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What kind of customs do you do?

Do you do nose fetish customs?

Hey, Is it possible to do this custom video?

Video setting:
- M4V video file with highest quality
- video shoot during daylight
- Shoot the video in extreme close up with focus on the nose

- First show your nose in front-, side-,and in close up view
- Wipe up the nose and nostrils as hard as you can with your hand/finger and handpalm and play it is very itchy. 
- blow your nose and do the boogercheck and nosehair check on your nose by Pressing up your nose like a pig
- Create a nice visible crossline on the nose by making pig nose poses with hand/finger/tape/glass. Press up your nose as hard as you can to get the cross line
- Show the visible cross line on the nose in extreme close up view during the whole video
- Show the visible cross line on the nose in front-, side, and upper view during the whole video

Looking forward to hear from you if it is possible!

loader Christmas 2017
American / USA
$14.99 (SAVE 50%)