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MrBrutal May 11

Hi babe, could you please dm me regarding a custom clip? Thanks! xoxo

se1995 Apr 22

I have a custom video request but would like to discuss it first, if possible!

Would you do this as a custom video?

The scene would start out
by you coming in and telling your boyfriend how much fun you
had at self defense class and how fun it was to kick guys in
the balls with your bare foot. Explain how easy it was to
bring a guy to his knees with just one swift kick of your
foot into his balls.

Next tell
him that you're not happy with him and that you think he
deserves some kicks to the nuts with your bare foot. Tell
him that you need some more self defense practice and that
he should let you kick him in his nuts. Also let him know
that you think his balls are too big and fertile and since
you don't want kids you wanna kick him and make his
balls shrink up and produce less sperm.

Then proceed to give him
some swift kicks to the testicles with your toes. After you
do that, you tell him that you feel bad for busting his
balls and shrinking his nuts so in order to make him feel
better you finish him off with a nice footjob.

I’d love to be your personal cuckold  bitch in your vids

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Lindsey Leigh
American / Colorado
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Lindsey Leigh
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Lindsey Leigh
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Sour Feet
Lindsey Leigh
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BBC Brain Joi
Lindsey Leigh
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Toilet Speck
Lindsey Leigh
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