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Don't order a custom, she is no longer in the industry, only passively selling older videos.

hey idk if you’re still around but i’m interested in a custom

Hello I’d love to chat to you about making of a custom video if you mind to message me xx

joasian9999 deleted Aug 2022

Can you message me about a custom video idea

hamlet42 Mar 2022

Can you message me for a custom? ;)

C1171999 Oct 2021

Hi, do you have any full finger leather gloves for a video?

Flavr34 Sep 2021

Hey can you message me about a custom please

PM me? i want to be your stinky ass bitch ;)

Could pm me for custom video details please

Hey Lindsey, was wondering if you could DM to discuss a custom. Thanks.

Hello goddess Lindsey I am longtime addict of your feet. Can you message me if you are available for custom feet videos?

Hello goddess please dm if you are available for a foot fetish custom

twest83 Feb 2021

Let me know if you'd be interested in shooting a ball kicking / footjob scene.

You wouldn't have to kick his balls hard and it would only be with your bare foot.

Hi! could you message me when available? love, Gio

M_AlwaysLooking deleted Dec 2020

Hi – I have a question about a custom vid – can you please DM me?

Hi! Could you message me about a custom video? Love, Gio

Hello Girl. Can you make me a Coustom Video. You have long dark  or Green or Blue  or Silver Metallic or Gold Metallic or Neon Pink,Green,Yellow   Fingernails. Make Masturbation Play, Analplay With Fingers Vibrator. Schow me put Gloves on and Off, Let me see all Glovechanges Please . Make Horny Gloveplay. Let me see your Fingernails under the Gloves Lube all gloves  Fingering pussy use Vibrator and Dildo .Making Handjob in the Video with White  Medical Gloves and SterileLatexGloves. You Change 6 Times the gloves in the Video. Please Use Condom for Dick, for Dildo and Vibrator . Let me see your paintet Fingernails under Gloves. Lube all Gloves Please  Let the Sperm Run over The Gloves. Change many Time your Gloves.     can you make this. Hope You have Sterile OR Latexgloves in Transparent, Semitransparent , Clear and Thn white Medical Gloves.  can you Cut on the White Gloves the Fingertips of Gloves on 2 Pair Gloves That i can See your Fingernails under the Gloves.

Vitaps Aug 2020

Hey, I really like you..! Do you do dick pic review..?

Hello goddess. I am a footboy asking for a custom video

GavInjones31 deleted Jun 2020

Hey huge custom request. Please message me. Thanks for the time

bambaislife Jun 2020

Hey i would love to buy a custom video from u please let me know if you are interested

ABE1980 Jun 2020

I'm not quite sure how all of this works lol. I'm a 1st timer but I definitely know you are a true Goddess.  Is a custom video something we discuss like on the other comments? Or do I email you? Thanks for your time and for being breathtakingly beautiful.....

Tom7887 Jun 2020

Miss lindsey I would like to order a custom video and want to go over the details with you. Please message me if you have the time. Thank you 😁

Miss Lindsey, would you be able to message me. I’m curious about a custom idea and want to run it by you

Getbent232323 deleted May 2020

Hi - I was interested in ordering a custom but had a question.  Can you please DM me to discuss?  Thanks!

am3502 May 2020

Hi message me please for a custom video. I have a few questions!

ilovesexylegsbaby deleted Apr 2020

Hi, could you message me for  a custom pls?

Hi, are you still doing custom vids? Do you have a black dildo? I was wondering if you could do a kind of cuckold vid using a black dildo?

AlexOxford1990 deleted Apr 2020

Hi love! I’m interested in ordering a custom. Message me when you get a chance! :)

Daddysgirl0610 deleted Apr 2020

Would you ever partner up with other model I am looking for another model to do videos and customs with

Hi! Could you message me about a custom video?<3

mindinggaps Oct 2019

Hi Lindsey. I'm interested in a custom and wondering of you could shoot me a PM to discuss details. Thanks for your time!

Doug_Allens Oct 2019

Hi, I was interested in a custom but wanted to discuss first.  Please dm me with regards, thanks!

Hi , please dm me regarding a custom, thanks

MrBrutal May 2019

Hi babe, could you please dm me regarding a custom clip? Thanks! xoxo

I have a custom video request but would like to discuss it first, if possible!

Would you do this as a custom video?

The scene would start out
by you coming in and telling your boyfriend how much fun you
had at self defense class and how fun it was to kick guys in
the balls with your bare foot. Explain how easy it was to
bring a guy to his knees with just one swift kick of your
foot into his balls.

Next tell
him that you're not happy with him and that you think he
deserves some kicks to the nuts with your bare foot. Tell
him that you need some more self defense practice and that
he should let you kick him in his nuts. Also let him know
that you think his balls are too big and fertile and since
you don't want kids you wanna kick him and make his
balls shrink up and produce less sperm.

Then proceed to give him
some swift kicks to the testicles with your toes. After you
do that, you tell him that you feel bad for busting his
balls and shrinking his nuts so in order to make him feel
better you finish him off with a nice footjob.

Joeblow705 Jul 2018

I’d love to be your personal cuckold  bitch in your vids

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