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Hi Lena - looking to order a custom job. Solo work, pretty simple JOI/POV stuff. Message me when you're available.

Could you message me regarding a custom please?

Hi, Lena.. I have reviewed 3 of your videos I have purchased. How can i receive the 50% off discount for my next purchase? Thank you!

Hi there :)

Could you message me about a custom video? Please and thank you!

hey, I love all your content and was hoping to be able to purchase a custom video.  Would it be possible for you to message me, or do I have to purchase premium then message you?

Heyy could u pm me about a custom video?😊

Hey lena. Interested in a custom vid.  Are you available?

Please message me about a custom, thank you 😊

rambo999 Aug 14

I'd sure LOVE to have a custom video from you, and have been trying to get one for over a year now.    Please message me! Thanks you.

would love to discuss a custom video. Please message me!

Please message me for custom

leeak10 Jul 12

Hey there, please message me to discuss custom vid. thanks!

gantz26 Jul 11

Please PM me to discuss a custom vid:)

Hello, this is so hot! Can I please talk to you about a custom video

XtyraelX Jun 10

Hello! Could you please message me about a custom video please?
Thank you so much!

Please message me to discuss custom :).

Hi! I'm interested in buying a custom 10 min vid from you. Can you PM me to discuss?

rambo999 May 18

I'd love to have a custom video from you.  Pls contact me:  bragan@arcor.de

rambo999 Aug 14

Sure bragan, what would you like me to dew for you?

Glazed Jan 30

hey im sure youre probably flooded with custom requests but if youre free PM me i have an easy request for you :)

Would love a solo custom video. please message back if interested!

xmclovin Dec 30

I would love a message from you to discuss a custom video request :)

stushar_203 Nov 24 2017

hey lena ur very sexy u deserves first position in pornlistia u satisfies all my sex wants u deserves top postion not mia khalifa or riely ried i like ur expression sometime i really feels i fuck u can u messege me on instagram

Lucy789 Nov 15 2017

Hey Lena I want a custom video and pay through other platforms can we talk about this custom video through email? My email is hooverhoover1999@gmail.com

trubskbrady Oct 2 2017

Hello there. I'm trying to message you to submit a video request but it says I have to pay to send a message. Is there any way you can email me and I send you the request? It's not pornographic in nature at all, and is just an inside joke we have. My email is: wolf152575@gmail.com

louisrr Aug 16 2017

Look, let me eat that pussy in front of the cam, POV... you get wet, sloppy, excited and nasty... and open that hole ALL the way.

Your ratings will grow signicantly as your vids sell. And you will thank me.

I am serious.

Louis. Contact me.   revillare@comcast.net

mrkasser Jul 22 2017

Ordered one of your vids did a review didnt get the 50% off :(

Lena Paul Aug 10 2017

You need to message me sweetheart

Ceilover Nov 3 2017

Are you able to message me your custom rates for when paying through other platforms? Also, what is your preferred form of payment. Thank you!

Arrowhead211 Jul 13 2017

It will be really sexy if you do a feet show 😘😍😍

Goggles6 Jun 4 2017

your lesbian videos already fulfill my fantasies, The vagnal penetration while licking asshole drives me absolutely insane.  If you ever have a chance look up porn from the director jim holiday thats where my fetish started. anyways I just started my dream job and will be able to spend alot more money on here come october but I wanted to ask you, is it possible to recruit Karla Kush on your site? ive seen both of you on reality kings independently but never together. ive never ordered a custom video before but would definitely order one of you.

Lena Paul Jul 11 2017

It is possible, but I'm not sure where exactly she lives, though i would love to shoot with her. There may be other porn girls around while I'm in LA from 18th to 8th at the end of this month though :x

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