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I will make you a very naughty custom video. I am a femdom, Goddess, Sultry Mistress. I Love Role-plays, Cosplay and moaning your name. I really enjoy making fetish videos, taboo, JOI and more. Just ask what your kink is. I look forward to filling your sexual dreams.

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Hi there
I would be interested in a custom vid of you if available!
I’ll give details when you DM me 😍

Hello I’m interested in a custom video. Thanks

smurfs10 Sep 23

can you contact me about your frilly socks and pantyhose would love to buy them and a clip with them im from canada to frillysocks10@gmail.com

Hi, I'd like to know if you Twerk and if you did Could you do one for me in a custom

KSJA1977 Jun 17

Hello! I would love to talk to you about purchasing a custom! If you’re interested pleas PM me!

Hello, please send a message about a custom video.
Thank you my dear.

Hello HotwifeJolee, hope you are well.  I am a lover of REAL lesbian lovemaking content.  I wanted to ask if you take orders for lesbian lovemaking videos?  I'm not talking about some crazy fetish stuff, or teasing/posing, gimmicks and such.  I mean a real, honest, romantic, intimate lesbian lovemaking scene.  Would you message me back privately please? I'd love to share more of what I'm looking for. Thank you.

Rodfrance Sep 2022

Interested in custom

smurfs10 Aug 2022

hi babe can you sell me pantyhose and socks

gaspump131 Apr 2022

can you message for a custom :)?

Junior90 Mar 2022

Hi how’s it going is there any way you may message me please? I would like to talk to you about a custom video that I’m really interested in ordering.

Can you DM me about a short custom vid

April73 Jan 2022

Hi, please could you DM me for a custom clip thx

suppex Jan 2022

Hi!!! Would you be interested in making a custom suppository video? If so, can you send me a PM? :D greets

jason00041 Oct 2021

please message me about custom video thank

jerico1234 Oct 2021

Hi looking for custum

Colhad75 Sep 2021

Good morning Jolee, I'd like to discuss the potential of making a custom video. Please message me so we can discuss further.

Thank you.

Colonelsanders deleted Sep 2021

Hey gorgeous send me a private message about a custom video

can you DM me for a costume video :)

Im interested in  custom.  Please dm me

Message me for a custom please

please send me a private message about a custom

Hi. Please msg re a custom idea. Thanks

Colonelsanders deleted Jan 2021

Hey gorgeous please send me a private message about a custom?

Colhad75 Jan 2021

Hello Jolee, I would like to go ahead with a custom video thank you.

Colhad75 Jan 2021

Hello HotWifeJolee, I'd like to work with you on a 5 minute custom video please.

Hi im looking for video custom with OLD WELL WORN string or thong. PM ME please

magicbox Dec 2020

I would love a high heel custom

Could you message me for a custom please :)

ChickenLips Oct 2020

Hi Jolee could you please send me an inbox message as I'd like to buy a custom vid from you. Thanks x x

excalibur261 deleted Sep 2020

Please contact me about a custom. Thank you.

Hey could you Message me about a custom idea ?:)

Trying850 deleted Jun 2020

Instead of being like these guys \/ buy one of her videos to message her! Show your appreciation for this amazingly hot smut maker.

minxiepinx Jun 2020

So hot! Could you message me about a custom, please?

bignix deleted May 2020

Hey babe can you message me about a custom?

Hello beautiful. I have a foot fetish custom video. Dm me if you are available

Hello! I have a custom video request but like you to message first!

bobber44 deleted Jan 2020

Hey, would you message me about a custom?

maaaar Jan 2020

Hi there. I have an idea for a custom. Please PM me.

bobber44 deleted Dec 2019

Hi :), would you pm me a bout a custom?

Are you available for customs?

Sanman1682 May 2019

I have a custom video request. Can you private message me. Xo

Hey! I have a custom video request but want to message first! :3

maaaar Apr 2019

Hi there. I have a new vid idea. Please PM me.

johnp76 Mar 2019

Hi there. Could you please message me about a custom

Hese82 Feb 2019

Hi.I want to ask you a custom vid. Can you PM to me when you have a chance.

April73 Apr 2018

Hi Jolee, I want to order a non nude custom clip of you driving. Perhaps around the ten minute mark with a specific roleplay in mind. Can I go ahead and order this clip? Kind regards Sam

Interested in a custom. Message me when you get a chance

laouli deleted Sep 2017

Hi miss
I'm interested for a custom
Can you send me an msg to talk about it?

have a good day

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