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Do you think you could do a double titty fuck, maybe with Athena Blaze perhaps?

I'd love to run a custom order by you.

I bought something from her over a month ago and haven't heard anything back. I'm curious have u guys ever heard from her. Disappointing

Could u message me

CMat2366 Oct 16

Hey! Can you message me about a custom?

Hi will you message me for a custom video please thank you.

can i pm you about a new custom?

CJsepCT Jan 12

hey I'm interested in an custom if you have the time!


Will you message me about a custom?

Israsadi Oct 2022

I want a customized video,  reply me asap thanks!

kyoshiro2 Oct 2022

hi can you dm me about a custom?

JBfancy13 Apr 2021

I have a custom idea if you are interested PM

wud1982 deleted Apr 2021

Can you dm me about a custom?

Nuenue70 Mar 2021

Could you dm me about a custom thanks

Fishbed87 Feb 2021

Please message me about a custom thanks

zues555 Feb 2021

send dm about custom video!

dee_video Feb 2021

Hi there, I would love to order a custom from you - please message me!

Jckoro23 Jan 2021

I would like to see you wearing a schoolgirl outfit eating a box of glazed Donuts ,and make a total mess covering your Belly and boobs and a pervert play

ssj4zell Dec 2020

can you message me about a custom

Wookie2098 Dec 2020

Hi! Please message me about a custom vid idea. Thank you. XX

bwieboa Dec 2020

Hi! Can you message me? I have a custom Request and you would be the perfect girl for this :-)

hetero1969 deleted Dec 2020

Hi! I'd like to order a custom ropelay pov vid, however can't message directly. Would you please message me? Thanks! :)

M_AlwaysLooking deleted Dec 2020

Hi – I have a question about a custom vid – can you please DM me?

Adam Brash Dec 2020

Hey, I'd definitely like to order a custom, and I'd like to discuss it with you.

Bern1985 Dec 2020

hi, we talk about a custom on your cam show, could you send me a message

zues555 Dec 2020

send message about a custom video:)

Hello nice  girl  can you make me a Coustom Video. You have long alterny Colours Paintet Fingernails  for me wear you make Masturbation, Play  Handjob with Medical Gloves . Change please 4 times the gloves in Masturbation Play.Let run your cum over the Gloves please. Using Condomes Please and schow me your medical gloves put on and out

cmarison Nov 2020

Hi! I'd love to order a custom vid, could you please message me when you get the chance :)?

danzhood Oct 2020

hey Jessie, I'd like a custom homewrecker role play vid please. Can we discuss?

Hey Jessie I'd like to buy a custom vid. Can we discuss details?

Hey Jessie. I would love to order a custom video! Can you message me and we can discuss? I would love this.

GUnion Sep 2020

Hi, would you be interested in doing a 5 minute custom giantess POV video? If so, please PM me. Thanks.

Hello, could you please dm me regarding a custom video?

hey can you msg me about a custom? thanks

_Snus_ Jul 2020

hey, could you pm me for some ideas to a custom video? that would be awesome!

Lobogris44 Jul 2020

Hii i want to buy a custom!

Hey msg me for a custom giantess video.

Buttholes May 2020

Pm me about a custom

topa7777 deleted Apr 2020

Hi sexy, I have a custom video idea. I would like to see you playing in bed with a toy snake wearing only panties. You could use one that has a toungue hanging out. You coud use the snake toy's toungu to pleasure your nipples and bellly.

Orchididna Apr 2020

Hey gorgeous! I have a custom idea and I’d just like to square away the details with you. PM me if interested. :) thank you!

Kevinho90 Mar 2020

Hey i have a wish for custom vid, PM me

Buttholes Feb 2020

PM me about a custom video

madfapper Feb 2020

interested in a custom, msg me plz, thanks

mgear2784 Feb 2020

hi. I was interested in a custom. please PM when you are able. thank you

iamTeekay Jan 2020

Hello I am interested in a custom could you please message me!

Hi, I would love for you to do a custom for me! Can you send me a message so I can give you the details? Thanks a lot!

StrIpes06 Jan 2020

Hi, I messaged you about a custom video idea. Let me know what you think! Thanks :)

TheDoc457 Nov 2019

Hi I was interested in buying a custom but wanted to run it by you first to see if you would do it

MRForked Nov 2019

Hi Miss, interested in a custom also! Thanks

hairyluv888 Nov 2019

i would love to purhase a custom vid, pls pm to discuss detail, ty

madfapper Oct 2019

Hi Jessie, could you message me please about a custom video, thanks

ThoseCheeks Oct 2019

Could you message me wanted to ask a question for customs

ThoseCheeks Oct 2019

Can you message me wanted to ask about customs

username05 Oct 2019

Hello Jessie, I would like to purchase a custom from you. Please message me back when you get a chance

Swampys Oct 2019

Pm me

Bluesphere Sep 2019

Please message me about a custom

Momlover80 deleted Sep 2019

Pm me

mgear2784 Aug 2019

hey Jessie, i was interested in a custom video and was wondering if you would be willing to do a mother pov roleplay scenario..please message me back. thank you

Longsex86 deleted Aug 2019

I want a custom vid please message me

JennaP123 Aug 2019

I am interested in getting a custom video done, can’t figure out how to message you! Can you pm me? Thanks!

henni13 Aug 2019

Hey Jessie. Desperate for you to contact me

henni13 Aug 2019

Hey Jessie, could you pm me regarding a custom?

If you are still accepting requests, I am interested in commissioning another custom video as a follow up. I sent you an email regarding the request with details for the video, Thanks.

Mijima Dec 2018

Hi Jessie, looking for a custom non hardcore vid. Let me. Know if you're up for it.

Funkyyoda4 deleted Nov 2018

Can you message me about a custom vid

jodelta123 deleted Jul 2018

hey can you send me a message about a custom?

I am interested in commissioning a custom video. I would love to discuss the details if you could get back with me, thanks.

Rapador81 May 2018

Hi, I have some ideas, message me please

striz4p Mar 2018

Hi Jessie, I'd like to chat with you about a custom - please message me!

Hello, Ms. JessieMinx: my name is L. Llewellyn James and I would like to ask to make a custom video, at a running time of at least 10-15 minutes .  In essence, I'm not looking for any sexual imagery: rather, I would simply like to have you pose nude in a few classic art poses that are generally struck by art models for illustrators (as I am an illustrator and would like to simply illustrate you).

If you could please contact me either here or via my email at alphaholism@gmail.com, I would send you some examples of the sort of poses I would be able to use...

helenisasissy deleted Dec 2017

Would you be interested in a custom video centralizing around forced-feminization, sissy-maid transformation/servitude and chastity? If you wouldn't mind writing back, I would love to discuss this idea further. Thank you.

johnjims66 Sep 2017

Please message me, I'd like to purchase a custom video

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