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EMAIL ME YOUR IDEA TO CONFIRM BEFORE ORDERING dontslutshame@hotmail.com Light fetish examples: - Ass Clench - Ass Worship - Female Domination - Jerk Off Instruction - Peeping Tom/ Voguer - Daddy Kink - Spanking Medium Fetish examples: - Foot Fetish - BDSM - Blackmail - Small Penis Humiliation Heavy Fetish examples (price TBD): - Armpit - Food/cooking Extreme Fetish examples (price TBD): - Piss Play If you have multiple fetishes in the same category, you need to use the tip feature to tip for EACH fetish, unless I say otherwise (some fetishes tie in together). I’m open to trying new fetishes too if the one you’re looking for isn’t listed here. PLEASE INCLUDE SCREENGRABS TO ILLUSTRATE WHAT ANGLES YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. I DO NOT: > Race play > Age play > Any scat/farting fetish > Anything against Manyvids T&Cs

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Hi, can you message me for a custom? Thanks!

Hey, you can email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com with your idea 💖

tony00 Jun 4

Are you still doing customs.

Are you still Available for Customs? really interested

Email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com

Plokloon8 deleted Apr 11

Hi, I've an idea. Can you DM me?

You can email your idea to dontslutshame@hotmail.com 

Little Diablo
Little Diablo deleted Mar 22


M_Anubiz deleted Dec 25

Hi bb, I would like to ask u for a custom vid, send me a message please


Mm8218 Dec 12

Am interested in a custom :3

Rodfrance Nov 2022

Interested in custom

standupguy Oct 2022

Hey I would love to discuss a custom video with u when u have a minute could u DM me?

Please dm regarding a custom

Rodfrance Aug 2022

Hi there. I just emailed you from rodfrance

speedynoil Jun 2022

Please dm regarding a custom

Tito15 Jun 2022

Hi,you wanna make me another custom video 😘

Joey2Dobbs Apr 2022

Please make giantess videos when you can. A whole new fetish audience.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford a custom video. I know, sucks to suck.

LeroyT deleted Apr 2022

Would like to discuss a spanking custom

Vinny19 Jan 2022

Hey I would love to discuss a custom video with u when u have a minute could u DM me? ❤️

mrdogcat Sep 2020

Hi, I would love to discuss an idea I have for a custom video... It's a naughty one! ;-)

Decarabia deleted Sep 2020

Please dm me

Scrapple deleted Aug 2020

Wow you hsve such a nice round bubble butt.

John Harper Aug 2020

Can you message me I’m interested in buying a custom video, thank you!

Movieguy Jul 2020

I emailed you

evolve Jul 2020

Hi, can you PM regarding a custom? I have a couple of photo references for your approval. Thank you.

wrestledeep Jul 2020

Hello. Can u contact me regarding making a roleplay booty worship custom clip? thank you

Eddy2817 Jul 2020

Hi, I was interested in a custom if your interested let me know. Thx

theguvna deleted Apr 2020

Hey beautiful, can you please send me a message so we can discuss a custom vid :)

Daddysgirl0610 deleted Apr 2020

Would you be willing to partner with other models to vids and customs together I am looking another model to create content with

haydaman712 deleted Oct 2019

Heya! Could you get back to me about a custom vid

Hey! Email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com

mogxiii deleted Sep 2019

Hi, I wanted to inquire about a custom vid. Let me know when you have time, thank you very much!

Hey! Email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com

Soleus23 Aug 2019

I sent you a email for a custom

Soleus23 Aug 2019

I emailed you about a bday custom

crow1311 Jun 2019

Hello. I have a question about custom vid. Can you please message me back?

Hey! Email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com

jacksyco Nov 2018

Hi! I'd love to request a custom

Hey! Email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com

drtystv Sep 2018

Please PM for custom video ideas

Hey! Email me at dontslutshame@hotmail.com

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