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After over a year of not accepting customs I’m finally in a place where I can get back to fulfilling your fantasies!!! Purchase a custom vid and MV message me your vision and I’ll send to you within 2 weeks of the purchase date!! If you would like a BG custom, please add an additional $250 in my Fund Me section of my profile. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for me to do next!

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got a custom idea. message me

Interested in a custom! msg me please!

Steven999 deleted Sep 18

The first part is at the bottom and it goes up. Also if you don’t make this could you make a CEI video on evil angel with Adriana Chechik

Steven999 deleted Sep 18

You then kick me out of you room and say you’ll see me next week. 

Hey Jenny. I can’t afford a custom vid but if anybody reads this or Jenny if you’re horny enough to make it I know that you will see a LOT of this clip.

Steven999 deleted Sep 18

You take out a strap on and make me suck your cock as I jerk off. You tell me when to cum and make me finiah into my hand as then force me to lick my pathetic puddle but not swallow it. You’re not finished. With my cum still in my mouth you want me to jerk off again and this time right before I cum you demand I let go and ruin my orgasm and swallow at the same time as punishment.

Steven999 deleted Sep 18

Now your pissed off and you start yelling at me but you look sexy as hell so I start getting hard. You see this and start laughing at me calling me pathetic. You make me sit at your feet and take my cock out. You tell me to start jerking off because the only way you won’t tell my Aunty is if I swallow my cum. It doesn’t end there though. You want to humiliate me. Degrade me.

Steven999 deleted Sep 18

I’m your perv younger cousin and I’m at your place. You’re in the bathroom doing your make up and getting ready (red lipstick and above the knee fuck me boots are a must). You walk into your room only to catch me going through your panties drawer.

Hello, nice to meet u
May u pls pm me for b/g custom vids discussion?? Thx a lot🙏🙏

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American / Arkansas
$29.99 (SAVE 15%)
Bath BJ w/ AllaboutBubbles BGG
American / Arkansas
$249.99 (SAVE 75%)
Worshipping his Dick
American / Arkansas
$19.99 (SAVE 10%)