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Hi Kristi do you still do customs?

Hi Kristi can you message me about a custom ? Thanks

hi kristi. i´m a fan of you. i´m interested in a custom video. can you writte me an i tell you the content? thnks

please message me to discuss custom content

Hi there could u please message me😀

Could you message me about a custom? I’ve been a fan for years and I’m ready to order one now ☺️

Gradusjo May 13

Hi, please message me for custom request info.

Hi, could you message me about a custom?

joko876 Apr 23

Hello. I'm interested in a custom, can you dm me to discuss if it's something you can do

baffo966 Apr 21

can you dm me for a custom?

Plokloon8 deleted Apr 4

Hi, I've an idea. Can you DM me?

Can you message me about a custom

Plokloon8 deleted Mar 27

Hi, I've a question, can you DM me?

Reddekop Feb 25

Hey I’d like to discuss a custom video :)

Hi I’d love a video by u please message me.. I love your video Blow a Huge Load on My AE Jeans JOI - Princess Kristi Jeans Fetish Cumshot soooo hot

Cody2424 Dec 23

Do you still make custom videos?

Maciek56 deleted Oct 2022

please message me to discuss a custom:)

Hi can you message for my custom idea

nirmalpeter Aug 2022

Hi can you do custom roleplay ?

nirmalpeter Aug 2022

Hi can you do a custom video ? thanks

joko876 Jul 2022

please message me to discuss a custom

19MAN93 Jul 2022

PM please

Feeder63 Jul 2022

est-il possible de faire un sur mesure? avez-vous une adresse e-mail pour expliquer le scénario ?

Hey could you message me about custom video?

Kakihara Jun 2022

Hey, Kristi. Could you message me about a custom please?

Cody2424 Apr 2022

Do you still make videos?

clench77 Mar 2022

Hi, can you message me about custom? Thank you!

salsero7893 Dec 2021

Hi, can you please message me regarding a custom vid? Thanks

can you make me a latex medical gloves video with diverent medical gloves, masturbate, fingering pussy and handjob use diverent medical gloves any glovechanges

Puichong Sep 2021

Hi Kirsty, custom video please thank you :) Can inbox meeee?

Avaluable for a custom?

_Alex_1 Jul 2021

Hi, I hope you’re ok? Can I have a custom video, please?

RyanJones89 Jul 2021

Hey kristi! Huge fan! Can you message me about a custom?

may we discuss a custom?

Soleus23 Apr 2021

Could you message me about a custom

Cody2424 Feb 2021

Do you still offer custom videos?

twest83 Feb 2021

I'm looking for someone to film a scene where you kick a guys nuts around with your bare foot. The kicks dont have to be real hard, so you won't damage their balls.

After that, make him cum with your feet by giving him a footjob.

Have you ever kicked a guys balls before?

twest83 Feb 2021

Would you be willing to take some photos acting like you are kicking your partner in the nuts, but obviously not actually doing it. Both barefoot and with socks on?

Say maybe 10 photos and a few shots of just your feet?

meldrake Jan 2021

could I run my custom idea by you please? :)

Cody2424 Dec 2020

Could you pm me about a video?

Ps232MF Dec 2020

Hi, could you send a message please to ask about a custom video that i am looking for? thanks

Hello, Lady can you make me a coustom Video where you make with Polischt Fingernails make Masturbation Play on you, and a  horny Handjob with Medical Latex gloves,  Change 4 times your Medical  Gloves  and than let run sperm over your  Medipal Gloves and play with Sperm.

Cody2424 Oct 2020

I have an idea for a custom video. Could you pm me?

Hello, Lady. Can you make me a Medical gloves Video? . Like to see you with long Snow White / DarkAlterny  Polischt Fingernails,  or Diverent Neon Colours Red Lipps and Heavy Makeup  Change 5 times the Medical  gloves please Like to see you put on Medical Gloves, Make a nice Handjob on Dildo With any Clovechanges in the Handjob . Use Diverent Medical Gloves. Make with Gloves a Handjob, Ballplay and Nippleplay. and make a nice Handjob with many cum over Gloves.  with many Lube und any Glovechanges.use 1 time a condom.  . Can you make it so for me? Using Diverent Gloves Latex, Vinylgloves, Clear , Transparent and White Medical Gloves and Sterile Medical  Gloves .

_Alex_1 Sep 2020

Hi, could we message over a custom video, please?

Doctorlove1 deleted Sep 2020

Love your vids, may you pm me, I would love a custom

Cody2424 Aug 2020

Could you pm me about a custom video?

Hello Can you make me a Coustom Video with Diverent Medical Gloves   fingering Pussy and Masturbation Games with Gloves? Can you make this for Me`?

hello, can you message me about asshole fetish custom?

101162mv Jul 2020

Hello, Can you please PM for a custom video.  Thank you.

marky225 Jun 2020

Hey Kristi. Can you pm for a custom video request?

Phillip177 Jun 2020

Can you message me about a custom video idea? Thank you 😘

Jackyyyyyy Jun 2020

Hey Kristi, can you PM me about a custom video idea?

Trific deleted May 2020

Hey. Can you pm me about a custom vid. Thank you

Hey. Can I get a message about a custom video?

Well_hung_sailor deleted Apr 2020

Hello, I have an idea for wife’s best friend video if you are available.

Hi there. I have a custom video idea would you please message me thank you

snowman81 Mar 2020

Hiya, I'd love to chat about a custom if you're interested :)

darkoxxx Feb 2020

hi, can you message me about a custom clip?

ssjenforcer191 deleted Feb 2020

Hi, Kristi, could you message me.  I would love a 10min roleplay custom.

Momlover80 deleted Sep 2019

Pm me

Polltopp Jul 2019


Hi there could we discuss a custom?

Hey Kristi, I’d like to talk to you about a custom when you have time 

Hope you’re having a great weekend :)

Sailor_Dream deleted Apr 2019

Dear Kristi,
I am hopeful that you are willing to do a military themed video “welcome home”. Let me know if this is agreeable.

mwr1862 Mar 2019

I would love to talk to you about a custom, please message me

oldsmoe deleted Mar 2019

naked stroke specialist?

Misterfun24 deleted Feb 2019

Can you pm me
So we can discuse a costume vid ?

Soleus23 Dec 2018

Can you message me about a custom

sphguy69 Nov 2018

Hi kristi, I remember a while ago you had a sph video making fun of a dick on your screen. I always wanted to get that vid because it was a lot like my dick,but it was gone shortly later. Do you still have it by chance?

hey sexy, are you taking custom requests?

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