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Welcome to my Custom Video page! I'd love to make a custom video for you! :D Before purchasing please shoot me a message on MV or via Email with what you're thinking you'd like me to do, I'll let you know if that works! I don't do Extra's (other than B/G), you pay per minute for whatever I agree too in our communications, not going to nickel and dime every action or scene that you'd like. >.< I really hope I can make you something you'd cum hard too :3 Thanks for considering me! ~Amber Email: AmberVanSonata [at] gmail [dot] com Twitter: http://twitter.com/AmberSonata Chaturbate: http://Chaturbate.com/AmberSonata Website: http://AmberSonata.com

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Can you please make video of gyno exam with pap smear? How much would that cost please? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards

jonsdoe Oct 15

Hey, do you do 5 minute videos?

No, I don't want to make videos that short anymore. It makes my page look not so good, and I can't make them expensive enough to count for anything after MV takes their cut. Sorry! :)

Hi Amber! Would love to just see you do a classic blowbang/bukakke scence. Like 10 guys just banging that cute mouth of yours. That insanely cute & innocent face of yours just slays me. It needs to be covered n smothered & I need to be one of the guys that helps do it. Would that be a possibilty?!?! hahahaaa

Hey thanks for interest! But I'm gonna pass. I'm not into the idea of blowbangs, and I don't do porn with fans. Enjoy your day!

Hey Amber! Love your work. If you can, could you make a vid where you give a foot job wearing some worn out/holey socks if you have a pair? If you dress like a slutty school girl and wear some boots in the beginning of the vid, that would be hot.

Hey Mick! Appreciate the interest, I'm not doing footjobs right now, nor do I have any of the items requested! My apologies. If there's anything else you'd like, do let me know <3

Hello, Are you willing to do a public flashing video in a really extrem outfit? I would send you links where to buy it and send you the money with the customs order? The outfit will be such revealing you can't avoid showing your tits and pussy. Please let me know if you are interested and what are you willing to do in public.

Hi! I can't go that extreme in public haha, sorry! I might be able to do naughty things in public and try to hide people from seeing? :p

Hi Amber, I'm interested in a solo vid with you and "Max". No rush, your earliest convenience

Hi! You can send me a private message on here or email me at ambervansonata @ gmail (dot) com! :3

Hey, I'd like a custom video with you and Scarlett. Is that possible?

Sorry nuggz, Scarlett isn't available right now, and I can't say if she will be in the future! Thanks for the interest though :)

Hi, was just wondering if you were available to do a custom video.  I was thinking a 10 minute solo video with a weeks delivery time.  Please get back to me and let me know if it is possible.

Hey, thanks for the interest! I can certainly do that, but my laptop is in for repairs this week. Should be back to me by Friday, but I'll let you know :)

Interested in a sloppy seconds video.  First guy cums in you.  While it's dripping out, the second guy enters.

I don't have a second guy at the moment, but I'll let you know if that changes! :)

I would like a BG custom from you. It would be interesting😊😊

Could you message me in 30 days? I don't have time right now but I will have lots of time then! :3 Thank you!

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