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I love custom videos! Your custom video will always be: - filmed in 1080p I love fetish & femdom content (I don't do hardcore customs). I do tons of JOI, femdom pov, jeans fetish, ass worship, pantyhose fetish, foot fetish, giantess, flexibility/contortion/stretching, belly fetish, and roleplay but am open to a wide variety of fetishes. Please contact me to discuss your custom before ordering, especially if your script requires multiple camera angles or costume changes, as these may incur an extra fee. Let's bring your fantasy to life! I'd love to work with you :)

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Hi misha can we please chat about making a video please xx

Please dm me I would love it if you made a custom video for me

Ohhh I so wish u could make a video for me ❤️❤️❤️

Hello misha can we please talk about the video

Hello misha

_Alex_1 Aug 27

Hi, I hope you’re ok? May I have a custom video please? Thank you.

Fetishdl Jul 14

Could you please dm me

Could you please message me about a custom clip?

messaged you :)

ShoToy May 26

Hi misha, i have a idea for a jeans fetish custom video! I would like to give buy you a pair of denim jeans to use! much love <3

messaged you!

Hi misha could you please message me

messaged you! omggggg sorry for the delay x_x

Hi there misha would u mind to please message me 🙂

I have a couple of questions for you that could lead to a custom vid. Please DM me when you can. Thanks.

_Alex_1 Mar 16

Hi, I hope you’re ok? Can I have a custom video please? Thank you!

Hi misha please let me know your limitation of the video I’d was writing to u 🙂

Hi misha would u be intrested in making that video for me?

messaging you now :)

tkdjeans Feb 26

Hi, I was hoping to have a custom made. Please let me know if it's possible.  Thank you.

sent you a message! :)

Ohh please I would love to have a video made by you!!❤️

Jstars Jan 16

Hi there lovely! Can you write me about customs?

messaged you!

I’d love to discuss a custom. Could you please message me. Thanks

messaged you! :)

Fuckpor deleted Dec 25

Hi Misha would love to discuss a custom for order PM! ;)

hello, can you make custom video you masturbate with thin white latex medical gloves , with sterile latex examination gloves and clear vinylgloves

OMG please do me a video. I just saw a video of you as faith. I’d so love to do a similar video please

message about a custom?

Hi could you please DM me for a custom video I’d love one by you

NatNathan26 Jun 2022

Please DM me for a custom ! 😊

Hello! Could you please DM me about a Custom Video?

tkdjeans Feb 2022

Hello, I was hoping to get a custom video made. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you.

I would like to have you make more jean shorts videos for me, please message me

NameofUser8 Nov 2021

Can you message me about a custom please?

Please message me when you find some time. I would like to discuss a custom video with your high heels. Thanks

HarryPalmer Aug 2021

Hi can you message me about a custom please, thanks x

Can’t send you another message to know if it’s ok if I order the custom ? 
Please let me know thanks !

C1171999 Jul 2021

Hi, do you have any leather gloves for a custom video?

unfortunately, I don't have any leather gloves.  Just fleece & costume-style tall gloves.  (& big fuzzy catgirl cosplay style but that's hardly similar lol)

hey there! Please PM me about a custom, Goddess? :)

Hey could you message me about a custom please ? Thanks ! I have been looking for a jeans video for ages as a starting point !

I would love a custom video from you. Would u mind messaging me, I’d like to know more.I know u mentioned you don’t do hard core but I’m intresred to know your limits, I love your jeans videos, u look stunning🙂

Aw thank you! :)  I just messaged you

Have any new shorts?

Hello! I would love to discuss a custom video idea with you.

LilithInsul Oct 2020

Hi, I’m interested in discussing a custom. Please message me.

Greetings Miss Misha!

 When/if you get a second, I had a couple inquiries about a custom video.

Thank you! :D

DenimShortsAss deleted Sep 2020

Hi, its your jean shorts lover here again. I'd like to make some new videos. Please DM me

Done! :)

maaaar Jun 2020

Hi. I'm interested in a custom. Please PM me.

I have a question about a custom video when you have a moment. Thanks

madvillan31 deleted Apr 2020

I would to order a custom can you message me when your free ty and be safe !

Hi please message me

Hey could you pm me about a custom video thanks

Hi I’m interested in a custom video

Eatin_ass deleted Nov 2019

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx:D

Cuck10 Jul 2019

Hey can you send me a message I have some questions about a custom

Goddess Misha's custom clips are divine. Highly recommended!

a476766 deleted Jun 2019

hey can you message me about a custom video/video chat?

maaaar Mar 2019

Hi. Im interested in a custom. Please PM me.

Hey, can you please message me for a custom? thanks :)

standupguy Mar 2019

please pm me i have a custom idea

carlogonzo Oct 2018

I would love for you to do a shower scene in the black fuzzy sweater for 10 -15 minutes.  Please reply

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