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Hi! Make sure to message me upfront if you like to order a custom video, this ensures me to get the video as close to your imagination as possible. Which means that we can discuss about the idea you have if there's something off limit for me. Custom videos with someone else in it will be double the amount in a tip at the end of your order. (This is because I need to pay the other person as well). Boygirl: Only possible with the guy staying anonymous, mostly filmed POV to keep things easy Girlgirl: I don't kiss or have oral sex with other girls, using toys on each other works. Also touching each other works, so it can get real intimate without having the sexual intercourse!

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magicbox Nov 15

making customs?

xispin5 Nov 8

custom? :)

Kyle_andreson273 deleted Oct 18

Please message me about a custom!


Hey would love to buy a vid plz dm me

Hey Lina, still interested in making a custom for me?

poljemv Sep 12

Hey there, I'm interested in custom. PM to agree on details?

Hey there, can you please DM me for a custom? Thank you!

MyronB92 Aug 20

Hey kan je me DM sturen voor een custom van 20 min? heb wat vragen over mogelijkheden

Hi please DM for a custom

henni13 May 29

Hey love, pls dm me about a custom

germos May 9

Hi please DM for a custom

Can you message about a custom? Thanks

interested in a custom (have bought before) can you contact please?

Would you be interested in doing a boots fetish custom. My preferred boots are Hunters.

Derek92 Jun 2022

Please message me for a custom !

Franki666 May 2022

Hi, I would like to talk about a custom video. Please message me for details! Many thanks!!!

Skaat29 May 2022

Hi, as you're from Belgium, I'm wondering if you're Flemish? I'm asking as I'm looking for someone to talk in Dutch on a custom video.

pztemp191 May 2022

Hey haven't heard from you in a while. Having fun with the belt? Weather's nicer, interested in a custom?

Cbcmir Dec 2021

Hey there! Could you PM me? Very interested in custom!

Cbcmir Dec 2021

Bump! :)

You should message me sometime. I want to talk to you about custom videos.

Peekaboo92 Aug 2021

Hi im interested in a custom please pm

carpenterjoe123 deleted Aug 2021

Hi can you pm me about a custom?

Cunnaseur Jul 2021

Hello madam, I'd like to ask about a custom so please message me whenever you can. Thanks!

Hi, how are you? Could you send me a message in private? I would like to talk about a very specific video. Thanks

Fishbed87 Jun 2021

Please PM me about a custom thanks.

Hi, Can you dm me please ?

Jimyrwilson Apr 2021

Great videos.  Please message me about a custom.  Thanks

imsohorny Mar 2021

Hi, I'd like to order a custom video as soon as possible =D

MrSharp83 Feb 2021

Hi could u please msg me i'd like to buy a custom :)

Barazatti Feb 2021

Hi i would be interested in one,can i ask some questions?

Holio888 deleted Sep 2020

Hey, can you message re a custom please?

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