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I love making custom videos! Extreme peehole & cervix play, cunt torment, pee & catheters, medical play, bladder filling, and more... I want to hear about where your interests and mine overlap!  If you're interested in something that I haven't done in any videos, please do ask me. I'm into a LOT of things, and I love finding new kinks I might enjoy.  If you haven't bought clips from me in the past, be sure to take a look at my free videos, so you'll have an idea of my filming style! Want to be the only person to see this video? Please remember to choose that option, and let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to do to personalize it, such as saying your name.  Message me to plan your unique video!

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Calaban deleted Aug 7

Hello could you message me about a custom please? 😀

Absolutely, just messaged you!

Please dm me about custom video

Sent you a message, looking forward to hearing what you've got in mind

Jplatissimus deleted Jul 24

Would you be willing to do a “no peeing for 8+ hours” video?

I'll DM you!

Would you ever do another suture and staple video? If so would it be difficult to add other layers to it?

I'll message you, but should be possible!

hi. would you be open for a bladder enema custom?

That sounds right up my alley! I'll message you.

Would you be interested in anus saline injections as a custom video?

No, sorry, I think I'd find that too tricky/awkward to do to myself. Thanks for asking!

Hi! Did you ever figure out how to get your scope down to your stomach? I'd live a custom vid combining burping with endo shots of your mouth and throat, or esophagus and stomach if possible?

I'll dm you! 🙂

Please dm me about custom video

Hi! I messaged you yesterday, but with the new interface you might not have seen that you had a new dm.

Abcd3456789 Feb 2022

Hey gorgeous can you send me a pm please for a custom video?

Sent! Let me know what you have in mind 🙂

Please dm me about possible custom video. Thanks

Just messaged you! Looking forward to talking about it.

can you make me a latex medical glove video

I'd love to, I was just talking with someone the day before yesterday about being in the mood to play with gloves! I'll message you.

Colonelsanders deleted Aug 2021

Hey gorgeous send me a private message about a custom video

Just sent a note!

Lele619 Jun 2021

Can you message me i have questions about a custom

Just sent you a message, thanks for getting in touch!

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