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I love making custom videos. It makes me so happy when I can tell a story with my body that can be both entertaining and make somebody cum! I'm very kink friendly and willing to hear out any legal request! My specialty is taboo content, and most of my videos feature taboo scenarios. Don't just take my word for it - check out any of my other videos or trailers to get a taste of what I can do! So if you're looking for a custom video that's truly personalized to your desires, with plenty of taboo content and explicit language, you came to the right place ;) __________Common Themes & Features of my Vids__________ Anything taboo, double penetration, self-fisting, JOI, Deepthroat, self-fuck, vaping, feet, oil, ass to mouth, gaping, big dildos, dancing, flopping, dirty talk. __________TOYS__________ I have a wide variety of sex toys available, including dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, sex machine vibrators, and more. If you're interested in ordering a custom video from me, just let me know which toy you'd like to see in action, and I'll make sure to include it. If I don't have the exact toy you request, I'll do my best to find something similar or even purchase it specifically for your custom video. __________LIMITS__________ I am not into torture, whether physical or emotional, blood, violence, masochism or sadism, scat, violence, age play, race play, or degradation and humiliation. __________NAMES__________ Exclusivity/Say my name is the same thing to me. I do not repost videos in which I will say your name, so if you want me to say your name please mark it as exclusive on your custom request. _______________________________________________________ To help me create an ideal custom video to fit your needs, please fill out the following template with your preferences and requirements. You can copy/paste the template into your message body and answer the questions. If you don't have a preference you can just write "none" or "idk." __________TEMPLATE__________ PLOT: Describe the plot or scenario that you want. OUTFIT: What outfit do you want me to wear in the video? Please be as specific as possible. CAMERA ANGLE/POV: What camera angle or point of view (POV) do you want for the video? Do you want me to look directly at the camera, or from a different angle, or pretend I don’t see the camera? TOYS: Do you want me to use any toys or props in the video? If so, please specify which ones. FETISH: Do you have any specific fetish or kink that you want me to include into the video? If so, please let me know. EXTRAS: Any extra details or requirements that you want me to include in the video. Length: How long do you want the video to be? Give an approximate duration. Say your name/exclusive? Do you want me to say your name in the video? If yes then you have to mark the video as exclusive. Message me before you buy so I can make sure everything is okay and clear so you can get your ideal video :) Thanks for your time, sending Hugs & K

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Hello! In the future, would you be willing to make a private custom video for me?

I have a question can you do a custom jerk off instructions  with cumshot or already made one

Could you please message me about a custom?

Could you please message me back

Kdub47 Apr 7

Hii can you message about a custom?

Wow, I love the detail, messaged you for a custom love ❤️

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