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Dinky90 Aug 10

Hey could you dm me for a custom please?

I want you to do a sex with an Indian boy

ttmichi Jun 3

Mind message me ? 🥰
I am very interested

Ps232MF Apr 15

hey please send a dm to ask about a custom request? many thanks

Hi can you dm about a custom

ctrl99 Feb 2

Great surprise to see you live tonight. Mind if I run something by you?

Might be interested in a clip.

Hi can you dm me regarding custom <3

Eiroko Jan 19

Ok, there's an old vid where you covered the dudes month from behind and jerked him off while talking shit in his ear 🔥 📛 👩‍🚒 🚒  how do we make that happen again?

Mrme4444 Jun 2022

I’m interested in a custom, can u message me so I can ask a few questions.

Owen_10 Dec 2021

I have a few questions if you could Dm me. Thanks

Hi, how are you? Could you send me a message in private? I would like to talk about a very specific video. Thanks

Hey !

Interested in a custom vid, plz message me :)

Marcusfung Jul 2021

Can you do more sph videos?

Knight13 Jun 2021

Hi I was interested in some custom video and if you are still doing them please message me

parmigiano Mar 2021

hi ,i have a question about a custom video idea. thanks

kyoshiro2 Mar 2021

Hi! I have a custom video idea. Can you dm me to discuss? Thanks

goinsane34 Jan 2021

Hi I would like to commission a custom video please. Can we discuss the details? Thanks.

haydaman712 deleted Dec 2020

Hey Siri I would like to commission a custom video. Please DM me when you can so we can discuss. Thanks.

M_AlwaysLooking deleted Dec 2020

Hi – I have a work related question – can you DM me please?

GavInjones31 deleted Dec 2020

Hey huge custom request. Special request can you please message me

Hey Siri, I would love a custom video from you. Could you please dm me to discuss details? Thanks in advance!

Hey Siri, I would love to get a custom video but wanted to make sure it would be okay before ordering. Could you please message me back?

Eddiejr92 Jun 2020

Hey siri i would like for you to do a custom video for me. I was just wanting to make sure it would be approved by you before placing an order for it. Just message me back for the details i have. Thanks!!!

Prince2x Jun 2020

Hey Siri, I have a specific fetish and a role for you to perform, can you message me to discuss it?

Hi Siri, want to discuss about a custom role play scenario, please PM me, want to make sure ur cool with it, before ordering. Thanks.

Vinny19 Jun 2020

Hey Siri I would love to discuss a custom video with u when u have a minute can u DM me?

stairs123123 deleted May 2020

anymore full body shot workout videos?

ilovesexylegsbaby deleted Apr 2020

Can you please message me to discuss a custom video idea? not among pre-approved list so want confirmation first

zerogod Mar 2020

Thinking about ordering a custom no boy girl customs available? Would you be able to message me so we can discuss if you would be able to do boy girl customs please?

ByronJ Mar 2020

Hi, Siri! Longtime fan. I was wondering if SPH/cuckold humiliation stuff is included in your common role play scenarios. Thanks!

marantz Mar 2020

Hi, I have a couple questions about custom videos. Thanks.

Alpha818 deleted Feb 2020

Have a couple more questions regarding custom vids, thank you. =)

Hey Siri, Could you message me I had a question about a custom request? 

Thank you and welcome back

guyflaws Jan 2020

Hello, I'm interested in buying a custom could you msg me. I want to see if you're able to do it?

Aghosty26 Oct 2019

Hi I’m interested in a custom if you could message me

yonas19h Oct 2019

Hi, I am interested in a solo custom video on breast worship... I have a specific fetish, which I'd like to see you perform. Can you DM me? need to discuss the details. Thanks.

slayer215 Oct 2019

Hello, Is there any way that you can message me. I would like to discuss a custom video purchase in the near future.

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