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Hello you I'm so happy you consider getting a fantastic custom video from me. I spend a lot of time trying to make custom videos as perfect as possible and can make nearly anything come true. I shoot all my videos using a good quality camera as well as professional lightning and editing. I am always excited trying new things and I'm taboo friendly all the way. I love acting out all kinds of roleplays. My specialties are taboo roleplays, mommy vids, big tit fetishes, giantess, vore and recording boy/girl fantasies I have a big range of lingerie, shoes and outfits/costumes as well as an extensive wide collection of toys in different shapes and colors. Also I can follow a script really well and be very creative within various situations. If you pay for exclusivity you don't need to select 'say my name' as an add on. I will put your name in the video for free. Also I offer boy/girl scenes for very good rates which extend from blowjobs to hardcore fucking and roleplays. Don't fear asking me for the really rough stuff because I love it. Also a big fan of bdsm fetish scenarios I am open for nearly anything just ask me and we will work out the details together, you can write me a private message here on Mv or you can find me anywhere by writing my name in google.

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Hello Nina, can you message me about a custom video?  Thank you.

I will ;)

Can you message me regarding a custom video?

doesnt Sep 1

Please message me about a custom when you get a chance

trukbutz Aug 27

Can we talk about a custom please?

Are you still doing custom requests

SMFTOO2 Dec 10

Are you accepting custom requests?

doesnt Nov 2022

Hey, don't know if you're back permanently, but I'd love to order a custom from you again

secretsquirrel2021 deleted Aug 2021

Could you please DM me about a custom video idea please? Many thanks.

gerr1 deleted Jul 2021

Send me a message,  id like to ask to set up a custom!

BWABFAN May 2021

Hi can you message yo discuss custom? Thank yiu

meldrake May 2021

would love to discuss a custom if you could message me please :)

Ninocruch deleted Apr 2021


DANSHUL Apr 2021

Please send e a private message here to discuss a custom video request.

Mmiguel767 Feb 2021

Whenever you get a chance can you please dm. I wanted to ask about a custom. Thank you!

Heey hunny DM'd you xxxx

Wonka_75 Feb 2021

Message me for a custom

I send you a dm

zues555 Feb 2021

send dm about custom video!

Done xxxx

AniErotika deleted Jan 2021


Nass131 deleted Dec 2020

Hi message me I want a custom video thanks.

JoshChris deleted Sep 2020

Hi - I'd like to discuss a specific idea for a clip if you have time. Thanks! frumgirlspics@gmail.com

Seppa88 Jun 2020

Hi Nina. Can you PM me for custom?

Matt4848 Feb 2020

Hi Nina was thinking of getting a joi custom please pm

Hi Nina, thinking about getting a custom from you.  PM me please.

Might be interested in a custom video. Please PM.

yonas19h Nov 2019

Hello. I wanted to discuss on a breast worship custom video. Its related to a specific softcore fetish, I wanted to know if you'd be interested. It may require another partner (male or female). Can you DM me? need to discuss the details. Thanks.

Hello sorry for my late reply I only just see your message now it didn't show earlier for some reason I will dm you right away.

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