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--------[ Yay For Custom Videos ]-------- I love to make custom videos! Please read through the info below (it explains what kinds of things I will and won't do) and then send me an MV mail me with your custom video pitch. Tell me what kind of video you're looking for, and I'll tell you what the price will be! Video quality is 1080p widescreen, shot with my Logitech webcam – or, in rare cases where I need to shoot the vid using my iPad, video quality is 720p widescreen. --------[ Basic Video Requests ]-------- Safest thing to do is to MV mail me first, to ensure that I can do what you want in your video! And to make sure you're paying the correct price (costs more for fetish themes, etc)! No need to pay for any extras for the basics, which may include: dildo fucking, pussy rubbing, general dirty talking, strip tease, etc. --------[ Fetish or Special Requests ]-------- PLEASE MV MAIL ME TO ASK ME FIRST about fetish or special requests to make sure I'll agree to do what you'd like to order! Also, the cost really will vary depending on what you want – I price customs very individually as every custom request is unique, so yours might cost more or less than listed here, depending on what you're looking for. Fetish or special requests may include: Bad Dragon dildos, gigantic dildos, dragon creampies, specific roleplay scenarios, BDSM themes, small penis humiliation, pee or wetting, special outfits, dirty talking outside generic stuff, other kink or fetish themes, etc. --------[ Things I Won't Do ]-------- No anal, No butt plugs, No squirting, No fisting, No poop, No deep-throating, No racial slurs, No licking feet, No drinking pee, No shaving my bush, No ageplay, No non-con themes, No to anything against MV Terms of Use. I also might decline some femdom or roleplay scenarios, depending on what they are, as I tend to be less confident and comfortable the more I have to "act" rather than just be myself in vids. --------[ Exclusivity & Copyright Notice ]-------- Please note I own full copyrights to all my videos and photos, including all custom content I make. I own full copyrights even if you purchase exclusivity. I also maintain resale rights on custom content, unless you purchase exclusivity. My videos or photos are for personal enjoyment only. Sharing, distributing, or selling my content anywhere is illegal and strictly prohibited. --------[ More Information ]-------- See more info about ordering customs on my website: zanderstorm.com/custom-content

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Will in message me, I’m interested in buying a custom video?

Will in message me, I’m interested in buying a custom video

I would like a BG creampie custom. Could you please message me if you think it is doable