just sent you a message :)

LimoXX May 24

Interested in a custom non-nude tummy kink video, could you message me please?! Thank you!!!!

You bet, just DM'd you :)

You are so fine! message me for fun custom video please!

You bet, just did :)

Interested in a custom erotic belly punching video. Up for that?

Sounds like fun, I just messaged you :)

im interested in a custom...message me =)

Of course, just did :)

pnguyen63 deleted Apr 1

I got a new idea hihi

Messaging you now :)

pnguyen63 deleted Feb 16

can you message me about a custom?

Of course, just did :)

AzArz7 Dec 31

Hi Stella, could you DM about a custom when you get chance? Thanks

You bet, just did :)

Hello, can you message me about a custom?

Just did :)

Gohanssl9 Nov 2022

Hello I would love to discuss a custom video idea thank you

Just messaged you :)

foij00 Nov 2022

I just bought your balloon HJ video.  I'd like to request something similar.  Please PM me!

Thank you, and I just messaged you :)

Write me please

Hi…can you send me for a custom video?

Just did :)

Knock_U_up deleted Oct 2022

I was curious if you would open to a needing custom?

Of course, I just sent you a private message.

Howdy!  Could you message me about a custom?

Just did :)

Gofoto34 Aug 2022

i am looking for a custom 10 min video are you doing them right now

I sure am. I just replied to our previous PM as you asked me about custom work back in Dec then never replied back to me :(

Gofoto34 - Well, never heard back from you so you've now asked me TWO different times about a custom video and never replied which is a huge waste of my time so now I have to block you. --- Guys, don't be like Gofoto34, please only message girls about customs if you REALLY are interested in buying. It's fine to ask questions and then choose not to buy a custom, but to just stop replying and then months later start all over again and then do the same thing where you stop replying is just rude and I block anyone who does that. Always have the common courtesy to reply even if you changed your mind and don't want to buy a custom, we totally understand when that happens and it's NOT a problem. But ghosting us is :)

simontell2 Aug 2022

Hi, could you message me about a custom?  Thank you!

Just did :)

speedynoil Aug 2022

Please message me regarding custom!!

You bet, just did :)

dasidemen deleted Jun 2022

Please message me about a custom

Just did :)

MC BEE Jun 2022

Hey, H R U Both?
Hope Fine and All Healthy. 
Please Contact me for a Custom Video Request! 

Greets Stephan

Just did :)

mondomike Jun 2022

please message!

Sure thing, just did :)

Send me a message about a custom please =)

You bet, just did :)

Hello, I’m interested in a custom video

Thank you, I just sent you a private message :)

Ps232MF Apr 2022

Hey please send a dm to ask about a custom request? Thanks

You bet, just did :)

Could you message me about a custom

Just did :)

djk7754 Apr 2022

Please message me about a custom

Hey. Pm me to talk about a custom please.

Just did :)

BGLongD deleted Mar 2022

Hello. Please PM about customs

Just did :)

Spensir2 Mar 2022

Interested in a custom. Dm me when you can

Just did :)

Blackandteal5598 deleted Mar 2022

Hey Stella could you message me about a custom please

You bet, just did :)

ASMRHypno Feb 2022

Hello, I have an idea for a custom vid. Could you please message me so we can discuss?

Of course, just messaged you here :)

Hi Stella, could you DM me about a custom?

You bet, just did :)

Fluxman191 deleted Jan 2022

Hello Stella. Can you please do a custom video for me?

Of course, I just messaged you here.

iceman8 Dec 2021

Please PM me about a custom video request

Just did :)

jk1013 Dec 2021

Hi there, can you please send me a DM regarding a custom?  thanks

You bet, just did :)

ceciliahorny69 deleted Dec 2021

Hey there would you be able to message me about a custom please?

You bet, just did :)

adebisi16 Dec 2021

Hi there. I’m interested in a custom.

I just messaged you here :)

Gofoto34 Dec 2021

Hello are you doing customs still. I would like to have one made.

Hi there! I just messaged you directly about it :)

osirus40 Oct 2021

Hey sweetheart, can you message me about a custom?

Of course, just did :)

imhard2play Sep 2021

I have a question about customs

Just messaged you :)

duncrob deleted Jul 2021

Stella and her partner are amazing. Easily the best couple I have ever worked with on this side. She is very prompt and is extremely professional. Great camera and editing skills as well. Please treat them with respect too and don't ask them to do anything weird or disrespectful!

Aww, thank you for that. Such a kind comment, we really appreciate it!!!

Hey there would you be able to message me about a custom please? I love the work you do.

Of course, doing that right now :)

Blackandteal5598 deleted Jul 2021

Could you message me about a custom please

Of course, doing that now :)

Anbes5 Jul 2021

I really like big pregnant bellies. Find that very sexy. Especially in late pregnancy with contractions. The hard belly, the discomfort, the breathing... I don't know, it really turns me on. Would you like to do some custom about it in the end of pregnancy?

I'd love to. I message you about this back in Jan of this year and you didn't reply. I'll message one more time so please check and reply if you'd like to proceed.

BandS_Pro Jun 2021

We’re interested in purchasing a custom video.  Please message us to discuss a few details.  Thanks!!

Sounds good, just messaged you :)

emmamugsie May 2021

I have a idea for a custom and would like to see if your interested. Pm me when you get the chance. Thanks :)

Just did :)

YankBank May 2021

I'd love to see if I could order a custom from you. Please message me!

I look forward to it :) And I just messaged you :)

I am interested in custom message me please

Hi, I am interested in discussing a custom video if you'd like to message me. Thanks!

neverspuds12 deleted Mar 2021

Hi, could you message me about a custom please

Of course, doing that now :)

jerico1234 Mar 2021

Hi im interrested by custum can you write me plz

You bet, just did :)

Knight13 Feb 2021

Hi Stella. I'm still interested in making custom videos, I was wondering if you could communicate with me direct through email? Because because this site won't let me message you unless I signed up for the monthly payment. If you need my email just let me know

Hey there! We have to work through the site otherwise they may think I'm taking sales away from them which I do not want to do since MV is my fav site to work with :) But no worries, I can message you which I will do now...actually, I see we've messaged before so I'll reply to that in a minute :)

Mh2324 Jan 2021

Hi can yoy send me a private message about a custom? Thanks

Messaging you now :)

Anbes5 Jan 2021

Just saw the pregnant video here. I really like big pregnant bellies. Find that very sexy. Especially in late pregnancy with contractions. The hard belly, the discomfort, the breathing... I don't know, it really turns me on. Do you think it could be a custom you would like to do?

Would love to, I'll message you so we can disvuss

jeffy1819 Jan 2021

Could you message me about a possible custom video I’d like to request?

Just did :)

Ps232MF Dec 2020

Hi, Could you send a private message to ask about a custom video that i am looking for? thanks

You bet, stand by...

Knight13 Nov 2020

Okay I will email you and try to send the URL link

BGLongD deleted Jul 2020

Hello. Please PM about customs.

Doing it now.

zues555 May 2020

send message about a custom video!

Messaging you now :)

Hi I was interested in a custom

Messaging you now :)

Broncos1589 May 2020

Hello can you message me about a video...sorry i accidentally cleared the last msg..thanks

Of course, messaging you now :)

Tilsted17 Apr 2020

Hi, I would like to order a custom. Could you message me. Thanks

Of course, doing that now :)

Broncos1589 Apr 2020

Hello..i would like to have you make a custom video. Can you please message me? Thank you

fletcher409 Apr 2020

Hello - I'd like to being ordering customs from you and have a quick question before placing first order. Please message me. Thanks.

You bet, doing that now.

maskedman69 Mar 2020

Could you message me about a custom please?

You bet, doing that now :)

Hello goddess. I am interested in buying a custom foot fetish video. Please dm me if you are available

Just did :)

jes957 deleted Nov 2019

Hi! I'm interested in ordering a custom video from you in the future. Please message me back when you get a chance Thanks.

rlooner Oct 2019

hey ... DM me about custom vid thanks!

malice23 Sep 2019

If the idea of gape anal play with a speculum sounds interesting pm me I might have a custom for you

Hey! Can you message me about customs?

Sorry, didn't know this was here. I'll try messaging you now :)

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